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Cameron Highlands

January 2nd, 2011
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Cameron Highlands was wet during the last few days of 2010. We went to the usual places like the pasar malam Brinchang (nothing much to shout about for locals), Sg Palas Boh Tea Center, Kea Farm, Raju Hill Strawberry Farm, Tanah Rata’s row of food shops, and Big Red Strawberry Farm. Didn’t cover the jungle trails nor the rose/cactus/butterfly/insect farms.

This time around, we also  managed to visit MARDI’s Agritech Park in Tanah Rata. Entrance fee is RM3 per person. The strawberries and plants sold here are cheaper than those sold in the shops, but you have to be early (before noon if possible to get them).

The place is in Tanah Rata, you can find signages aplenty.

The flower varieties were quite good. They have about 20 over Rose varieties.

From MARDI Agrotech Park Tanah Rata
From MARDI Agrotech Park Tanah Rata
From MARDI Agrotech Park Tanah Rata
From MARDI Agrotech Park Tanah Rata

Also saw locally grown apples and vegetables.

From MARDI Agrotech Park Tanah Rata
From MARDI Agrotech Park Tanah Rata

Read more about the park here:

Some of the photos we took:

Even though it was off-season, strawberry plucking was one of the activities available at Big Red Strawberry Farm at Brinchang. Then had a gala time being a strawberry picker 🙂

From Big Red Strawberry Farm

We also went to another favorite spot – Sg Palas Boh Tea Center. We arrived at around 9am and the weather was cold with slight drizzle. The crowd started to come in by 10.3oam. Nice place to enjoy your morning cuppa.

On the way back, our usual pit stop at Cameron Bharat Cafe which serves brownie with ice-cream. But the masala tea was a bit light.

From Cameron Bharat Tea Cafe

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How to help them?

December 12th, 2010
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Had an interesting yesterday night: met a family. I sat in a house (more like a shack) facing the entrance and had a good view of Malaysia’s best – the towering heights of  a GLC’s HQ. And when I turned away from the door, my good feelings came crashing down to earth with a thud. I wouldn’t say its discrimination. Just some bad fortune, lack of education and lack of support. The sole breadwinner walks nearly 2 hours to workplace, working 7 days a week, returning home late at night. The other spouse has some medical problem and unable to hold on to a job. Luckily, the breadwinner just got a job with a better salary (but still low for a family of four), courtesy of a Chinese businessman.

Their RM100 rented “home” leaks whenever it rains (and it rains often!). Power supply and water depends on others. I got hit by mosquitoes left and right (Then says they are attracted to me!). At least the baby is protected by mosquito net.

Eldest son is 5 years old and parents wondering how to send to kindergarten. Youngest child is just 2 months old (and oh so cute!). Another two children taken care by others.

What they want? A better home (but low rent), a good environment for the family. A place for the son to study (but cheap). A mode of transport (but can they afford the petrol cost?).

Sorry folks, sad story today and no photos on this until further notice.

Karthigai Deepam

November 21st, 2010
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Today is the auspicious Karthigai Deepam Festival. Want to know about this special day celebrated by Hindus?

Read it on wikipedia at:

I managed to visit Puchong Batu 14 Mariamman Temple for the prayers. Below is a recording of the kummi adithal dance during the prayers.

I’m sure you are aware of the Girivalam at Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu, India which is held during Karthigai Deepam. This is one of the the five holy sites (pancha stalam) whereby Lord Siva is worshiped  as an element (in this case, as fire).

Deepavali Photowalk in Tengku Kelana Klang

October 31st, 2010
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Attended Lolgraphy’s Deepavali Photowalk on Saturday morning. Was a bit late, but those guys started late too :-). This time, it was an all-guys team consisting of Selian, Kavilan, Raaja, Saravanan and Puvanan.

Had breakfast at the bak kut teh shop near the end of the bridge before joining up with them near the flower stalls in Tengku Kelana.

Since its was a cloudy morning, there were less crowd and the not enough color around. Ended up taking more shots of the blue mosque and the mosque across the river.

We spent about 2 hours only so, not much pics.

Taylors College Visit

October 27th, 2010
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About 5 months ago, I had the chance to visit the brand new Taylors College (university now) Lakeside Campus (Not sure if the lake is a ex-mine).

At that time, there were less activities because the new building had started operating only in 2010. Some of the features of the college is as shown in the pictures below (click to view larger image):

The buildings are quite modern-looking. The building on the right (with red column) is supposed to be the student hostel.  The lake divides the area into two parts, and I stood at the office area (some student office and exam hall is there too), right in the middle. The wind was quite strong and at times I felt as it the floor structure shook. Maybe its just me.

The glass buildings below housed the cafe, library, restaurants etc. Quite classy look. There’s Starbucks, Baskin Robbins and what-nots. Doesn’t sound like the college of the old days, and nope, definitely not for the poor or low-income people to study unless got scholarship 🙂

The Hospitality and Tourism programmes  run here will be interesting because there will be some sort of “hotel” run by students. I think students will get good training from running the hotel and restaurants here.

Another thing that made me quite worried is the electricity cables running just behind the campus. I think the distance barely 20 meters or so from the nearest building. Not sure if this is within permissible levels or not. Wonder how/who authorised the building in such way if this is hazardous to health. Students park their cars there daily, and some of the rooms are quite close to the cables.