Samy Vellu blasted by other Malaysian participants

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Samy blasted for 'lies and half-truths'
K Kabilan | Jan 10, 08 4:49pm

Several Malaysian participants at a just concluded annual meeting of the Indian diaspora in New Delhi have expressed disappointment with the 'lies and half-truths' of MIC president S Samy Vellu on the Indian community’s plight in Malaysia.

They are dismayed with Samy Vellu, who is also the works minister, for portraying a positive picture of the Indian Malaysians’ plight to the other participants of the 'Pravasi Bharatiya Divas'. 

The two-day conference, which ended yesterday, attracted thousands of people of Indian origin to the Indian capital.

“He was asked by everyone here as to what is happening to the Indians in Malaysia. On every occasion he told them that everything was fine and that we are doing very well,” said S Nadarajah, a Kuala-Lumpur-based management consultant who attended the meeting in his personal capacity to represent the ‘India Baru‘ (community members with a new awareness).

“He told the participants and the Indian media that there were no cases of the Indian community being marginalised in Malaysia. He kept repeating these lies and half-truths throughout the meeting,” he told Malaysiakini today.

Nadarajah also said that Samy Vellu had played down the impact created by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), stating that the movement was only interested in 'creating trouble'.

“He refused to acknowledge that Hindraf had managed to create some awareness among the Indian community in Malaysia,” added Nadarajah, who is still in New Delhi.

Samy’s angry interview

Samy Vellu, who led a 70-member delegation from Malaysia, which included several MIC leaders and local businessmen, was a guest speaker in one plenary session and had various other speaking engagements and media interviews throughout the conference.

He was also constantly mobbed by the Indian media who were keen to find out about the true situation of the Indian community in this country. In several media interviews, Samy Vellu had said that the Indian community was not being marginalised and that they were 'misled' by Hindraf.

Yesterday, in an interview on TV3, he also lashed out at several Malaysians who were eager to dispute him in New Delhi.

“Here I am telling the Indians that we are all doing well and that the Indian community in Malaysia is well taken care of and yet there are some individuals who rebut me by stating the opposite,” he told TV3.

He even named Nadarajah as one such person, claiming that he (Nadarajah) was a PPP member who had deviated from BN principles by attacking the government in India.

Nadarajah denied today that he was a PPP member. This was confirmed by PPP as well.

“I am here on my own. I am not a PPP member. And there is nothing wrong in telling the world the truth about how the Indian Malaysians are being neglected,” he said.

“If Samy Vellu thinks he can get away with his lies by turning the table against me, he is very wrong. I might even sue him for defaming me,” he added.

MIC’s misleading booklet

Another Malaysian participant said that the MIC was on a campaign in New Delhi to portray a completely wrong picture.

“They have distributed a 20-page colour booklet to all participants here on the wonderful living conditions of the Indians in Malaysia,” he said, adding that the booklet had glaringly left out so many issues involving the community.

“MIC proudly claims to be the sole custodian of the Indian community in Malaysia in the booklet. Who gave them that right? After all, it is the failure of MIC and Samy Vellu which is the root cause of the Indian community’s problems today,” added the KL-based entrepreneur.

Speaking on behalf of several other like-minded individuals, the participant also accused Samy Vellu of misinforming the Indian media.

“When the rest of us are asked about the plight of the community, we tell them the situation as it is. We tell them what Hindraf is and what happened during the Nov 25 rally. We tell them that there are areas which the Indians have been ignored by the government,” added the businessman.

He said that when Samy Vellu spoke to the Indian media, he merely brushed aside these issues and would keep repeating that the Indians in Malaysia are doing well.

“His often repeated mantra is that the government is doing all that it can to help the community, that the MIC is the sole representative of the community and that Hindraf is an irrelevant force,” he said.

Duty bound to defend

Makkal Osai‘s assistant news editor SV Muthamilmannan, who is in New Delhi for the conference, said that Malaysian participants were a hot favourite among the Indian media.

“The journalists were not just after Samy Vellu but were also interested in knowing the real situation from non-political Malaysian participants,” he told Malaysiakini.

“Some of these participants were blunt with their assessment while there were others who used the Indian media to send a message that it was time for Samy Vellu to go.

“Generally they told about how economically poor the community was and how it was being pushed further down,” he added.

The Indian newspapers and television stations have given Samy Vellu a good coverage and to balance it up, they have also given his critics some coverage too, added the veteran journalist.

A MIC leader in the Samy Vellu entourage explained that his boss was duty-bound by BN and government principles to defend the government’s records in the international arena.

“Personally, he might feel otherwise but he can never say it out in the open as he is part of the government and he has to stand by the government,” said the leader who requested anonymity.

“He is doing his duty in explaining to the Indian government and others here that the MIC is taking good care of the community. At the same time, what many don’t realise is that on the ground, the party is working very hard to address all the community’s issues,” he said.



