Who caused failure of PPSMI?

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This is what the DPM said:

Tan Sri Muhyiddin (picture), who is also the Education Minister informed the press that the decision taken to implement the Upholding Bahasa Malaysia, Strengthening the Command of English policy, (BMMBI), which would have replaced PPSMI was supported by all members of parliament, including those from the Opposition.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin pointed out that s study conducted by the Education Ministry shows that a total of 5 – 7 per cent of schools under the Ministry had implemented the PPSMI when the policy was introduced in 2003, while the majority resorted to a mixed-language medium, and some had even conducted full lessons in Bahasa Malaysia.

Question now is who caused the failure of PPSMI? Who is going to take responsibility for the failure of its implementation? For the wastage of millions of Ringgits? Who jeopardized the education of students for last 8 years? Teachers? Students? HMs? PTAs/PIBGs? Ministers? Senior officials? Some junior officers?

If I’m not mistaken in 2003, the Education Minister was Musa Muhammad (1999 – 2004), followed by Hishamuddin Hussein Onn (2004 – 2009), and now Muhyiddin Yassin (2009 till present).

Next question: What is the guarantee that MBMMBI would be successfully implemented? Would it cost wastage of millions before we make up another complicated acronym of a policy?



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