Astro Sports Channel Price Increase

August 6th, 2009 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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ASTRO struck a chord at the wrong time. Economy is not improving, and they see it fit to increase the price of the sports channels (channels 811-814) by RM12, meaning RM144 increase per year. Since my subscription is not bound by contract anymore, I’m seriously thinking about removing the sports channel. Just need to pay RM1.50 for teh tarik at nearby restaurant per trip, to watch EPL games.

Anyway, is the cost justified? For one the cost of licensing may be increasing for the football games. But the number of subscribers also increasing. Doesn’t it even out?

However, I think Astro screens too many advertisements. There are sponsors for the in-house programs like Toyota, Nokia, Maxis, etc. Why not have a channel without all these studio-based programs, and just show live telecasts of the games. I wonder if I’m also paying to all these sponsors as well.

Secondly, maybe they should split the sports channel into a few popular segments – soccer, F1, tennis, golf, general, etc. Just make it into mini packages which the customers can choose according to their needs. For people like me who just watch EPL and Champions League games, it will be a better option.

So how? Get rid of Astro? Its a strong possibility at the moment.

So far 15,000 over people had signed a petition protesting the price hike (or better still just disconnect Astro if you feel strongly about it since I don’t think Astro really cares what you or I feel). You can do the same at:


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