RM20 million available for Indians under TEKUN!

July 2nd, 2010 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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This is a surprising news indeed because so far, I heard MIC people saying no money in TEKUN. But just days ago, TEKUN says got RM20 million. Maybe just allocated.

As for how to apply, well, you have visit MIC offices and collect the form. The forms are limited only, since the money also limited. Their logic is that why provide lots of form when the fund can cover, let’s say, 2000 applicants only (assume each applicant get RM10,000).

And starting from yesterday, you’ll need to attend a course if want to apply TEKUN loan.

The government has allocated RM20 million under Tekun (Tabung Kumpulan Usaha Niaga) for small-scale Indian entrepreneurs.

Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar said about 700 small-scale Indian entrepreneurs throughout the country had been given loans to develop their business.

Tekun Nasional has received assistance from Yayasan Strategik Sosial (YSS) in providing such loans to Indian entrepreneurs, he told reporters after opening Tekun Nasional’s 2010 Excellent Service Awards here today.

Noh said Tekun Nasional had registered RM1.5 billion in profits till May 31, from the initial allocation of RM900 provided by the government, while 170,000 have benefited from such loan facilities.

He added that starting July 1, entrepreneurs who wished to take a loan from Tekun Nasional, must attend a entrepreneurs’ course to be eligible for loans.

“Those who do not attend the course without a valid reason, will not be considered for such loans,” he said. — Bernama



  1. Saraswathi says:

    Hi Mr.Poobalan,

    I have read the news saying that those who wants to apply Tekun loan have to attend “entrepreneurs course’.If yes where and how to get the form,pls explain.

    Thank You.

  2. poobalan says:

    Hi Saras,

    the news did not provide more details, but you can contact TEKUN at http://www.tekun.gov.my to get details.

  3. kannah says:

    hello mr poobalan,
    Good day sir. i ma not sure if you remember me sir, but i have written to you before regarding the TEKUN loan as i wish to open my own kindergarden cum child care centre in Klang.
    I have been trying to get a form from the YSS, in Menara Tan Sri Manickavasagam in kl. I have been trying for like 3 weeks already and they keep saying that they did not get any forms..
    From where do they get the form? I hope they are not doing any hanky panky business that we all have come to expect from MIC…
    Its been too long ..
    Its not as if i am trying to disgrace them but it is a common knowledge that they always show favouritism to those who asks for their help. Is thats what happening sir???

    I hope you kind sir will let me know if you know anything about the availibility of the TEKUN forms. Because i am really looking for this financial aid allocated by the government to the needy indians to help me in my business and i dont want my hopes to be squandered by some irresponsible ..(people)… Thank you sir


    • poobalan says:


      the whole process is not transparent, so I have totally no idea how things work at MIC or YSS. i only know that TEKUN says got money and less applicants, while MIC/YSS says no form or application not open.

      i guess you and the rest are at the mercy of these people.

      i suggest you also try majlis penggalakan ekonomi belia. there’s a link on the side of my blog, somewhere near the bottom. look for “Apply for entrepreneur loans via Youth Economic Promotion Council”

  4. Shamanidevi says:

    My friend told me last week told me that TEKUN loan form is available in MIC now. I called MIC on 28 August and was told form will be out on 01 Sep 2010. Called again on 02 Sep, spoke to Mr … and told me to come on 10 Sep…on public holiday Hari Raya..doesnt MIC know what Hari Raya is or any public holidays in Malaysia

  5. poobalan says:

    i received info that the forms will be available for FREE from 14 Sept 2010 onwards at MIC HQ and all TEKUN offices.