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My name is Poobalan. I hail from Klang, Malaysia. This blog is my contribution to the online community. I cover a range of topics that is mostly relevant to the Malaysian Indian community. This includes social, political, economic, and religious/spiritual issues. This blog also focuses on Tamil schools, education, equal rights, ethnic relations, Indian political parties and NGOs, plus occasionally my interests – movies, gardening, photography, and my dog.  I also write about interesting places I visit.  Between November and July, I would talk about post-SPM/STPM options and scholarships. (education topics moved to www.eduhelp.my)

You can contact me via:

Gmail: mpoobalan


Twitter: mpoobalan


  1. GANESAN says:


  2. GANESAN says:


  3. kogi says:

    helo sir, my name is kogilaa.. i plan to study british computer society in srilanka. but i hav some financial problem. in which bank i can apply for loan?

    • poobalan says:

      hi kogilaa,

      i’m not sure what you mean by studying “british computer society” but if its a recognised degree/diploma program, then you can apply for personal loan from banks like rhb, bsn, mbsb, etc., whichever bank that gives personal loan.

  4. GANES says:

    hello mr.poobalan, im studying at ipta, on agriculture technology….im in final year/final sem now. i wish to know about scholarships available abroad(new zealand, India, europe) to further my post graduate studies. I interested in Landscapping, gardening, Agriculture, and painting/fine arts…and related fields.

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Ganes,

      for post-grad studies, you should try these:

      1. contact the uni your are interested and ask them about scholarships.
      2. contact the education arm/embassy of the countries you are interested in and ask about scholarships. for india, its the indian high commission and they just opened scholarship for postgrad. so go for it.
      3. there are few websites listed for global scholarship at: http://poobalan.com/blog/education-help/scholarships-2/

  5. sureendev says:

    helo sir saya belajar di sekolah rendah jenis kebangsaan Tun sambanthan tahun 5, boleh i tahu dimanakah dapat past year quastion upsr bahasa tamil dengan jawapan tq.

  6. poobalan says:

    hi sureendev,

    i’m not sure where you can get this. you can ask your teachers, or try SMC.

  7. nisha says:

    hi sir…i a m a student whom is very interested in growing interest on young tamil students or university studnts…my university actually is launching a tamil literature book on a short storiies and poems on tamil to search for new talents which is hidden among youngsters…..for that i need a lot support to make this launching event a succesful…i really want tamil is in all youngster heart….i need a lot people contatct to ask help…if u have could u help me….if u r willing 2 help me plz reply me…

    • poobalan says:

      hi nisha,

      i’m not sure how i can help, but i can post your program in the blog for some publicity. i suggest you try contact the media like radio and tv to get more publicity and of course some sponsorship.

  8. rajalingam PillAI says:

    Dear Sir


    I saw on your article that Puan Kamala devi also run a Temple near Jln Cheras….can I know does the Temple still active.I went over there 2 days ago and the gate was locked?
    Just curious is it still fuctioning…

    thank you

  9. poobalan says:

    Sorry Mr Rajalingam, I have no idea on the temple’s status.

  10. S.Vickneswaran says:

    Currently im working as a maintenance technician in Gebeng Kuantan for almost 10 years,Im Married and have one kid,my problem is im really underpaid and we didint have any payrise for the past 4 years.Ive been searching for job for the past 4 months and attended a lot of interviews but no good news.All the interviewers tought im having problem with work thats why i didnt get increament,i cant tell them that my company didnt give payrise.I would be glad i MIC can help to get a job anywhere,Thanks….019-xxxxxxxx (vicky)

    • poobalan says:

      hi vickneswaran,

      you just have to keep trying. in your current company, try to get them sponsor some short course or training to improve yourself and also update your resume. the more skills you have, the better chance of getting another job. as for payrise, well, just put your current employee and current salary in resume, don’t need to say payrise etc.

      i’m not sure how mic can help when they have much more bigger problems to worry about, but you can register in jobstreet, jobsmalaysia etc.

