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Five election candidates has been accused (by the opposing side, of course) of holding academic qualifications from dubious universities. They are:

1. Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Kohilan Pillay (candidate for Puchong) – Masters in Commercial and Industrial Economy from the Western Pacific University, US. [There’s actually two uni with same name, one in California and another in Hawaii. Wonder which one Kohilan studied at].

2. Port Klang Authority chairman Teh Kim Pooh, (Klang) – DBA from New Port University, US. (Same uni as Perlis Menteri Besar got his doctorate from). [Newport University’s website does not exist. Doesn’t that sound weird?]

3. AB Wahab Ibrahim (Taman Medan) -doctoreate from Irish International University, UK. [This is a well known notorious one. Check their website http://www.iiuedu.ie/ and also read this Malaysian court judgement – http://kl.kehakiman.gov.my/sites/kl.kehakiman.gov.my/attachments/S-23-50-2006.pdf

4. Ching Eu Boon (Pandamaran) – doctorate from St George University International. [website doesn’t exist http://www.stgeorgeuniversity.edu and not to be confused with St George’s Uni]

5. Lee Ban Seng (Kajang) – degree from Rutherford University.[ world famous case – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rutherford_University]

Person number 5 said he’s degree is from American Liberty University, not Rutherford. This ALU is recognised in California (https://app.dca.ca.gov/bppe/view-school.asp?schlcode=3014471) but not in another state in US, Oregon (http://www.oregonstudentaid.gov/oda-degree-authorization-academic-unauthorized-Invalid.aspx). Weird huh?

In any case, readers can check

For US universities, one can check at http://www.chea.org/

Try search google for the above universities and you can make interesting conclusions.

Do note, that in many cases these universities will claim they are unaccredited/new university/online learning/distance learning type, thus not in the accredited list.

Full Article:

Five Barisan Nasional candidates for seats in Selangor are holding fake degrees, alleged DAP election strategist Ong Kian Ming.

“It is disappointing that the candidates listed academic qualifications from universities which issue bogus academic degrees for a payment,” he claimed.

Among the names mentioned is Selangor Gerakan chief A Kohilan Pillay, who is also the deputy foreign affairs minister.

Kohilan is slated to contest for the Puchong parliamentaryseat and had listed in his biodata that he obtained a Masters degree in Commercial and Industrial Economy from the Western Pacific University in the US.

Ong alleged that Western Pacific University was found to be a degree mill, and it was closed down by the authorities some time back.

“Even more shocking is that Kohilan is our caretaker deputy foreign affairs minister! It is a disgrace if Kohilan had indeed ‘bought’ a degree to bolster his credentials,” he said.

Ong also accused Teh Kim Pooh, BN aspirant for the Klang parliamentary seat, of obtaining his doctorate in business administration from the New Port University in the US.

“In 2009, an English daily had said that New Port University is a degree mill. This is the same university our caretaker Perlis menteri besar Isa Sabu got his doctorate as well,” he claimed.

Teh is also the Port Klang Authority chairman.

Others accused of holding fake degrees are AB Wahab Ibrahim (Taman Medan), Ching Eu Boon (Pandamaran) and Lee Ban Seng (Kajang).

Ong alleged that the Irish International University, where Wahab obtained his doctorate, was raided by the British authorities in 2008 for being a bogus varsity.

He added that St George University International, where Ching obtained his doctorate, was also claimed to be a degree mill.

“And it is the same case with Lee, who obtained his degree from the Rutherford University,” he claimed.

The DAP leader said although election law does not require a candidate to hold paper qualification, the candidates’ integrity could be questioned if they had to “buy” their degrees to cheat the electorate.

“If these candidates are willing to dupe voters about their academic qualifications, what other areas would these candidates be willing to lie about, including in areas of public interest such as management of public funds and the proper use of public resources?”he asked.

BN reps dismiss allegations

Contacted later, Kohilan said: “Ask DAP to show proof. If not, I’m going to sue them.”

Teh also dismissed the allegations, saying DAP was playing up an old issue to discredit his candidacy.

“It’s a non-issue and if DAP wants to harp on it, then go ahead,” he said.

Explaining the matter, Teh said that he did pursue a doctorate from 1999 to 2002, which involved taking up 12 subjects and completing three theses.

“I even produced my certificates and theses to the court during a trial. Even my former supervisor in the university was willing to take the stand. Tell DAP to check on that first,” he said.

Lee, on the other hand, said there was an error in his biodata.

“I received my degree from America Liberty University, not Rutherford University,” he added.

FMT could not reach Wahab and Ching for comments despite several attempts.

source: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2013/04/17/bn-hopefuls-have-bogus-degrees/


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    “There are Indians who have even kissed him already,” Moron Najib said, adding that he endorsed Zulkifli’s candidacy for the Shah Alam parliamentary seat.