Top 50 people that Malaysians trust!

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The list is at the bottom of the article. I didn’t take part in this survey, and nope, it didn’t contain politicians for the obvious reasons. There were 760 respondents, so its not much of an indicator, just for laughs I guess. Nicol and the rest are at the top due to least (no) controversial stuff about her. No lifestyle issues, no scandals, no criminal insinuations, etc. Plenty of achievements, battling against odds and on global platform also seem to boost their trustworthiness.

PETALING JAYA: Among all the famous personalities in the country, the one Malaysians trust the most is Datuk Nicol Ann David, the world’s top-ranked women’s squash player.

Nicol topped the list in the inaugural Malaysians’ Most Trusted People and Professions survey, with her spirit of competition and drive for success.

The online survey, conducted by Reader’s Digest Asia, had a total of 760 respondents between 20 and 59 years of age from around the country.

Others in the top 10 (in order) are Mercy Malaysia founder Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood, badminton star Datuk Lee Chong Wei, Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid (a.k.a. the cartoonist Lat), shoe designer Datuk Jimmy Choo, actress and singer Adibah Noor, actress Datuk Michelle Yeoh, veteran actor Tan Sri Jins Shamsuddin, actor and comedian Afdlin Shauki and Chef Wan.

According to Reader’s Digest Asia managing editor Siti Rohani, the survey on trusted personalities was a natural extension of its Trusted Brands survey, which has been running for the past eight years.

Fifty personalities were picked based on their popularity and visibility, and respondents were asked to rank them according to their preference.

“We wanted to have a good mix of people – after all, we are looking at 50 people in a nation of millions. There was no science behind it, and we wanted to keep it fun and light-hearted,” Siti Rohani said.

This is also why there were no politicians on the list.

“Once you introduce politics into such a survey, it takes it to different level and makes it more serious,” she said.

She also noted that predominantly, the most trusted people were those who have achieved international recognition.

“There are many in the top 10 who have managed to put Malaysia on the map. For example Nicol, Lee Chong Wei, Jimmy Choo and Michelle Yeoh have made it really big in their respective fields and succeeded on an international platform.

“They are our national heroes, so to speak,” said Siti Rohani.

Additionally, the survey found that the top five trusted professions (in ranking order) were pilots, teachers, doctors, paramedics and firefighters.

“These are the people we turn to when hurt, injured or need help, so we need to trust the people in those positions.

“Teachers prepare us for the future, and they are people we respect and look to for help. It is great they made it into list,” Siti Rohani.

The full article and results of the survey will be published in the March 2010 issue of the Malaysian edition of the Reader’s Digest, which would be available in newstands from Friday.

The Top 50 Most Trusted People
1) Nicol David (squash world champion)
2) Dr Jemilah Mahmood (founder of Mercy Malaysia)
3) Lee Chong Wei (badminton Olympic silver medalist, Beijing Games)
4) Lat aka Mohd Nor Khalid (cartoonist)
5) Jimmy Choo (shoe designer)
6) Adibah Noor (singer/actress)
7) Michelle Yeoh (Hollwood actor)
8) Jins Shamsuddin (veteran actor)
9) Afdlin Shauki (aka Chief Kodok, actor/comedian)
10) Chef Wan (chef)
11) Paduka Sharifah Mazlina (adventurer, first Malaysian woman Antarctic Solo Expeditor)
12) Misbun Sidek (badminton coach)
13) Ivy Josiah (executive Director, Women’s Aid Organisation)
14) Marina Mahathir (AIDS advocate)
15) Aznil Nawawi (actor/compere)
16) M Nasir (singer)
17) Zang Toi (designer)
18) Rashid Sidek (badminton player)
19) Jailani Sidek (badminton world champion)
20) Gurmit Singh K.S. (executive director of the Centre for Environment)
21) Amy Mastura (singer)
22) Sheila Majid (singer)
23) Siti Nurhaliza (singer)
24) Shebby Singh (former football coach, football presenter)
25) Razif Sidek (badminton player)
26) Jaclyn Victor (Malaysian Idol)
27) Maya Karin (actress, television personality and singer)
28) Ahmad Idham (movie director)
29) Harith Iskandar (comedian, actor)
30) Erma Fatima (actor)
31) Ramli Ibrahim (choreographer)
32) Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (astronaut)
33) Irene Fernandez (migrant worker activist)
34) Kee Thuan Chye (dramatist, poet and journalist)
35) Aziz M. Osman (director)
36) Tiara Jacquelina (actress/producer)
37) Alex Yoong (race car driver)
38) Asha Gill (television personality)
39) Fish Leong (singer)
40) Soo Kui Jien (tv presenter)
41) Mano Maniam (Fulbright scholar/actor)
42) Deanna Yusoff (actress)
43) Sharifah Amani (actress)
44) Reshmonu (singer)
45) Lee Sinje(actress)
46) Ning Baizura (singer)
47) Ella aka Norzila binti Haji Aminuddin (singer)
48) Lillian Too (feng shui master)
49) Awie (singer-actor)
50) Azwan Ali (TV host)

The Top 10 Most Trusted Professions


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