  11. simon says:

    sir,i want to know about olaichuvadi thumbprint astrology.can you please help out .thank you

  12. silva says:

    Sir, my son is finishing his IB at an international school in Bangkok. He is a very smart student and is looking for a scholarship to study in US. Can you help us. We are financially secured but do not have extras. Appreciate a reply. Thank you sir,

    • poobalan says:

      hi mr silva,

      you can check in the scholarships page for some scholarships websites. you can also try contacting the us embassy and also the universities for their scholarship offers.

  13. suthiran says:

    i receive a sms it’s says this” Thanendan,2 yrs ago he lived in HINDRAF money.but now
    1)House renovation RM800,000
    2)-new S-class Merce RM 400.00…
    3)New house in Penangworth RM 1.4 million.
    4) 80 hectar oil Palm Estate in Kedah..
    5) 25 hectar land in Hulu Selangor
    6) 10 hectar land in Bagan Pinang
    7) 3.5 million Investment ICCI BankIndia
    8) 25 million GovtContract under his brother’s name Ramesh V.President of Makkal Sakti.
    9) Import and Export license inport Klang for brother Ramesh
    10)Now Dato
    All so easy because he isreadytosellMIC seats to UMNO and indian rights Valga Makkal Sakti..PLz forward to all Malaysian Indians if you truely on of them..thank you

  14. Hi Poobalan,

    Just got to know you these few days, have read your comments to others.
    Great & precise answers. Keep it up.
    Many Thanks

  15. jeyanthi says:

    sir….how about all indian from INDIA who have not return to their country as tourist …2008 ?
    Can we register them under MyDaftar ??

  16. poobalan says:

    hi jeyanthi,

    do you agree that the tourist from India are Malaysian citizens? This program is for malaysian citizens who have not obtained proper documents – either out of ignorance, hardship or discrimination.

  17. Darshini says:

    hello sir…im darshini..im a sub-science student n currently im waiting for my spm results….i have no idea on what to do next for my further studies…but im interested in dietitian or pharmacy
    my trial results are:
    bm:A- bi:A- moral:A sej:A- maths:A addmaths:E physics:C chemistry:A- accounts:C+
    can you pls help me sir?? im confused here…i need your advice…

  18. swetha says:

    hi sir,
    im mohana from klang. sir , since you are so active in social issue i would like to have an appt with you. becoz we are doing micro circulation screening test for free…we also doing it in some companies. can i get a chance to share about this to you.

    hope you will reply ..


  19. REETHA says:


  20. Yogeswari Vallipuram says:

    Hey Sir, I am a single mum who is struggling to educate my daughter. My daughter is studying medicine 2nd year in Moscow(Russia) . She has been doing well in her studies there. I am having problem getting a loan to finance for her studies. Manage to finance for the past 2 year and now looking for loan or scholarship. Can you help me with the problem I am facing now? Applied to JPA but was not success. Is there any other way that my daughter can get financial help? She need 4years to go which will be around RM 100k. How and where can I get help?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Ms Yoges,

      I replied to the Eduhelp comment you placed. But since its more detailed here, i’ll add more:

      1. retry JPA loan.
      2. Approach MCEF.
      3. How well is the results?
      4. Why is the cause of the financial problem? Need not tell me, but will be important in order to convince scholarship providers.

      I can’t help to obtain funds, but can only list the info for reader to try.

  21. Satthiyan Nehru says:

    Hi Poobalan ,keep it up the good job.It’s my great pleasure that someone like you willing to enlighten Indians on prime issues.All the best in your endeavors:)

    satthiyan nehru

  22. REETHA says:

    thank you sir

  23. ragy says:

    Hye sir i am undergraduates from University Tunku Abdul Rahman doin inter under cybercare. I currently seeking for some contributions to our childrens that we are taking care and molding them towards uplifting them to the society. we are doing some community service project in Sentul area which the theme is talent time. we have two orphanage homes and some poverty children around Sentul area participating in this event. Currently we are seeking for some sponsors in cash term mainly to support us through this event.I would like to talk to you regarding this. could you help out.

