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a TOTAL of 4000 scholarships were offered by JPA for this year for the SPM 2010 leavers. According to JPA, 58.8% (882) of overseas scholarships were granted to Bumiputra students while the rest were for non-Bumiputras (41.2% or 618) (refer this article).  A more detailed breakdown:

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said 882 Bumiputera students and 618 non-Bumiputera students received the scholarships under the PILN.

For the local degree programme this year, 1,301 Bumiputera students and 1,199 non-Bumiputera students received scholarships, he said during the question-and-answer session in the Dewan Rakyat,


1500 were for overseas while the balance 2500 were for local universities. This is excluding the 86 cases who were given local scholarships after appeal, public uproar and intervention by political parties (as per this article). The breakdown of the 86 cases is available here.

Total number of applicants were 16,900 as per stated in this article. Breakdown of the 16,900 applicants:  7,277, or 43.1 per cent, Bumiputeras and 9,623, or 56.9 per cent, non-Bumiputeras. Only 8,857 of the 16,900 (52.4%) made the cut with the minimum academic requirement of straight 9As and above (refer to this link). But since only have 4000 scholarships, the balance had to be satisfied with local matriculation, diploma and foundation programs.

According to this report in The Star, a total of 1,552 of the 4,000 PSD scholarships for this year were given to Chinese students. Of the figure, 466 scholarships were for overseas courses.

And the report below indicates the allocation for Indian students, which states 245 scholarship to Indian were awarded – 137 scholarships were for overseas universities and 108 in local universities.


In summary:


58.8% or 882 places for Bumiputra

41.2% or 618 places for non-Bumiputra.

31.07% or 466 places for Chinese students (and this is 75.4% of the places allocate for non-Bumiputra)

9.13% or 137 places for Indian students (and this is 22.17% of the places allocate for non-Bumiputra)

1% or 15 places for “other” students (and this is 2.43% of the places allocate for non-Bumiputra)

Total 1500.


52.04% or 1301 places for Bumiputra

47.96% or 1199 places for non-Bumiputra.

43.44% or 1086 places for Chinese students (and this is 90.56% of the places allocate for non-Bumiputra)

4.32% or 108 places for Indian students (and this is 9.01% of the places allocate for non-Bumiputra)

0.2% or 5 places for “other” students (and this is 0.42% of the places allocate for non-Bumiputra)

Total 2500.

IF combine both of the above, 2,183 spots, or 55 per cent, were snapped up by Bumiputera students and 1,817, or 45 per cent, were offered to the non-Bumiputeras (refer this link).

And this is comments from Deputy Minister SK Devamany (if you are looking to apply for matriculation – refer here):

Indian students currently in Form Five have been urged to apply for the matriculation programme for the year 2012/2013.

MIC vice-president SK Devamany said Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has invited the Form Five students to apply for next session.

According to Devamany it is better that the students, who are scheduled to sit for SPM this year apply now and not later.

He said the ministry was offering seats in three streams of accountancy, science and technical (engineering).

“This is a good opportunity and every student should apply for the matriculation programme,” he told FMT.

He added the ministry had extended the registration period until end of October.

Those who are interested have go to for further information.

When asked about the Indian students’ involvement in matriculation studies, Devamany, who is also deputy minister in the PM’s Department, said that this year the ministry had allocated 580 seats for Indian students.

But the response, he said, had been poor. Until last month there were only 262 students who registered.

“Since 2009, the government had granted more than 1,000 Indian students the opportunity to study under the matriculation programme but only some 640 accepted the offer,” he said.

Poor response

Meanwhile, he also acknowledged that for the year 2011, the Public Service Department (PSD) has awarded 245 scholarship to Indian.

“From this total,  137 scholarships were for overseas universities and 108 in local universities,” he said.

He added that the government had also awarded Indian students another 100 scholarships under the 1Malaysia Development Board.

He added that since the PSD scholarship became a buzzword, MIC had managed to sort out almost 80% of the cases received.

“MIC studied all the 181 cases received. There were three cases which failed to get scholarships and another 25 who got courses they were not interested in,” he said.

He added that MIC successfully solved 12 of 25 cases of students who wanted to switch courses.

“The balance 13 are still awaiting replies from PSD. I am confident they will get the course of their choice,” he said.

He also said that PSD had already offered scholarships for matriculation courses in public university for the 13 but they refused.

“MIC has put all it’s effort in this scholarship issue and we have already requested the PSD to reconsider the wishes of the 13 for scholarships,” he said.



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