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My name is Poobalan. I hail from Klang, Malaysia. This blog is my contribution to the online community. I cover a range of topics that is mostly relevant to the Malaysian Indian community. This includes social, political, economic, and religious/spiritual issues. This blog also focuses on Tamil schools, education, equal rights, ethnic relations, Indian political parties and NGOs, plus occasionally my interests – movies, gardening, photography, and my dog.  I also write about interesting places I visit.  Between November and July, I would talk about post-SPM/STPM options and scholarships. (education topics moved to www.eduhelp.my)

You can contact me via:

Gmail: mpoobalan


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  1. sanjay says:

    hi sir,

    if study foundation in science in other private college such presiden college then to continues my medical degree in private university such as MAHSA , SEGI UC can i eligiable to apply internal scholarsip.

    sir if i get scholarship also their give to first year or second year because sometimes their give partial scholarship.

    • poobalan says:

      that you have to check with both president college and mahsa/segi etc. president college may say “yes sure can”, but mahsa may say “can’t”. usually its “can’t” because the uni will prefer their own students rather than students who come from other colleges.

      partial means maybe cover part of the fees. nearly all scholarships are results based. meaning, if you didn’t do well in any of the semester, your scholarship will be suspended. same with ptptn loan. don’t think once get scholarship can “jolly”.

  2. thanaseelan says:


    can i know normally how many indian students get seat to study medicine in public univercity …

    sir can i know the salary for housemanship doctor and medical officer in goverment hospitals..

    thanks sir..

  3. kavitha says:

    sir, i want do foundation in science. can u suggest me some colleges?

    • poobalan says:

      foundation cost varies, and also depends what you want to do after the foundation. best if you choose the place you want to do the degree and do the foundation there itself.

  4. thanaseelan says:

    hi sir ,

    can i know after graduate from management science university for Bachelor of Education (Hons) – (TESL) course can i work as a secondary school teacher because normally private university graduate undergoes KPLI course to bacome a teacher.

    sir please explain me about this ?

  5. Puvaindran says:

    Hi Mr.Poobalan..Im Puvain currently doing my first year,degree in Pharmaceutical and Health Science at Nottingham University,Malaysia Campus. Im stucked in settling my balance tuition fees as my family caught up in sudden financial crisis. I need to settle tuition fees by this coming tuesday,we have been looking for help around but there was no hope. Is the any way i can get help now?

    • poobalan says:

      well, try talking to the uni to postpone fees, or worse case postpone one semester. i suppose the rest of the fees is covered by PTPTN? other than that, i’m not sure how you can get help. unless you know some big shot politician or businesman who may be able to help out.

  6. kavitha says:

    sir m a spm leaver and i planned to do pharmacy. do u think its good? before that what u suggest me to do? foundation/stpm/diploma/a-level?
    my result-6a4b

    • poobalan says:

      well, pharmacy is good field. depending on your results breakdown, but since all are As and Bs, then i think you can do foundation and then proceed degree in pharmacy if can afford it. if not, form 6, and then degree in pharmacy (in ipta need stpm 4As, in ipts need min 3 Cs, but preferably 3Bs.).

      • kavitha says:

        which colleges do u suggest for study of pharmacy?
        And sir, which studies doesn’t involve bio but more on chemi and mathematics?

        • poobalan says:

          i can’t really suggest any college for pharmacy, you can compare the fees from few colleges. try ucsi, imu, etc.

          chemical engineering, chemistry, industrial chemistry. but i’m not aware of any specific course for chemistry+maths.

  7. shiva says:

    sir can i know the demand of physiotherapy job in malaysia and the salary range.

    • poobalan says:

      demand is depend on the number of universities/colleges offering the courses, and also number of hospitals. i think there’s too many physiotherapist students and grads at the moment. may have to consider looking for job in overseas or different industry. salary, i’m not sure but diploma holder should get between 1200 and 1500.

  8. kavitha says:

    sir, if i do foundation means can i continue my studies at oversea? and can i do foundation in 1 college and degree in another college?

    • poobalan says:

      your option to do degree overseas depends on whether the uni recognises the foundation program that you did. to check, better you ask the uni you plan to to go if they will accept the foundation results.

      your option to do degree in another college after doing foundation in a college, is also subject to the other college recognising your foundation. usually, not a problem if the foundation is MQA recognised. but better you check first.

  9. shiva says:

    sir for physiotheraphy course arts stream student can enter ?

