gerakan on paranjothy and hishamuddin

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All three english dailies had article on Gerakan's response to its youth leader Paranjothy's article and also Hishamuddin's comments.

The Star:

Gerakan leader may be sacked over statement

PENANG: Gerakan Youth vice-chief S. Paranjothy could be sacked or suspended for stirring up feeling of unpleasantness among the multi-racial community and Barisan Nasional, said acting party president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon. 

Dr Koh said Paranjothy would face the disciplinary committee and central working committee for making racially-sensitive remarks. Paranjothy was quoted in Internet media as saying that the Indians were treated as fourth-class citizens. 

“The disciplinary committee headed by Tan Sri Song Siew Hoong will be sitting soon to deal with the matter. “We will look into all aspects. He (Paranjothy) could be suspended or even sacked,” Dr Koh told a press conference at Gerakan headquarters in Jalan Macalister here yesterday. 

Dr Koh also said Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein should not have given an ultimatum to Gerakan to clarify matters, as disciplinary action was already being taken against Paranjothy. Dr Koh said Hishammuddin should not threaten Gerakan. 

“He (Hishamuddin) can condemn Paranjothy or criticise Gerakan Youth. But he should not make statements that can mar relationship between component parties within Barisan,” said Dr Koh. 

Hishammuddin had expressed regret over the remark made by Paranjothy, and demanded that Gerakan explain itself. 

Dr Koh said Hishammuddin should not have overreacted, adding that he felt saddened and angry over Hishammuddin’s comments.  “Gerakan would have taken action against Paranjothy even if Hishammuddin had not made any statement,” he said.


Youth head to face action

By Lee Keng Fatt

GEORGE TOWN: Gerakan has referred its National Youth vice-chairman, S. Paranjothy, to the disciplinary board for allegedly making racially-sensitive remarks against Umno. 

Its acting president, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, said yesterday that the board would investigate the matter and refer its decision to the central working committee (CWC) for action. If found guilty, Paranjothy could face suspension or even expulsion from the party.

"Paranjothy has violated the party's ethics and the Barisan Nasional spirit with his statement. "It is wrong for him to attack any BN component party in such a harsh and open manner and with words which may hurt the feelings of others.

"Therefore, we have decided to initiate action against him," Koh, who is also Penang chief minister, said at a press conference in the state Gerakan headquarters here.

He said it was the party's decision to act against Paranjothy based on what the latter had said. "What we did has nothing to do with any pressure from other groups," he said in reference to a statement by Umno Youth chairman Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, who called for Gerakan to explain its stand on Paranjothy's remarks.

Paranjothy, who is a member of the Gerakan Subang division, issued a press statement on Dec 21 claiming that he was not happy with Umno and the way Indians in the country were being treated.

The SUN:

Gerakan to act against youth leader for criticising Umno, govt
Opalyn Mok

PENANG (Dec 23, 2007): Disciplinary action has been initiated against Gerakan youth vice chief S. Paranjothy over a statement criticising Umno and the government, titled “Discrimination from womb to tomb”, which appeared in a website over the weekend. Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said Paranjothy’s statement in malaysiakini was ”highly exaggerated” and could raise negative sentiments and create dissent.

“His statement that the Indian ethnic group are like fourth-class citizens will only serve to raise even more dissent and dissatisfaction among the public,” said Koh. He said Paranjothy’s action in releasing such a statement was not in line with Gerakan’s team spirit to always take a consultative and positive front. "It is important for Gerakan leaders to take the positive and moderate approach in solving any issue or problem,” Koh said.

”He can criticise government policy but it should  be done in a positive manner. It is not right of him to openly attack a Barisan Nasional component party using hurtful words and even raising issues that have been resolved.”

The case has been referred to the party’s disciplinary committee, which will decide on the action to be  taken. The decision will be forwarded to the central working committee for further action. Paranjothy faces being suspended or stripped of his position.

Koh, who called a press conference at the Gerakan headquarters to announce that disciplinary action was being taken against Paranjothy, also voiced his disappointment over Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein’s ”over-reaction” to the statement. 

“I am taken aback and disappointed over Hishammuddin’s response in his threat that Umno Youth will sever all relations with Gerakan,” he said. “It is not right for him say that Umno Youth and Barisan Nasional want to sever all relationships with the whole party because of a single statement by one Gerakan youth leader. This emotional outburst is not right and it is an over-reaction for him to say that.”

Koh also clarified that the disciplinary action to be  taken against Paranjothy is not because of demands from Umno Youth but because of the party’s stand to act against all its leaders and members who breached discipline.

On Friday, Paranjothy released a statement to malaysiakini pointing the finger at Umno for raising racial sentiments among the Malays to gain political mileage.  He alleged that Hishammuddin’s keris-waving and his deputy Khairy Jamaluddin’s claim that non-Malays would take advantage of a weak Umno leadership were prime examples of racial posturing.

Hishammuddin responded on Saturday by demanding an explanation from Koh. “If the explanation given is not satisfactory, we are prepared to sever all relations with Gerakan. This is no laughing matter,” Hishammuddin reportedly said.



  1. Umanan says:

    I hope Hishamuddin will take things more reasonably! Too much emotions would lead to racial disintegrity, more so from the leader himself.

  2. crp says:

    Finding faults has always been a way for being popular as far as Malaysian politicians concern. They seem to do nothing but just wait someone to say something and start a new war to argue how should one talk among the component parties.I would say that the BN should allow their components to comment each orther in a positive way so it will be a better and stronger rulling party. Race base party UMNO, MIC or MCA itself shows that the time has come, that BN in near future should be the only party where the members are malaysian. How can we say dont talk racial isue when every party ini BN are race based. How do u think the reps gain support from their members.Wake up it has been 50 yrs since MERDEKA dont we need a new approach?. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year