Breakdown of funds for temples and churches

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Earlier, we read about the amount of money spent for mosques and other places of worship in general.

In today’s Star (hard copy) breakdown of the expenses for places of worship is given as below:

RM3.93 million for Hindu temples
RM3.16 million for other temples
RM1.6 million for churches

It is clarified that since 1991, RM1 million for physical development of churches and temples, and another RM1 million for Hindu temples have been allocated since year 2000.

Now, we can see that temples and churches individually receive less money than Hindu temples, but if combined, its more by RM0.83 million (3.16 + 1.6 – 3.93).

I can only assume that there is less allocation for churches since they are located in strategic areas with least disturbance, have good support from the affluent section of community they serve, or the churches have moved into shoplots, thus reducing maintenance cost. However, I wonder if this cost includes assistance to churches located in Sabah and Sarawak, where there are many Christians among the privileged people there.

Other temples most likely refer to Taoist temples, which again usually have an association, foundation or group supporting it.

For Hindu temples, due to the many sects in Hinduism, there is more temples to be maintained. Then, there’s the issue of relocation or compensation when temples make way for development.

For the period between 2005 and 2008, total money received by these places of worship:

RM8.1 million
+ RM8 million (RM2 million x 4)
= RM16.1million.

Mosques and surau got RM428 million in the same period.

As I said earlier, its a major injustice when the total amount given to these temples (RM16.1 million) in the last four years is just 3.6% of the total allocation (RM428 million + RM16.1 million). The mosques and surau are allocated 26.58 times MORE money than combination of all other places of worship.

Whatever happened to “Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan”?


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