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Updated: 1 Dec 2010

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JM Education Counselling Centre provide education counselling for students. They represent nearly 100 institutions in various countries and have 20 years experience.




Malaysian British Educational Cooperation Services offers services to study in UK.



Basic steps to apply IPTA

1. Calculate your CGPA (best 4 subjects)

2. Check with Syarat AM for IPTA

– generally, minimum CGPA 2.00, at least two subjects C, at least C in PA

– MUET Level 1 at least

3. Check Syarat KHAS for IPTA

– some courses have specific rules – like need to get minimum B for science subjects, or need to attend interview etc.

4. Short list courses that you fulfill in terms of Syarat AM and KHAS

– need to check UPU list of subjects :

5. Refer to guideline on cut-off marks (means relevant CGPA needed to get a place in that course). Remember that this is a GUIDELINE prepared by hardworking volunteers. Government doesn’t provide such help. Refer to or

– further short list the courses by removing courses that your CGPA doesn’t qualify.

6. Pick the best 8 after talking to others – teachers, people working in that field, counsellors.

7. Apply via UPU and keep you fingers crossed. Praying helps too.

8. IF you are not able to meet IPTA requirements, the option are to study in IPTS. However, most IPTS also follow MOHE guidelines, meaning minimum 2.00 CGPA and 2 principal passes.

– Your options are to check with the relevant IPTS first if can enter degree program with your results. MAKE sure program is MQA accredited and you get confirmation from IPTS in written form. Cross check with PTPTN if can apply loan.

– If can’t do degree program directly, then next option is to enrol in diploma (using SPM results) or foundation (using SPM/STPM results). Think of this as a  workaround, and not a failure. The path to education is always there, may be just take a bit longer than others.

Do contact me if need more info. Or refer to the contacts below, and talk to them.


IDP Malaysia

Counseling for studies in Australia.


MIC Putera Hotline

Note: Thanks to Novinthen for info.

SPM / STPM leavers can email to or and ask advice on what to do after this.
Especially which course to chose. They will be replied in less than 24 hours.

They also can call Mr.Padma at 012-67 11 634 .


MIC/MIED contact

for whatever purpose 🙂

Human Resources Minister’s office at Level 9, Blok D3, Kompleks D, 62530 Putrajaya.

You are also advised to contact P. Munusamy at 03-8871 1357, A. Saravanan at 03-8886 5028 or S. Nadarajan at 03-8886 5007 from the minister’s office or fax their letters to 03-8889 3033 or 03-8889 2390.

They can also contact MIED at Level 1, Menara Manickavasagam, No 1, Jalan Rahmat, 50350 Kuala Lumpur (MIC headquarters) in Kuala Lumpur or contact MIED at 03-4042 2885 or fax to 03-4045 6377.



DHRRA Malaysia providers FREE Career Test & Guidance, info on IPTA / IPTS & info on loans & scholarships..

please call them at 03 – 7874 7680/81 or 012 526 7923 or 012 273 7160

You can also email them at

Please visit their website at


Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander
Founder/President, Initiatives for Youth (i4youth)
016-3953609 /

Brief Description
Mr.Daniel Alexander counsels young people pertaining their higher education studies (academic/skill-based training) online and offline as his commitment to his society. He counsels on career guidance and assist young people pursue higher education even with a minimal qualification of Standard Six. He is currently attached with a National and International youth led organisations where he advocates of the many opportunities for youth developmental on leadership, volunteerism, team working, international/national dialogues and conferences, funding opportunities for youth/community-based programs etc.









Centre for Career Counseling and Guidance

Toll Free no: 1-800-88-3973 (currently open from 8am till 12am everyday)

Centre for Career Counselling & Guidance (C3G)
Education Welfare & Research Foundation Malaysia

Suite 7-01, Level 7, Heritage House, No. 33
Jalan Yap Ah Shak, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

Open 9am to 5pm, 5 days a week.









Website on cut-off marks for STPM students by Satya Seelan

Satya Seelan could be contacted at <>


MIC’s SK Devamany


Telephone: 03 – 8888 3360 / 3361 / 3362

Fax: 03 – 8888 3363




  1. ROJA says:

    Hi sir….im ros here…today i get my spm result… I get b+ in my bm,moral n bt, c+ in bi, D ln my mt n bio, E in phy,chem n sj, n 9G in admths…sir, cn u tell me which course i cn apply….but i prefer 2 do IT sir…plz tel me sir

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Roja,

      IT is a wide area of study. some of it involve really technical stuff while others involve element of business, maths, bio, engineering, legal etc. your sciences/maths results are not good, so i may suggest for some e-commerce, business IT, multimedia (if you are the arty creative type).

      you got only 4 credits, so you have to take diploma first.

  2. komagan says:

    hello…..i achieved 9a’s and one b+ for physics…..looks like jpa scholarship needs at least 9 A- including physics…..ireli need to do something…..i want to do medicine…..i am very confused right now…can u help me?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Komagan,

      JPA requirements are the minimum, so if you can’t fulfill that, better go for other options.

      if you still want to do medicine, then you have to look at IPTS or continue Form6.

  3. Shankar says:

    Hi sir …i got 7As , B+ for physics , chemistry , biology , english and C+ for add maths . I’m interested to become a doctor . Is it possible to enrol in matriculation program or obtain a scholarship ?

  4. Eswaran says:

    Sir, I’m a Foundation in Engineering and Science student from a private university. I will be finishing my foundation by July and would like to enter public university for degree. My question is, will I need to wait till November/December to apply using UPU pin number, obtained from BSN, under ‘Lepasan Diploma/setaraf’ and wait till next June, together with STPM students, for the IPTA entrance result?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Eswaran,

      you need to check first if your foundation is accepted by the IPTA. can refer to UPU or JPA or the IPTA itself.

      yes, if can apply, you need to wait because your foundation results are not available so you can’t enter IPTA first.

