1000 propaganda members for Kedah government?

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RM300 x 1000 = 300,000! This is waste of money, if the allegations are true. If you do good, then no need propaganda machinery la..people on the ground will know.

The PAS-led Kedah government has reportedly hired a large group of people to handle its propaganda work, although most of its election promises remain unfulfilled, said MCA chief Dr Chua Soi Lek today.

Chua (left), who was in Alor Star to open the state MCA’s 33rd annual convention, said the Kedah government has appointed more than 1,000 individuals as special officers to man the state government’s propaganda machinery.

Chua added the officers, who were paid at least RM300 each, were tasked to disseminate the ‘good work’ of PAS and the Pakatan Rakyat state administration.

“Everywhere they go they will say that Pakatan is good but actually they were paid to say so,” revealed Chua at a press conference after the convention, which was attended by some 300 members.

Chua, who was a former health minister, said the Kedah government had promised to allow civil servants to take a loan without interest but this, too, remains an empty promise, with the excuse that it will burden the state’s financial situation.

‘No development’

Chua then castigated Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak for neglecting the state’s socio-economic development.

He said there was no development in the Malay Muslim-majority state, unlike in the past when BN under Umno was helming the state.

Even the Kulim Industrial Estate is not being promoted properly and there were limited numbers of jobs for the people, he alleged.

“There are too many empty promises in the election manifesto of the Pakatan Rakyat,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Chua said the state has not attempted to resolve the issue of pig abattoirs which the administration had destroyed earlier to pave the way for development.

“They promised to rebuild it but have not done so until now,” he lamented.


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