  10. Shoba says:

    I’m interested in attending Hindusim classes for adults conducted in English. Preferably in PJ/KL. Pls let me know if you are aware of any such classes. TQ

  11. sanjay says:

    hi sir,

    Next year i want to continues my medical degree in local such as Mahsa , Ucsi and others.

    Sir after I graduated from private university do I have to sit for Medical qualification exam according to the medical act 1971 for start housemenship.

    sir can you explain firther details about that.

    • poobalan says:

      you can refer to mmc for the details or clarification, but for your info, those medical programs under the 1st schedule (including those recognised by MQA and JPA) need not sit for qualifying exam. only those in schedule 2 (unrecognised uni) need to sit for exam. HOWEVER, the govt is now thinking of abolishing the list, and want to require all foreign and local private medic grads to sit for the exam. this is STILL under discussion, and no idea when/how it will be implemented.

  12. shiva says:

    hi sir,

    sir tihis year i want to register to take O-level exam in KL.
    can i know where i want refer for register?

  13. sanjay says:

    hi sir,

    can i know working hours or shift for housemanship officers in goverment hospital?

  14. Stephanie Sandanasamy says:

    Hi sir,
    Vanakam to you..I would like to express gladness over discovering your website regarding the scholarships and loans.
    I am currently completing my Diploma in Pharmacy at Masterskill University College of Health Sciences.
    I believe I performed very well academically and my cgpa is 3.98.I have a strong will and desire to sharpen my knowledge in this field and intend to have a career of this profession.
    I would like to pursue the bpharm. For this I’m looking into any scholarships or study aid available,as I would not like to burden my parents with the high tuition fees in almost all institutes my father will be retiring soon and we’re intermediate financially..I have tried the government application and Im reapplying. I have also applied at the private universities and in fact I received an offer. I just need the financial assistance. I really desire to continue my studies and would like to achieve greater heights in the field of Pharmacy. Being the hope of my family, I would like to establish my career prospect,I will be very happy if you can assist me in attaining my goal and make my dream reality.My parents will be very grateful too..Please do help me with this sir. Thank you so much.I’ll be looking forward for your reply.

    • poobalan says:

      hi stephanie,

      since your cgpa is very good and above the minimum requirement to continue degree, then i suggest you continue the pharmacy degree and apply ptptn first. in the mean time, some scholarships will be coming up (if not now, then in coming months) so you can apply then.

      you can also search at the eduhelp directory for the relevant scholarships you can try apply.

  15. sanjay says:

    sir i`m interest to do foundation in science in geomatica college international. sir can i apply for selangor state education loan ?

  16. Anand says:

    Hi Poobalan,

    I would like to know which college is better in terms of subject, lecturers and also the technology they have there.

    I would like to do Medical Lab technology, Segi and Mahsa are offering those course and which one you would suggest.

    • poobalan says:

      i’m not sure about those two college. best if you visit their facilities and see the equipments, environment etc. also, are you planning to continue to do degree? if yes, then you should also check which college can provide a proper and recognised pathway to continue degree.

  17. sanjay says:

    sir i want to take physics in O-level exam. sir where i need to go for get more informations?

  18. mrs maadhuri says:

    I am Mrs.Maadhuri Dhevie from Tampoi,JB. Sir my niece score 6A+ and 3A in her SPM 2010 EXAM. Sir can you help her.She really wanted to do medicine.She applied for JPA scholarship but unsuccessful.She comes from a poor family and living in Perak.Her father is working as a security guard in a factory………………..I will looking forword for your reply……….

    • poobalan says:

      hi mrs maadhuri,

      since she got only 6A+, its not possible to get JPA scholarship. her best option is to do form 6 and then hope can get 4As in stpm.

      second option is do a foundation program at AIMST (for example) and approach mic for some fees reduction.

      third option is to change her field of study to something else.

  19. mrs maadhri says:

    can i know other option……..:)

    • poobalan says:

      not that i can think of at the moment.

      you can try contacting some of the politicians or businessman, but i don’t think anyone can help to give/loan rm200k++ for the entire medical studies fees. there’s also cost of living to consider.

  20. Mrs Vasanthi says:

    Went to Kem.Pel. Sel at Shah Alam yesterday with the aplication for transfer of my daughter’s school from Bdr Kinrara to the quite newly opened school immediate effect or at least stamped the application approved for next yr which is situated near my house in seri kembangan (as I am staying around the school) which was rejected giving reason it is full. Don’t we have the right to request the nearest school which in fact was a new school & it is ridiculous for not approving the application. Seriously & anxiously hoping for your reply by e-mail. Please try to help !!
    Thank you.

