Selangor Water Issue

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From what I understand (will be improved time to time as understanding increases):

Selangor government says:

  • there’s enough raw water as the dams are full (and its raining nearly everyday for last 2 weeks or so)
  • SYABAS is not able to deliver water properly due to loss of water (non-revenue)
  • will take over SYABAS management to improve its services
  • treated water is enough but SYABAS incompetent to deliver the water
  • Langat2 WTP is waste of money and that better water management is the way to go
  • it has not gazetted the increased water tariff as per concession agreement with SYABAS (which means no price hike)
  • says SYABAS has no authority to ration water as that comes under state.

SYABAS says:

  • there’s enough raw water but not enough TREATED water. Treated water means already processed by Water Treatment Plants (WTP) to ensure the water is safe for consumption. The raw water from sources (dams) is channelled to WTP and then channelled to homes/industries.
  • its not in charge of water treatment as that falls under state government duties (providing sufficient infrastructure to process raw water fit for consumption). Its job is to channel the treated water to homes/industries. It just pays money to WTP for the treated water.
  • its has informed state government since 2010 about possible shortage of treated water but
  • that state government had not allowed the construction of Langat2 WTP
  • the state government had barred SYABAS from making capital expenditure which resulted in SYABAS unable to undertake work to reduce non-revenue water
  • has applied to SPAN (National Water Commission) to ration water


  • state government has 30% stakehold in SYABAS.
  • daily water needs in Klang Valley (plus Putrajaya) is about 4,364 million litres per day (MLD) and the treatment plants’ capacity is 4,371 (MLD)
  • Langat2 expected to supply 1,8900 MLD if constructed and can supply until 2025 before shortage happens again

So, what’s the conclusion? Even if allow for new WTP (Langat2) to be built, it will take at least 4 years.


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  1. Abduh says:

    The answer my friend;
    …..water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!
    it is not ‘me’ fault, it is ‘you’ fault.
    A Malay proverb;
    ‘The clash is among the elephants but it was the mousedeer that got squished’.