    • poobalan says:

      hi, you may email me at mpoobalan @ gmail.com and we can discuss further. FYI, I can only promote your activity and not able to contribute financially.

  24. hamsa says:

    Hi Mr. Poobalan,

    I am very much interested to open up a beautician training centre or indian spices store in ipoh. Can you tel me how can go about it


  25. kalai says:

    hi sir…
    i wn to ask tat wat course cn i tk wif my result coz i dnt wat i gng to do…
    here my result sir…


    pls help me to let me to do 4 my future sir..
    thx sir..

    • poobalan says:


      1st: what’s your ambition before this?

      2nd: what’s your interest?

      3rd: what is LK?

      4rd: ur best results are moral and maths. do you like maths?

      also, do read the events and guidance at poobalan.com/eduhelp as there are many seminars this weekend to help students. try to attend and get some advice.

      5th: is science subjects tough?

  26. uma thiru says:

    hello sir..i have always dreamt 2 be a doctor and i have always being trying for that..but unfortunately,i only managed to get 6a’s in my spm..however its hard 4 me to think about going to other field now. i got b for my biology chemistry n add maths. i got c+ for my physics. do u think i can still go for my dreams? or is it better if i just change my mind?? please sir. do help me sir.

    • poobalan says:

      Hi uma,

      in some ipts, they require minimum B for the sciences, while some ask B for 2 science subjects. i think your results are good, and can still go for it. as long you are disciplined, focused and hardworking. your options are either STPM or go to IPTS to do foundation/pre-u programs. however, if you choose STPM, need to score 3.7 at least to even think about applying for IPTA. if IPTS, need to have the money.

  27. kalai says:

    sir i check at deparment civil aviation…
    bt dnt noe wer i wn to study 4 tiz course??

    • poobalan says:

      hi kalai, i think you read the info at the DCA wrongly. it actually says the below:

      A Degree from local university or equivalent qualifications recognized by the Government of Malaysia; and
      Obtained at least a pass in Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics or Science and English at SPM level

      notice the word AND. that info in DCA website is about job offer in DCA, not the course.

  28. kalai says:

    sir i check at deparment civil aviation…
    bt dnt noe wer i wn to study 4 tiz course??

    ten hw i cn apply 4 politejnik sir??

    • poobalan says:

      to apply politeknik, use the UPU website. need BSN pin number.

      BTW, for future question, you can post directly at poobalan.com/eduhelp because i’ll be closing this section.

  29. mohana says:

    sir pls help me sir………..pls tell me how 2get 4 flat in stpm…….pls give me some suggestions and tips…….bcoz i was vry depressed

    • poobalan says:


      are u doing STPM now? how to get 4 As…hmm…i wish there were some secret formula or magic potion, but sadly no. its a simple thing – hard work, maturity, focus, discipline, patience, good circle of friends, good teachers, access to books/reference material, good school. and of course some luck.

  30. geeta says:

    sir can u give me the webstite 2study stpm subjects…..i wan the website include all subject exercise and notes………….especialy i wan sejarah notes and exercise…………….tanx

  31. Hana says:

    hello sir,
    can you give me some advice what should i do with these result :
    ad. mt:d
    i really want to study on biotech but since my result is like this i give up. do you think i should go for stpm or anything else i have to apply?
    please help me!! thanks

    • poobalan says:

      hi hana,

      you can consider biotech in IPTS since got minimum credits in science subjects. do you think your science subjects results are deserved or actually reflect your ability?

      did you apply matrikulasi?

      your “arts” subjects are good, so maybe you want to consider doing business, law, mass comm etc?

      why STPM? is it to enter IPTA?

  32. confused girl says:

    hello sir…..
    jst got my stpm result…my CGPA is below than 2.
    so where should i continue my studies…?
    so far i’ve applied for teaching (KPLSPM) ,using my spm result.
    my spm result are :
    BM 4B
    BI 6C
    MORAL 3B

    • poobalan says:


      did you get minimum 2 Cs including PA? as for KPLSPM, i’m not sure if previous years students can apply or not. since you applied, just wait for it, but remember its tough to get, should have few As at least.

      you can retake stpm or consider taking pre-u (if got money) or pursue diploma in (IPTA/IPTS/poli) using SPM results.

      since your maths is D, you must resit the paper. also try resit BM and english to improve it.

