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Mother’s Day is coming in a months time, so we hope Ms Indira will be reunited with her soon to be one year old baby.

Indira GandhiPhoto from NST

With the police seemingly at loss on how to find the wayward husband, Indira, with the help of Perak DAP and MHS, is distributing 5000 posters of Pathmanathan’s face with hope that someone can leads them to him. Earlier, she was holding a 27-hour vigil at Ipoh police station, waiting for the police to find and return her baby to her.


photo from NST

… Family members gave Indira food and drinks and she used a toilet in the police station to brush her teeth, wash her face and change her clothes.

She had obtained a visitor’s pass to be in the compound of the police station.

She also held a prayer at a temple in Ipoh.

Interestingly, she says that the police did not ask for photographs of her husband, so one wonder how they will identify him. Maybe use a photo from his conversion document?

the Star reported :

… However Indira Gandhi, who claimed that her husband K. Patmanathan, 40, took away their youngest daughter three weeks ago, accused the police of being unhelpful.

She said the police had asked her to locate her husband first before they would retrieve one-year-old Prasana Diksa who was supposedly taken from their First Garden house here on April 4.

“I’m very disappointed with the way police assisted me in this case. If I could locate him, I definitely would have gone to take my baby and come straight home.

“Otherwise what else are the police there for?” she asked reporters at the district police headquarters here Saturday.

… Police officials refused to comment when approached, but Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran told reporters that police had agreed to set up a special unit to trace the husband.

… When contacted, Perak CPO Deputy Comm Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah urged all parties to be fair to be police, adding that it was not true they were doing nothing.

“My officers are helping the mother even now. We have to locate the baby and we are carrying out investigations. We will assist and enforce the court order,” he assured.

She also mentioned that the police asked her to locate the husband, so that they can then retrieve the baby from him. And there was this funny reply from a police officer:

Earlier, when asked if police would enforce the court order, Ipoh crime chief Deputy Superintendent Glenn Anthony Sinnappah said the order was only about a civil court matter.

I wonder what the DSP meant by that.

The Star quoted this: Ipoh OCPD Asst Comm Azisman Alias said police were still clueless about the whereabouts of Patmanathan and Prasana. NSt quoted this: Police have roped in the help of the Perak Religious Department to locate the estranged husband of Indira Gandhi, who had disappeared with their 1-year-old daughter.

District police chief ACP Azisman Alias said police had already mobilised a team to look for K. Patmanathan and daughter, Prasana Diksa, but had yet to come up with anything.

He said they had gone to look for him at his mother’s house in Pasir Puteh near here, and had kept watch to see if they had returned to the house.

It seems he had called her up on Friday night (after she got the court order) saying that he was on his way to Singapore and had no intention of returning their baby to her. He then switched off his handphone. He was supposed to hand over the baby to her at the police station.

Meanwhile, one person who supports Pathmanathan’s action in keeping the baby is Perak Mufti Datuk Seri Harusani Zakaria who says that the father had received an interim order from the Syariah Court to keep her.

how you can help:

Those with information can call the Ipoh district police (05-254 2222), Sivanesan (017-240 2156), Malaysia Hindu Sangam’s J. Vijayalingam (016-505 8175) or Nanthakumar (012-588 0746).


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  1. praba says:

    this harunsani is a real sani. So called religious leader who talks shit. This is the same guy who threathened to bring back the May 13 incident if the non-malay were to question malay rights. Imagine coming from a religious leader. He is a piece of crow poo.