Ahmad Ismail, Nam Wee, Hindraf and Paranjothy

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Ahmad Ismail – UMNO member; spoke on by-election time about Chinese being “immigrants” during a campaign; supported by other divisions; a member also tore up Koh Tsu Koon’s photo; was suspended for 3 years by UMNO;

Nam Wee – wrote rap-version of Negaraku which insulted the Malays; not representing any political party,

Hindraf – asked for equal rights; special allocation for Indians; organised massive demonstration, belittled the government; 5 leaders ended up in ISA while another escaped to overseas;

Paranjothy – said Indians are “fourth class citizens”; was reprimanded by Gerakan’s disciplinary board;

It’s clear that in Ahmad’s situation, he spoke in his capacity as UMNO division leader, thus his party is responsible for it. The members of Chinese community who feel offended can make a police report. So far only MCA and Gerakan people have done so. Talk-a-lot DAP people – can’t seem to find them. The various chinese guilds should also make a police reports. UMNO should also take action against the person who tore up Koh Tsu Koon’s photo and also other members who went overboard Imagine if some local MIC or PPP leader did the same to UMNO leader’s photo. Most likely the thugs in political party would have initiated bloodshed.

HOWEVER, I’m looking for the full video recording of Ahmad’s speech because the Sin Chew reporters said they came when Ahmad already started his talk. Its possible that the missed his opening words.

Whatever it is, Ahmad’s defiance shows the lack of respect for his leader and only served to damage PM Badawi’s image.

As for the other cases – Paranjothy talked about his community, and did not insult other leaders or pick a fight with them. HINDRAF condemned UMNO and clearly said that they are not against the Malay community. Nam Wee got few police reports against him, but not sure what happened. MCA need no apologise on his behalf. I think MCA sent people to “counsel” him and the problem considered settled.

As what Prime Minister Badawi said – those who feel offended can take legal action or make police report.


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