tambirajah on education and extremism

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I heard the excerpts by Datuk Dr Thambirajah on TV3 yesterday night (is it only me, or is TV3 becoming pro-Indian now?)

He said that only the parents can ensure the children's education. He said the community cannot depend on anyone else to improve their standards (means MIC and govt too?).

He also said that education is the only way to uplift the community.

SMC will work with anyone who is interested in the community development, but SMC does not support extremism.

He also said MIC had done much for the community, but much more can be done ("banyak lagi" he said). It can be improved, he said.

Focus on education and not extremism


KUALA LUMPUR: The way forward for Indians is through education and parents play an important role in the progress of their children, Sri Murugan Centre (SMC) director Datuk Dr M. Thambirajah said. 

He said it was important for parents to constantly check on their children’s performance in school. 

“Don’t blame the child if he or she is not doing well in school.  

“As a parent, ask yourself what you have done to make your child a smarter person,” he said, when talking to about 1,200 parents on the Development of Human Capital and a Caring Society at the SM Vivekananda here. 

Yesterday saw the start of a series of nationwide road shows planned by SMC, which was founded in 1982.  

The centre provides free tuition to school students and is a centre for social and cultural advancement of Malaysian Indians, according to Dr Thambirajah. 

“We want to explain the recent concern of the Indian community and how the community can move forward through education. 

“In a multi-racial and multi-religious country, extremism by any ethnic or religious group will be counter-productive.  

“Extremism will destroy the fine fabric of racial unity, harmony and peace in our country,” Dr Thambirajah added.



  1. Prof Thambirajah just acted like MIC’s and Government’s Mandor yesterday. He said people should walk the path of our Prime Minister. Tolerance and no extremism. I wonder whether he got his fact right or not. Indians are not extremist. Its the police who provoked everyone to react. Even an animal will fight for itself if its attacked. This great prof knew all the gangters and racsals in MIC yet urging Indians to support Goverment. And SMC tuition is NOT FOR FREE. Students are kicked out if they never pay their fees within 2 weeks! Shame on you Prof. We admired you as our educational hero, but its very sad that you’ve joined the list of latest ettapan in this country. Anyway, i was an SMC student, graduated from USM. I loved SMC for its truthfullness before. Now i’m very upset and sorry for them. Jai Indians. Jai Hindraf.

  2. Killer says:

    Dear Raja Mohan

    SMC is one of the organisation in the country which have done such a great service to the Indians. It rightly focuses on education and had produced thousands of graduates through its tireless efforts.

    So instead of thanking SMC, you are spanking it.

    Unlike HINDRAF who only know how to talk, SMC had been producing real change to the Indians. HINDRAF just picks up racially and religiously emotionally issues for political reasons. It has done ZERO for the advancement of the society.

    You are an Indian graduate who had benefitted from the govt’s policies and MIC’s effort personally and yet do not show any appreciation but choose to display your anger and displeasure. Can you tell me in your case, how were you margainalized ?

    Do not question the Prof for the services he has contributed to the society is tremendous and highly effective.

    You say the police provoked the Indians. Are you joking ? Watch one of those VCDs being sold by HINDRAF themselves and see who provoked who.

    On the other hand question your own contribution to the Indian community. It is you who should feel shameful.

    • Kr?nti says:

      Im agree with killer…

      Im not an SMC student but i have seen how SMC help poor student by reducing the tuition fee. As everybody aware our cost of living are increasing year to year same goes for tuition fees. But SMC the only tuition centre offer low fee for all the subject. I think Raja Mohan shud think is there any tuition centre offer RM 80 per month for 6 subject at pmr level. If there’s any then u show it to the world to open prof Thambirajah eyes. whith tat RM 80 SMC need to cover rent, breakfast n drinks provided to student, notes and also teacher’s fee. Please dont point or insult others who are doing good and contributing to our community when you are doing nothing…