    • poobalan says:

      well, of course you can apply to the nearest school, but the officer said its full. next step is to prove the schools is not full, then you can get a place. perhaps you can visit the school and talk to the hm first to get some idea?

      • siva says:

        this sound cartoonish to me….!hahaha…We still seem to have the obey the master mentatility..Mrs vasanthi do yo still believe that the school is full?I suggest you take this matter to yoru ADUN, and copy to Jabatan Perdana Menteri for unprofesinalism , and then you may see postive result…Mrs Vasatnhi is not a fugitive to go spy if the school is full or not!

  21. mrs maadhri says:

    Sir can i know the way how to approach mic for some fees reduction ..if plan to do foundation in science …………… 🙂

  22. Mrs.P.Lalitha says:

    Dear sir
    We are indians living in saudi.I want my son to do medicine in malasia.He is in 10 th std now (SPM).Is it good to do foundation in science there and do medicine in the same university? can you suggest which medical university in malasia is best for indians?

  23. P.Karupaianasamy says:

    dear sir,i need your help to find out where i cant get news about saham belia maju jaya with i bought in 1984 sum rm 1000.i try mic in kuala terengganu they also just make dont know because it is not their bisness.I will be very happy if you can helpme rm 1000 mean alot to me tqvery much for your help.

  24. Swetha says:

    Hello Sir..I really wanted to know that can I do Degree in Pharmacy once I have completed my 1st degree in Pharmaceutical Science?..Im really confuse,sir..

    • poobalan says:


      you can study as many degree as you want. its whether you got the time and money or not is the question.

      surely you want to work, get married, settle down, climb up the career ladder etc?

  25. magen says:

    I’m doing actuarial science in inti subang jaya under American degree transfer program. its a transfer degree program. do any corporate offer study loans for transfer program. meanwhile i’m not a bright student.

    • poobalan says:

      most, if not all, scholarship/loan providers expect students to have good results. you should have cgpa above 3.50 for scholarships. for loans, i don’t remember any ADTP specific loans. you can search at eduhelp directory or just check with your college.

  26. sue says:

    hai just wa to asked most of the muslims an malay converted to hindu.how does it works.r they have to fight in syariah court to convert to other religion.

    • poobalan says:


      if you are born malay muslim, no chance of conversion to hindu. you might as migrate overseas.

      or you can be muslim on paper, but live as hindu in secrecy. when you pass away, you will be given muslim burial.

  27. shiva says:

    sir if get approval from ptptn loan and still can i still aply for Selangor state education loan. i`m currently pursue my studies in Mahsa UC.

  28. shamini says:

    Im a Diploma in Food Tech leaver, who x get University for this intake 2011/2012… nw i tryin for appeal…
    I nid sum advise from u sir… Is dat i still cn apply for dietitic or biotech??
    reply asap.. tq sir…

  29. Tham says:

    I’m a polytechnic student who have just finished my diploma in food technology with cgpa 3.97. I applied dietitik course at upm n ukm. Then, i applied for food tech(upm) n biotech(um). Unfortunately, i don’t get a place in uni. Sir, what other courses that i can apply that related to my course at university? Can i apply for the same course again or try for other courses when doing rayuan? I need some advise from you sir. Thank you.

    • poobalan says:

      you should apply for the same or similar courses again. your CGPA is quite high, so if still don’t get, try to visit the uni and meet the faculties dean. worse case, write to newspaper to highlight.

  30. sri says:

    hello sir

    I just finish my stpm.i apply for upu..From 8 choice of course, one of it is teaching course.I went to ujian medsi but i didnt get the interview.My ambition is to be a teacher.Now i appeal the upu.I apply for human resources and business management.I check for many semi goverment university.I still dunno wat course to apply.I still dunno wat college to choose.I get 2.42 in my stpm.can u please give me some idea on what must i do.

    Tq very much sir

    • poobalan says:


      since you have appealed for UPU, do wait for the results. your results of 2.42 is a bit low, so not easy to get a place.

      as for other options, depends on your interest. since you said teaching, you can consider doing TESL (english). there are few colleges that offer degree in education, but no guarantee that you can get job in schools under ministry of education. you can search for colleges and courses at http://www.mqa.gov.my, http://www.afterschool.my or studymalaysia.com.my

      • sri says:

        Tq vry much sir for ur advice.I have another 2 question to ask.my sis give me a idea to study business admin,business management or human resources.Some of them told me that this course dun have any future and ask me not to take that course.Is that true.
        My mum fren ask me to do temporary teacher and after some month they will send us to do degree in teaching course.She said if i become a temporary teacher i just can follow the link and there will be the way to do degree but my uncle tell not to do temporary teacher.hw???

