HRP memo to abolish STPM

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HRP handed over a memo to a representative of PM Najib at the parliament yesterday to call for the abolishment of STPM in favor of single program (matriculation) for all.

Abolishing a tougher program for the lesser one doesn’t seem to be a wise move, but maybe HRP is just trying to create some heat to force reaction from the authorities.

Its only fair that a single point of entry is provided, or if there’s multiple entry points, then every rakyat is given equal and fair opportunity to make use of the entry point. Any attempts to defend or justify otherwise is just excuse to practice discrimination.

So, for me, make only one way to enter IPTA – STPM (UEC also should not be used to enter IPTA). Other routes must be removed. OR, open matriculation to all and close down STPM. Not enough places, well, convert all STPM classes into matriculation classes, just need to retrain teachers and change the syllabus.

They also handed over a list of 48 names of students who did not get any offers:

1 Deborah Anne a/p John Philip 920608-14-5120 SMK Covent Bukit Nanas 13 As
2 Mohana Priya a/p Kasanathan 920122-14-5390 SMK Ibrahim 13 As
3 Shobanaa Rubini a/p Ganesarao 920305-08-6522 SMK Perempuan Methodist, Ipoh 12 As
4 Elwinder Singh a/l Jasvir Singh 920121-14-6017 SMK Sri Dasmesh KL 12 As
4 Sasvin a/l Manimaran 920816-10-5717 SMK Taman Sea 11 As
5 Sharmalla a/p Subramaniam 921218-05-5124 SMK Senawang Seremban 11 As
6 Gomalah a/p Ganeswaran 920728-05-5082 SMK Tuanku Jaafar Seremban 11 As
7 Sangitha a/p Elango 921218-05-5474 SMK King George V Seremban 11 As
8 Thenmoli Hanbrasi a/p Jothy 920520-08-5180 SMK Tawar 11 As
9 Deepashini a/p Rajindran 921106-08-5580 SMK Methodist (ACS), Sitiawan 11 As
10 Arvind a/l Rajan 920605-14-5045 SMK Kepong 11 As
11 Santhini a/p Ramani 921012-10-6096 SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong 1 11 As
12 Shivanashini a/p Mathiyalagan 920428-02-5914 SMK Covent Father Barre 11 As
13 Prabagaran a/l Kanapathy 920829-08-5539 SMK Anderson Ipoh 10 As
14 Santhira a/p Vijaya Kumar 920814-14-5156 SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah 10 As
15 Divya Mala a/p Shanmugam 921118-10-5358 SMK Tawau 10 As
16 Serena Susan a/p Peter Manickom 920528-01-5078 SMK Iskandar Shah 10 As
17 Eiswaran a/l Ramasamy 920125-05-5227 SMK King Gedage V Seremban 10 As
18 Komathi a/p Muniandy 920719-02-5094 SMK Kulim 10 As
19 Pavithiraen a/l Segeranazan 921225-08-5903 SMK Dato’ Haji Hussein 10 As
20 Jayasri Nair a/p Janardanan 921219-07-5338 SMK Bedong 10 As
21 Ravind a/l Amaresan 920928-14-5867 SMK Ibrahim 10 As
22 Prabagaran a/l Kanapathy 920829-08-5539 SMK Anderson, Ipoh 10 As
23 Mogan a/l Mahadevan 921022-07-5641 SMK Datuk Haji Abd Kadir P.Png 10 As
24 Yuana Rooja a/p Murugah 921002-02-6092 SMK Ibrahim 10 As
25 Moganpriya a/p Thillamuthu 920924-02-5868 SMK Covent Fat

.+her Barre

10 As
26 Thulasi a/p Palakrisnan 920310-08-6412 SMK Sains Raja Tun Azlan, Taiping 9 As
27 Uneshddarann a/l Nagandran 921125-01-5123 SMK Buloh Kasap 9 As
28 Nageeshvari a/p Tachinamurti 920129-14-6142 SMK Damansara Damai 1 9 As
29 Kesevaan a/l Morgan 920717-14-5947 SMK Raja Abdullah KL 9 As
30 Ghaithrie a/p Subramaniam 920312-01-5140 SMK Tinggi Kluang 9 As
31 Pavitra a/p Sehalinggam 920926-07-5658 SMK Convent Pulau Tikus Pinang 9 As
32 Priyatharisan a/l Balaraman 920609-05-5153 SMK Bukit Mewah Seremban 9 As
33 Yogeswary a/p Gunasegaran 920808-14-5416 SMK Convent Jalan Peel KL 9 As
34 Nandarcobini a/p Rajendran 920917-01-5662 SMK Dato Penggama Timur 9 As
35 Tarashini a/p Suthesan 920228-14-6682 SMK Convent Kajang 9 As
36 Lingeswaran a/p Ratnam 921110-01-6027 SMK Dato’ Penggama Timur 9 As
37 Rupini a/p Manoharan 920418-04-5428 SMK Undang Rembau N. Sembilan 9 As
38 Narmatha Darshini Nanthini Subramaniam 920903-14-5238 SMK (P) Sri Aman 9 As
39 Pavitra Sri a/p Ramaya 920202-02-5866 SMK Taman Ria Jaya 9 As
40 Parthiban a/l Perumal 920520-07-5105 SMK Kulim 9 As
41 Yasheera a/p Vasudevan 920103-14-5950 MAKTAB 8 As
42 Thennarasei a/p Pannir Selvam 920373-07-5018 SMK Tinggi Bkt Mertajam P. Pinang 8 As
43 Saraniah a/p Kalidasan 920624-08-5324 SMK Covent Father Barre 8 As
44 Kogulavarman a/l Asokan 920302-14-5195 SMK (L) Bukit Bintang 7 As
45 Dineshwary a/p Nadthan 920121-10-5370 SMK Subang Jaya 7 As
46 Kalaimalar a/p Perumal 921113-14-5502 SMK Seri Garing 7 As
47 Gadura Kishdra a/l Viswenaden 921103-14-5015 SMK Hillcrest 7 As
48 Navindren a/l Murugasen 920614-14-5135 SMK (L) Bukit Bintang 7 As

So, what do you think?

I doubt 7As can be considered as excellent results due to number of As easily accumulated by students. However it would be a good achievement for students coming from challenging backgrounds. While we can argue that only the best should given scholarship or only deserving ones given place in matriculation, it should be true for all, and not applied selectively. That’s the contention point, not because we are jealous or want to grab other people’s opportunities.

Thought of uploading the photos of the memo submission, but since its at HRP website, view it there:

Here’s a video from Youtube:


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