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My name is Poobalan. I hail from Klang, Malaysia. This blog is my contribution to the online community. I cover a range of topics that is mostly relevant to the Malaysian Indian community. This includes social, political, economic, and religious/spiritual issues. This blog also focuses on Tamil schools, education, equal rights, ethnic relations, Indian political parties and NGOs, plus occasionally my interests – movies, gardening, photography, and my dog.  I also write about interesting places I visit.  Between November and July, I would talk about post-SPM/STPM options and scholarships. (education topics moved to www.eduhelp.my)

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  1. Lalita Mariappan says:


    I came to know a medical student who completed his Foundation In Science at Melaka Manipal Medical College this year with a CGPA 3.78. He has been offered to do MBBS in Manipal Medical College, India for 5 years. Unfortunately his family is facing financial difficulty and I would like to know if there’s any scholarship or education loan he can apply for. Thx.

  2. Denesh kumaar says:

    hye sir…i m denesh from peneng.i m stdy at UMK campus Bachok .my CGPA is 3.68 .so can i get any scholarship ? why i say so because my family financial is nt good tat y i m seeing for help sir?’

  3. abirami says:

    hello sir.regarding about the tekun loan for indians.im owning a business.i need some modal.how about the procedure?tq sir

  4. Amy Subbiah says:

    Is there Klang MIC Tekun Headquarters?

  5. Vinod says:

    Good evening Poobalan Sir.

    I’m a student from Management and Science University (MSU), currently I’m doing my degree in Bachelor Forensic Science and I found out that it is very difficult to get scholarships for forensic science courses. I have completed my diploma in Applied Science previously and now I’m in my first semester of degree.I really looking for financial aids since my family having difficulties to support my education fees. Sir please help me out. Really looking forward for your reply Sir. Thank you Sir.

    • poobalan says:


      Scholarships specific for Forensic Science is indeed difficult. I don’t think there is any. You can only apply for those open scholarships. At the moment not many are open. Most scholarships will open around SPM/STPM results time.

      Are you eligible for PTPTN?

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