  31. sri says:

    hello sir,
    1. my sis give me an idea to study for business admin, human resources and business management.Some of them told me not to do this course because this course dun have any future and job in future.is it true??
    2.My mum’s fren ask me to do temporary teacher as im intrested in teaching.She said i can work for some months and they will send us to do degree in teaching course.She said once i get into that line i can follow the way.My uncle do wan me to do like that.He said if i become temporary teacher, there is no guarantee i can pursue my study.hw???which one is true??
    tq very much sir for your advice and info.This is a gud channel where people can get advice from profesional.I really like this blog.gud work sir.keep it up.

    • poobalan says:

      hi, you sent two comments, but since the content is similar, i’ll reply here:

      1. those areas your sister suggested is good, but then it depends on HOW WELL you study, and WHERE you study. business is always a good field and business related grad can work in ANY organisation because all companies will need admin/hr/mgmt staff. SO, choose a good college/uni with a good program and study well. don’t get results like 2.0 and expect to get salary 2k.

      2. temp teaching is not so advisable because i heard that the govt will stop taking the temp teacher scheme as they want to get all graduates from the IPTAs and maktab. have enough teachers at the moment, it seems. What you are uncle said is true – NO guarantee of getting place in the diploma program. if you are chosen, you will study during the school holidays and work during school time. no break for next 5 years. however, since your passion is to be a teacher, you can also try this. you can apply at nearby PPD or contact the school HM for details.

  32. rajeswari says:

    hi sir..
    i did my fis in windfield n my cgpa was 3.oo above..my spm sc subjects was C so i took olevel xam..d results r coming up soon..i wana do my deg in medic in russia..so izit possible 2 get scholarship?? tq

    • poobalan says:

      scholarship from where? JPA no.
      medic scholarship very few in malaysia and mostly is for studying in malaysia, and they don’t consider o-levels.

      your options is to consider scholarship from other sources. you should check with the uni to see who sponsors their students.

  33. sri says:

    hello sir,
    Cn i study for teaching course in semi gov???

  34. mohana says:

    sir im study at USM in applied biology..
    my overall cgpa is 3.45 for this 1 year…if there is any scholarship for my course and based on my cgpa pls do inform me or mail…
    kindly hopeing for ur help sir..

  35. sri says:

    hello sir,
    cn i pursue my studies in bachelor in international business??? hw bout this course’s working opportunity???

    • poobalan says:

      can, if you are interested in it. working opportunity – in many organisations that deal with international business/trade – finance/construction/banking/consultants/plantation/food etc.

      • sri says:

        if i work in this dept is that i need to work in overseas or always go to overseas??? I think this course is the new course to study.So i thought this course can give me so mny working opportunity.

  36. sri says:

    tq sir for d info

  37. Raj says:

    Hello sir, I’m a medical student studying in a JPA recognised university in Indonesia. I’ve just finished my first year, and my cgpa is 3.12. Can i know which scolarship/loan that i can apply to ?

  38. sri says:

    i search for mny college..at last i decide to go to twintech university college to study bachelor of business admin (hons) international business.they course fee is rm39,000.the credit hour is 104.the semester period is 6 semester.is it ok for me to study in tht college???

    • poobalan says:

      why dis you choose twintech? is it the fees? did you compare the subjects with other colleges’s list of subjects? did you check out the facilities like library, journal access (to do research), internet access, lecturer qualifications, MQA accreditation?

  39. Samita@Jo says:

    Hi sir,

    Firstly, thanks to you on ur contribution towards indian community…May God bless u 4eva…

    I’m currently doing my degree in Counselling Psychology…i hv another 1 more year to go…by this time, i’ve started to think on my masters course…i plan to cont masters in India…at the same time i would like to be a tutor while doing my masters in India…how does this sound to you…is there such possibility…? Hw abt my edu loan once i’ve started to do masters in india…? And how do i check on which coll/uni in India are recognised by Malaysian gov…? I prefer to cont psychology in my masters as well…

    Thank you sir

    • poobalan says:


      can i know why you plan to do master in india?

      i’m not sure about getting a job in india especially in universities.

      you can try indian high commission to get details on loans/scholarships. other than that, i’m not aware of any specific loans for postgrad in india.

      for recognition, JPA lists uni for undergraduate programs only. for postgrad, ensure the uni is recognised in their own country and better if its a ranked uni under QS or Times or other ranking systems.

