What can happen when you lose your MyKad

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This must be one of the worst cases I’ve read: You are married, in debt, dead and EPF savings cleaned out!

Moral of the story: Ensure you collect your replacement myKad on time, and don’t trust anyone with it.

RECORDS at the National Registra tion Depart ment showed he was married to another woman, his local bank said he could not open an account as he had failed to settle a loan and, worse, the EPF office said his savings had all been withdrawn and he was listed as dead!

These shocking revelations came to S. Kannan of Ayer Tawar in Perak after he lost his identity card and applied for a new one, Tamil Nesanreported.

The problem, he said, was that the NRD office had notified him of his new IC at his former rented premises and not at his current home in Taman Indah Ria.

Kannan suspects that a friend who had previously worked with him might have claimed his IC and used it for his personal reasons.

He said he made a police report at the Ayer Tawar police station in April when he first lost his IC.


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