Flying Sikh dumps DAP

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Well, would you believe it! The Sikhs in DAP would be incensed after Malim Nawar (my mother’s hometown actually) assemblyman Keshvinder Singh (a lawyer too) quit from DAP to be independent (i.e. BN friendly and firm supporter of PM Najib, Menteri Besar Zambry, and 1Malaysia). I believe Keshvinder is also the first Indian rep to quit DAP and be independent. Well done!

And for what purpose? For the “kebaikan of the rakyat” of course 🙂

According to him:

He also said he was leaving because he was “very disappointed” with the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat leadership and the “excessive politicking” that got in the way of him carrying out his duties.

“I found it very hard to work with the Pakatan Rakyat people to serve my constituents,” he said, adding that he could not get any allocation for his constituents.

“I now realise that only Barisan can bring progress and prosperity to the people. I hope this decision will help me serve my constituents better,” he said at a press conference at a hotel here Tuesday.

“I will be going to my constituency soon to explain my decision,” he said, adding that he gave his resignation letter to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng earlier Tuesday.

In Malaysiakini, the following is mentioned:

Keshvinder said he chose to defect now instead of February last year – along with Hee Yit Foong (Jelapang), Mohd Osman Jailu(Changkat Jering) and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang) – because he didn’t know how serious the problems were at his constituency then. 

“When I started doing work there (after February 2009) I found that there are severe poverty issues that really need to be solved,” he said.

Keshvinder said he hoped the BN state government will provide financial aid so that he can serve his constituents. 

“The state and national DAP did not assist me in helping the people. I couldn’t do anything for my constituents as an opposition state assemblyperson,” he said, adding that he had been using his own funds thus far.

Good for him, until we find out (or remember) that he was one of the people who claimed there were offers to buy him over last time:

On Feb 5 last year, five Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen, including Keshwinder, had claimed they had been approached by agents to cross over to Barisan Nasional.

Keshwinder had said then that he had been offered RM10mil plus the position of the Perak MIC chief and a place on the state executive council.

So, which is which?

If really for “kebaikan rakyat”, why not just resign and force a by-election? We can literally see money falling down from sky (or podium) whenever there’s by-election. The people can get new school, new road, new surau, new temple, new bridges, etc. Maybe the voters in Malim Nawar should think about this. The amount of goodies they could get from by-election should last them till the next general election.

I’m curious too, in case the PR wins GE13 and Perak state, would he realign himself to be PR-friendly (assuming he stands under BN banner then)?


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