UPSR 2009

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Some interesting statistics from NST, Star and Malaysiakini:

  • National grade average increased by 1 percent
  • all As students increased from 9.19 t0 9.51 percent
  • Minimum C students increased to 63.03 percent compared to 62.56 in 2008.
  • All Es declined to 0.64 percent from 0.66 percent.
  • 506,620 pupils sat for the UPSR this year compared to 507,320 last year.
  • Gap between rural and urban pupils achieving excellent results this year was 3.64 per cent compared to 4.22 per cent last year.
  • Gap for good performance between the two areas is 5.55 per cent this year compared to 6.25 per cent last year.
  • Tamil language showed a strong improvement in A students, which is 3.6 per cent
  • Mathematics also showed a strong increase, which is 4.2 per cent.
  • Divyashree who died in the Kuala Dipang Kampar bridge tragedy got 4As and 3Bs.
  • 3,937 out of 44,856 pupils or 8.8 percent scored straight As in Perak compared to 9 percent last year.
  • 27,709 pupils or 62 percent passed the examination in Perak.
  • 817 Tamil school students scored 7 A’s this year compared to 725 last year, an increase of 92 students or 12.6 percent.
  • Selangor again emerged as the school with highest 7As students from Tamil schools.
  • 2 schools in Johor had 23 7As.
  • Samy Vellu attributed the students’ success to the hard work put in by them and their parents as well as the strategy implemented by the MIC through MIED (including printing and distribution of UPSR revision books to Tamil school students every year.)

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