  33. inka says:

    Hi sir,i juz got my stpm results and my cgpa is exactly 2.i really need ur opinion for wat shall i study.

    • poobalan says:


      what was your plan before getting your results? if u apply IPTA, you will get some not so popular course, so depends if you are interested or not.

  34. Sun says:

    Hi Sir, Need your advise. My daughter has just receive her SPM results and have done very well scoring 9As. She scored very well in her science subjects as such seeking your advise if she should continue her studies in Form 6(Govt aided school) or to do A levels in a private colledge? Her ambitios is too further her study in the field of medicine.Thank you

    • poobalan says:


      its up to her. if you think can afford to cover her fees until finish degree, then can do in private. or if you think can afford to save some money by doing stpm (and also don’t mind the extra 6 months to enter IPTA/IPTS), then choose stpm. but if the plan is to enter IPTA, she need to get 4As in STPM. STPM is cheaper, longer and to enter IPTA need best result. A-levels is more expensive, shorter period, and above average results can be used to pursue medicine.

      if she applied matriculation earlier, should take if offered.

  35. govin says:

    sir,my daughter got her spm result 2011 as BM B+,BI B+,MORAL B+,MATHS C+,CHEM E,BIO D, ADD MATHS E,PHYSICS D ,SEJARAH D.
    she is from sci class and i didnt expect her to do badly in the exammy child was keen to do anything related to sains course, but with result after much thought we decided to sent her to do business admint (diploma in Nilai unniversity ) .i am not sure we have made the right choice as there seem to be option.my daugh is quite worried as to whether is will be able to cop up with the course as her maths and science is weak.pls give your suggestion.

    • poobalan says:

      hi sir,

      based on her results, seems like science subjects and maths is not good. is she willing to change her career from science courses to other courses? she should do a personality or career test if unsure. call ewrf and visit their office for counseling for this purpose.

      can i know why business admin?

      if can, ask her to resit maths (at least take july paper and try get b- minimum).

  36. vanitha subramaniam says:

    vanakam sir. i watched ur interview at astro viztugal program on 28/3/11. iam last yearz spm student. i get 7a, 1b, 1c n 2d. i apply 4 maktab n matrik in akaun. bt nw i interested in stpm. my mom & relatives are supporting me. which path i f 2 choose nw? tq.

    • poobalan says:

      hi vanitha,

      i hope u enjoyed the interview.

      if you get matriks or maktab (kplspm?) then you should take it (if your interest is teaching or accounts).

      why is your interest in STPM now?

      what is you ambition?

  37. Dr.Subramaniam says:

    Hi Poobalan.
    Good work you are doing.
    I don’t know much about you but it seems you are pro MIC.
    SO my question is ….i intend to join the party , not for personal gain but to help fellow Indians. I’ve actually called MIC and gone through their website but there is no clear cut process to join any branch.
    There is still room for improvement in the MIC , but its better to work within the system then outside through the fragmented Indian parties in the opposition.
    NO ONE is going to help the Indians if WE dont do it ourselves.
    So in any small way i can , i intend to through the MIC .
    So again how do i join. I stay in Shah Alam Sek 7 BTW.


    • poobalan says:

      Hi Dr,

      thanks for dropping by. 1stly, i’m not pro MIC, or anyone for the matter. just to clarify. if they do good, i’ll highlight. if they do bad, also highlight. same goes for hindraf/dap/pkr/mmsp etc.

      mic is lousy in terms of the website. there’s no online application. what you can do is go their state office and ask for nearest branch to join. there’s no online thing.

  38. kavitha says:

    hi sir..i am a spm leaver and i got 6A4B. i want to do stpm. do u think its good?

