Tamil School enrolment decreased for 2011?

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Not sure how valid this info is, but if it is, then there’s a problem brewing. Possible reasons I can think of:

1. Less Indian students going to standard 1 (population growth problem?).

2. Parents deciding to enrol in other schools (national or Chinese or private) due to better facilities/environment (?).

3. Location of Tamil schools not strategic enough (not enough community population or too far away compared to other schools, thus incurring more cost to send).

4. Lack of publicity/effort by PIBG, teachers, NGOs, political parties to promote the schools to parents.

THE number of pupils enrolled in Year One in Tamil schools has decreased slightly but more are expected to register over the next week, Tamil newspapers reported.

Malaysia Nanban said 15,998 pupils joined classes in 523 Tamil schools nationwide this year compared to 16,198 pupils last year.

Tamil Schools national coordinator S. Baskaran said there was still a lot of interest among parents to send their children to Tamil schools.

from the Star


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