Hitam Metalik comment by DAP Assemblyman

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The youtube video (taken in September) below shows DAP Adun for Pantai Rames, Nga Kor Ming describing Perak MB who is dark-skinned as “hitam metalik” (metallic black), in reference to the MB’s appearance. He claims it was made as a joke. Looking at the event, it seems to be organised by PAS, and after he mentioned those words, people actually laughed! Wonder if they understand their own religion or not. Maybe that’s why he said its a joke. But as a elected representative, he should have not mentioned those words which are discriminatory in nature.

Now it is left to be seen what action DAP is going to take on their ADUN. Would he apologise and they just accept it? Or suspend his membership? Or other actions? Wonder what YB Manoharan got to say about this.

So far DAP still silent ,which doesn’t bode well for their suspect image.



  1. t says:

    I find it rather surprisingly, that this monk has not managed to extinguish the burning emotions in him over an incident that occurred almost ten years back. The first time he wrote a similar letter to the one he posted recently was in the year 2006.
    We must understand that, it is inevitable that sometimes conflicts and misunderstandings arise. That is the way things are. However, the wise one will learn to forgive and to let go. The wise one don’t keep grudges, ill-will, anger and hatred in their hearts. Such feelings will cause pain and suffering not only in this life but in lives to come. As the Buddha said;”Hatred never cease through hatred in this world, through love alone they cease”. However many holy words one reads, however many one speaks, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?.
    There is always a reason to an action. Therefore, anyone who wishes to help him in the brotherhood of Buddhism should firstly; pose a few basic questions to him such as:
    • Was he attached to the Singapore Anti-Narcotic Special Branch before he became a monk?
    • Out of the hundreds of monks who have visited and stayed in the Temple, why was he the only one asked to leave the Temple premise by the Temple Committee.
    • What was his true purpose of coming to the Temple then?
    After consulting the Malaysia Buddhist Association and acting on the advice given then, the Temple Committee had no other options but to kindly persuade this monk to leave the Temple. Nonetheless, he refuses to leave. He then demanded some money which the Temple Committee relented and gave him a few hundred ringgits for his journey back to Penang. There are moments when things are not easily explained, these are moments when we let time speaks for itself that is; with time the truth will eventually prevail! No one is free from the karmic effects generated by one’s actions!
    As practising Buddhist, we should let bygones be bygones. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. When we continue to cling to the past and worry about the future, we will always live in grief and fear. When a person is wholly free from attachment there is no grief, much less fear. The Buddha taught us that; to be humble is to have wisdom. To regard yourself highly is to have attachment. The Buddha often warned his disciples not to be complacent after attaining wisdom. “One should behave like the rice plant; the riper and fuller the rice grains, the lower the rice plant bows down.
    What really matters ultimately are the intangible things- love, kindness, gratitude, generosity, compassion and care we show towards others. The development of these qualities is our true wealth…..qualities that help us grow spiritually, qualities that lead us to true peace, happiness and freedom.
    “To do good, avoid evil and to purify the mind”- this is the teachings of the Buddha.
    May the Blessings of The Triple Gem be with you always!
    From: Chairman(MCA man, Yip Kum Fook)
    Samnak Sambodhi Buddhist Association

  2. t says:

    Yip Kum Fook surprisingly..that mean he done wrong….MCA man make wrong to Buddhist monk at Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong..KL