Level playing field needed for rewarding schools

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Was reading The Star today and came across this letter from public. Its about the Education Ministry’s reward policy for schools that achieve excellence (for want of a better word). According to the writer, level playing field is important. I agree. Our national education policy should consider the uneven playing field especially for those sekolah bantuan modal (partially aided) ones which does not have rich folks’ or expatriates’ kids studying in them.  For these schools even getting one straight As student or 50% pass rate may be an Herculean effort.

OVER the last few years the Education Minister has been rewarding school heads and staff for achieving remarkable results in public examinations.

I fully support this as it will spur other schools to work harder to achieve better results.

One of the important components in any competition is a level playing field.

SMK Aminuddin Baki picks the best students in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a controlled school.

Under these circumstances, this school should score 100% straight A’s in PMR but unfortunately it only got 54% straight A’s.

What happen to the other 46%?

A private school in Kuala Lumpur which is not a controlled school obtained almost 80% straight A’s.

In my opinion SMK Aminuddin should be given a showcause letter and not be rewarded.

Achieving 100% pass is no big deal when you have the best in Kuala Lumpur.

Take a look at SK Methodist Sentul’s recent UPSR results. The school did not have any straight A’s students for the last few years.

This year not only did it have two straight A’s students but the school obtained 100% passes in all the subjects.

This school does not get much funding or support like SMK Aminuddin Baki simply because it’s a missionary school but yet it went on to do well and receives five awards from the Education Department.

This school deserves to be rewarded by the ministry.

I hope the ministry takes a good look at the various criteria before rewarding any school so that the rewarding system motivates and not demoralises the schools and staff.


Kuala Lumpur

source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/12/28/focus/12511402&sec=focus


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