      • Samita@Jo says:


        Thanks for ur reply…i’ve decided to cont masters in India as i’ll be moving to India in future…thats why…but i heard doing psyhcology in Aussie or UK wud be better…im quite confused nw…whats ur opinion abt this…? If lets say in future, i gt back to M’sia after completing my masters…whats the requirement needed to look for a job in M’sia by having masters qualification of India…?

        Thank you…

        • poobalan says:

          i guess aussie or uk is more popular due to the common perception, plus their rankings as education centers. since you plan to move to india, then as a matter of convenience, its a good option. just make sure you enrol in a well known uni.

          to work in malaysia using master is no big deal. most employers will check on your degree as well. for master, need to have the letter from the uni. as i said, better choose a reputable uni, regardless of where it is.

  40. Ambi says:

    Dear Sir..first foremost of all I would like to congratulate you on the outstanding job that u are doing. I would like an favor frm ur gd self,i would like to start up an Tablet company similarity to iPAD, It would be the 1st Indian company in Malaysia on running on tis business. I would like to know does the government gives out loan on start up business.sincerely in need of ur help..012xxxxxxxx

    • poobalan says:


      i’m not sure what you mean by a “tablet company like ipad”. is it a distributor company or manufacturing company? anyway, depending on what your plan is, you can approach MITI, MDEC, SMECorp, SMIDEC. i assume you will need a lot of millions, so all those small loans (rm50k) won’t be enough.

  41. Sangethha says:

    Hi Poobalan,
    have any courses or collage for after spm bad result student for their study like automatic and bridal,,

  42. Ramani says:

    Any idea on scholarship for postgraduate available currently?

    • poobalan says:

      not focusing on postgraduate because it depends on the universities and big companies, and also govt. if you want to study full time, there’s MyBrain by MOHE under IPTA. refer their website.

  43. sri says:

    hello sir,,
    its about my ptptn.I apply ptptn, n at 1st they rejected my application because my college mqa date had expired.nw they just approved it in 7 dec.my college submission date is on 15 dec.i not yet do anything yet n all the documents are in my hse.is it posible if i send my ptptn form by my own to the ptptn office or i need to submit 1st at my college.

  44. dinesh says:

    hello sir,
    how are u?
    i am from NS
    i need ur help to get contact no of ratnavalli amyar as soon as possible

  45. Jo says:

    Hi greetings to u…

    Firstly thanks for ur contribution…

    My aim is to pursue my postgraduate in psychology in abroad…everything seems going well except for my financial…is there any options for me…i mean do you know any agency which can offer me loan or scholarship for postgraduate in overseas…? Plz assist me on this…

    Thank you…

    • poobalan says:


      i guess it goes well for many people, except financially! anyway, you can check the scholarship directory at eduhelp.my for postgrad scholarships. another option is to check the uni where you plan to study.

  46. saravanan says:

    hello sir, pls get me ratnavalli ammaiyaar contact number. we would like to call her to our school sport’s day at sjk (t) kalaimagal, sungai petani, kedah.

    thank you very much sir

  47. Shana says:

    I am trying to open a tuition centre here at Selayang
    area.I have got a shop lot and applied for license . Everything is done legally , the xpenses to open a tuition centre with some renovation and furnitures are quite expensive . It is out of my budget . Thus i need some financial support to open this centre . Can sir give me some
    suggestion or let me know about any NGO’s who can help me to start up my bussines??

  48. khiran says:

    hi… my name is ..khiran
    im doing diploma.. in buisness administration
    i have ..some problem .
    the first thing is money.. im stady n working part time
    at 7 eleven … area semenyih ..so ineed some for my payment ..for course fees..hope sir can help me … tis my contact number 016-xxxxxxxx..thank you sir …..

    • poobalan says:

      i guess your problem is not different. majority of us have money problem (me too!). you can consider saving some money first before studying or postpone for a semester to earn some money. you can also apply for some financial aid. if you are in selangor, can apply pinjaman pendidikan selangor. i suggest you check at http://www.eduhelp.my for list of scholarships/loan and see which is suitable for you.

  49. Ariv says:

    Hi Poobalan. I’m Ariv and i’m 13. I just want to know that do you have the pics for the science fair 2011 in tnb hall .Kl state.pls reply. TQ and also pls improve the ‘leave a reply’ area. i took 1 minute to see and send. It’s all too white!!

  50. thevi says:

    hi sir,
    currently I’m doing degree in bahasa moden dan linguistik an executive prog at FBMK,UPM.Probably I will graduated next year in 2013.How could I became a teacher and there are any other option that related to my course.

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