  1. kisser says:

    The reason why samy velu never telling the truth is,he”s worry about his asset he got in india may freeze by india gornverment if they find out the truth about what he did for indian community so far.
    My dad use to tell me this-whoever is greedy n selfish sit in any post can never do good for others that is our samy vellu

  2. tamilan says:


    Samy velu will be remembered as a greatest traitor of the Indian communities for generation.This thick skin ****** dont have morale and want to retain only his post.Indians not only in M’sia but everywhere had out casted him, jeeks.

  3. hugger says:

    He himself knows that we indians are being marginalised systematically by muslim lead government. And he gives them morale support for their immorale act.
    That penguin is a real traitor to our community. He has trained the other MIC goons also to be gangsters like him. So, MIC is no more for indians. We should topple it by not voting for them in the coming election.

  4. Killer says:

    So hugger / tamilian /kisser

    You saying Samy Vellu sold off our rights ? What rights you talking about ? You say SV siphoned off money from Indians, any proof you can offer ?

    The fact is any idiot can make an accusations such as this. If you think you have the proof why don’t you publish it ?

    Let me throw this challenge to all the “singhams” here, if you got guts please provide proof that SV took money from funds meant for Indians. If you can’t it only goes to show that you guys are yet another typical Indians who only good for talking…

    Also, can you please explain how the government marginalised Indians ? Even the HINDRAF leaders are all rich with some of them driving the latest BMWs. As I know marginalised people live in slums and go hungry without food but no drive to work in BMWs and fly around the world.

    BTW can someone also explain how AIMST was built ? With Indians’ money ?

  5. semua orang dah tahu apa SV dah buat dan akan buat.Apa lagi you mau evidence?

  6. Mauriya says:

    What evidence of the marginalisation of Indians in Malaysia do you want? If SV and MIC had done their part, we won’t see all most all employees in the govt.sector are from one race only. Where have all the Indians and Chinese gone? The Indian workers from the estates have also gone, being replaced by Indonesians Bangladeshi and others. What happened when estates were taken over by staate development bodies. The displaced Indians were not compensated and most of them are now slum-dwellers. Why weren’t these former estate people given felda land. SV and gang must be blind not to see the deplorable state of most Tamil schools in the country. He only highlights a few schools with proper buildings and facilities. What about the rest?

    Why in the first place does he allow and support the extremists in the cabinet to demolish temples. Why couldn’t he get the govt. not to demolish temples before good alternate sites are found and funds made available to build the temples.

    He is only the errand boy of his UMNO masters and hasn’t got even the moral obligation to his own race. Is he afraid that he will lose his position in the cabinet? Isn’t he afraid that he is answerable for failing to uplift the Indian community when his time comes to face his Maker?

    SV has made MIC nothing but the congress of crooks and crooks need to thrown out like scums and parasites of society.

  7. Killer says:


    If the Chinese with all their economic muscle and higher percentage of population can’t prevent the NEP/Malay Special rights, then do you realistically expect the MIC/SV to do anything about it ?

    Perhaps you slept off during history class but there is a very good reason for these measures were agreed by our forefathers. But I agree that the implementation of NEP should be reviewed but that’s another story. I am just interested in how could you blame MIC for this when this was agreed by all communities including the Chinese.

    Come, wake up from your slumber. Don’t even begin to talk about Indians being displaced in the plantation by the foreigners. Anyone who fight for this must be an idiot and a traitor for the community (please forgive my language).

    The main reason for the Indian community to lag behind the Chinese is due to the Indian pre-occupation with the estates. The Indians lived and worked there and were completely isolated from the outside world for many decades. Indians are capable people but as long as they stay in the estates they can never progress in life.

    Your statement that most of the Tamil schools are in deplorable state is NOT TRUE. There are some in bad shape I admit but do not depend on HINDRAF’s talk but please do make your own observations. FYI I am from an estate Tamil school too.

    If there are Tamil schools in bad shape, it is not just the responsibility of SV/MIC but also YOU and ME. How many Indians have contributed freely to Tamil schools as compared to the donations that went to temples (legal and illegal ones) ?

    What made you to say that SV allowed the temple demolitions ? This is complete and utter lie and I am sure you know this too. MIC/MHS had been fighting for temples for some time now and their efforts were hampered by irresponsible Indians who build temples recklessly. EACH and EVERY temples which were demolished was ILLEGAL. Don’t talk a relocation…we don’t have the right to ask as we are asking to legalize and illegal action. The point is we have more than enough temples. We have around 550 Tamil schools BUT more than 25,000 temples ? Do you think this is outrageous and silly ? Where is our priority ?

    Talking about temple relocation. Why did HINDRAF refused to allow the relocation of temple in Kg Jawa and made into a religious issue ? The land and fund was provided (which mysteriously disappeared) but the temple committe and HINDRAF still made an issue out ot it. Why ? Please comment.

    The same thing with every temple demolition. I can go on and on with the Indians’ unreasonable actions in building illegal temples and disgracing the good name of the religion.