Statistics for IPTA 2010 intake

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Malaysian Insider’s article provides some basic statistics on IPTA intake this year.

28,633 (bumiputra), 9,569 Chinese,  2,304 (Indians & others), 43 (Orang Asli). Firstly, why Indians end up with others? Orang Asli not bumiputra?

The above translates into 70.69%, 23.62%, 5.69% and 0.11% respectively. As usual, we ask for more transparency in terms of more statistics, breakdown of applicants etc. But this goes unanswered year after year. The clamor for more transparency speaks volumes of how much the public trust institutions like IPTA. Sad indeed.

A total of 40,506 of 61,228 applicants have been offered places at public institutions of higher learning for the 2010/2011 academic session.

Department of Higher Education director-general Datuk Dr Radin Umar Radin Sohadi said today 49,234 of the 61,228 were eligible but after vetting only 40,506 met the criteria and were offered places.

“Of those offered places, 28,633 were bumiputeras, 9,569 Chinese and 2,304 Indians and others,” he told a news conference here.

Dr Radin Umar said 66 Orang Asli applied and 43 were offered places while 656 disabled people applied and 282 were offered places.

“Orang Asli applicants not eligible for the first degree will be considered for suitable diploma programmes provided they put in a fresh application,” he said.

Dr Radin Umar said 2,088 applicants with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.00 had applied to enter the apex university, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), and 404 were offered places.

He also said that 1,550 national and state athletes had applied and 934 were offered places.

Students can check on the status of their applications from noon tomorrow at the, and websites or contact the 03-8883 5858 hotline, 03-8883 5848 helpline or send a short message service (SMS) to 15888 by typing UPU RESULT and the identity card number.

The official offer letter to successful applicants will be issued on Saturday while the e-appeal application for unsuccessful applicants will open at noon tomorrow.



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    Whoever got offer to do law UUM… try to appeal and change University… otherwise u will regret for the entire of your life……

    ex student – UUM law