    • poobalan says:


      what is the reason for you to do stpm? does it match your interest/ambition? with 6As yes you can do STPM, but its not easy, still have to work very very hard.

  39. kavitha says:

    hi sir..i am a spm leaver and i got 6A4B.
    bm- B+
    bi- A
    sejarah- B
    moral- A
    bio- B
    chemi- A
    add maths- A+
    est- A-
    what i must do? m really confusing..

  40. yoges says:

    hi sir iam yoges want site for stpm this year as private candidat,so i want study my own self,so i just want know where can i get refrence and passed year exame papers for bahasa tamil stpm,please guid me sir,thank you.you may mail me

    • poobalan says:

      hi yoges, i don’t have the info. i suggest you ask some senior students around your area or the teachers in school. you can also post in umic/miclub forums.

  41. dh@r says:

    sir, can I know is there JPA scholarship for 1st year medical students who studying in IPTS? If yes..how to apply? Is there any other scholarships provided to the students?

  42. kavitha says:

    i want to do dentistry sir.

    • poobalan says:

      i hope you know why you want to study dentistry. i can’t imagine looking into people’s mouth and examining teeth everyday, for the next 40 years until retire. definitely not for me 🙂

      as i said, stpm is an option, or if you think want to go into IPTS, then study foundation or pre-u and then proceed to degree. depends on how much money you willing to spend, and how long you willing to study. STPM takes a bit longer, but cheaper. and after STPM can still go to IPTS (to get place in IPTA you need 4As in STPM). PTPTN can give loan for about half the fees for degree in IPTS, so you have to find money for balance and also cost of living. 2ndly, for the foundation or pre-u, most colleges will give some sort of discount or scholarship, so you can talk to them.

  43. Carol says:

    Hello sir, my name is Carol. Recently, I got 1A+, 4As, 2A- and 2B+ in SPM. Can I get any scholarship for medicine using my results?

    • poobalan says:

      none that i know of. you can get scholarship for foundation from the various colleges, but not for degree unless the uni offers its own internal scholarship.

  44. kavitha says:

    no sir. am just ask about it. another thing sir. if i do foundation in private colleges, is it possible to me to get scholarship to continue my degree?

  45. sanjay says:

    Hi sir,

    In spm last year i am only take biology , chemistry , additional mathematics with other compulsory subjects. sir i`m interest to do medicine but I`m not take physics in spm level. can i do medicine after finish my foundation or STPM in science because certain private universities say physics is compulsory in spm level and in foundation or STPM then is option. sir can i know minimum requirement in local goverment universities for medicine and how much i need to pay them. sir normally how many indian students selected to do medicine in local universities form matriculation and STPM level.

    thanks sir.

  46. sanjay says:

    Hi sir ,

    can i know the first chance is given to matriculation or STPM students to do medicine in local goverment universities.

  47. roshini devi says:

    hi sir..i’ve finished my spm 2010 n my results are 6A3B1C
    i am interested in doing dentistry..but i have no idea on how to start..there are few options like matrics,stpm,foundation(private)…..
    currently i have applied for ipta,matrics,a-level,foundation courses..but i have no idea on which is the best for me…PLS HELP ME SIR..TQ

    • poobalan says:


      1. wait for matriks results. if can get place in matriks and study well, better chance of getting place in uni (but dentistry not easy to get).

      2. what did you apply in ipta?

      3. a-levels and foundation are private, so if you got money or able to get financial help, then can take this option.

      so, which is best for you – depends on how much $$$ you have and which place you get.

  48. kavitha says:

    sir i planning to do foundation at utar. do you think its good? and can i get scholarship or loan to study study over there?

    • poobalan says:

      foundation in what?

      depending on your results, you may get a scholarship for the foundation, but loans usually don’t cover foundation. foundation is about 7k only, so pls try to work out the payment.

  49. kavitha says:

    sir, what about mahsa?

  50. sanjay says:

    hi sir,

    for study foundation in science can i get any scholarship…sir my spm results is 5A`s and 5b`s..

    sir please give me some advice..

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