  5. Eswaran says:

    Sir, is it normal for the comments to not publish first before you reply to that comments? I’m quite confuse..

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Eswaran,

      sometimes i forgot to approve the comments BEFORE replying, so that’s why it gets confused. 🙂

      And yes, i won’t approve the comment to be published UNTIL I’m ready with an answer for it.

  6. Thanisha,kuala selangor says:

    hi sir,
    saya mendapat 7A+,2A,1A- DAN 1B dalam spm 2009.saya hendak apply for ipta dan dalam permohonan kemasukan ipta terdapat markah CGPA n GPA. I dont know how to calculate it.. pls help me..

  7. sarah says:

    sir i’m just curious..
    if an indian student obtained 7A’s ( 3A+, 3A,1A-) and B+ for physics and biology is it still possible to get government matriculation? Application was done last yr already
    Also is Diploma in Food Technology a good course? Can apply for Politeknik?

    • poobalan says:

      hi sarah,

      main concern of matriculation is family background and academic results.

      yeah, diploma in Food Tech is a good program as we are moving into producing quality food products especially in the halal sector. can apply in poli or IPTA or IPTS.

  8. tina says:

    sir can i ask if i take my pre -university ( Cambridge A-level) in private college what are my chances to get into IPTA for degree course after A-levels? thanks

    • poobalan says:

      hi tina,

      some say a-levels is accepted into IPTA but i haven’t seen any case so far. you should check with UPU or the IPTA you are interested in.

  9. Rotuham says:

    Hi sir….i got my results recently.i got 10as(5a+,4A,1a-).i m really confused as what to parents want me to do medicine.i also applied jpa medicine and sime darby but sceptical of my chances because many are applying n are those with 10a+.any suggestions?i m not interested in engineering or maths related programmes.

    • poobalan says:

      hi rotuham,

      its common that parents want the best for their child, but if you are not interested in medicine, it is you who is going to suffer for the next 5 or even 10 years (or even more). so you have to think carefully. you can still apply jpa for medic, and if after the program pendedahan kerjaya doktor, you can request to change course if you find medicine is not your cup of tea.

      i can give many suggestions, but then its up to you. if you are not interested in maths/engineering, then only left with science-based program – health, applied science, allied sciences and so on. unless you want to go into arts – law, language, management etc.

  10. TAMIL says:

    HI SIR ,i obtain 3A’s include maths,c+ 4 physics ,c 4 +maths,& D 4 that i’m eligible to do engineering courses.?????????????????????????????????

    • poobalan says:

      hi tamil,

      if in IPTA, chances are a bit slim, but you can still try for the diploma programs.

      if in IPTS, you can do foundation if have at least 5 credits. or can do diploma first. or you can enrol in a-levels and then continue with degree in engineering.

      your sciences subject results are about average, so are you sure on doing engineering?

  11. Rotuham says:

    Hi sir, i agree with u on that.its not that i am disinterested in medicine but the thing is that i have to wait for jpa or sime darby which will conclude in may.i am afraid i might miss out on march college intake n my brain already rusting.i am also in a dilemma as to take a levels, sam or matrikulasi.i m pretty optimistic on my matrikulasi chances though.btw u are doing an excellent job here.i really appreciate ur commitment.

    • poobalan says:


      that’s the risk students have to take. most uni/colleges don’t mind accepting students slightly late, or you can even enter later, together with plkn graduates.

      i think matrics is a good bet as well. as for a-levels or sam, why not wait till the rest of the option are not feasible any more.

      thanks! i like to believe that someone will benefit, and in turn, months or years down the lane, they will help others out. pay it forward kind of thing.

  12. geta says:

    helo sir, im a stpm student.

    can we apply local U based on subject ,not based on the total pointer.

    • poobalan says:

      hi geta,

      the UPU guideline and IPTA rules are clear. you must get overall cgpa 2.00 above, must get a C in PA, and at least C in two other subjects.

  13. Rotuham says:

    Hi sir,when will we know the matriculation results and when will the intake begin precisely?

  14. kit says:

    hello sir,i m a lepasan stpm student..i get a bad result in my stpm.can i know stpm subject can retake or not?if can when the outline for the register?thanks very much.

  15. b.sivappriya says:


    My name is B.Sivappriya and I’m from Bukit Mertajam. I’m a 2009 SPM leaver, I obtained 5 A+, 4 A, and 1 A- ( Pendidikan Moral)
    for my spm results. I would like some help and insights regarding a few matters. Recently i applied for JPA scholarship, and I chose dentistry.
    I would like to know my chances for being called for the interview and some help on preparing myself if being called for the interview.

    If at all, I’m not called for the interview what will be the next step I should do? When should I appeal and what are best options for me ?
    Thank you.

  16. NITHA says:

    Hai sir, i’m stpm leaver 2009, i get my result 1 month ago.i get B-(pa),C(chem),C-(bio),f(maths.I want to pharmacy but my result does not meet the entry requirement for pharmacy i planned to do dip in pharm using my spm result, but is it a wise choice?what else i can do with this result? i also wana know what course is in demand now. please help me!

    • poobalan says:


      if you are really interested in pharmacy, then just do diploma or foundation, and later continue degree.

      but if you have doubts, then based on your options, only chemistry is the best science subject (C). not many options.

      course in demand – nursing and other health sciences, engineering, medicine, veterinary, IT, etc. all are in demand.

      • NITHA says:

        thanx for reply sir,but i’m still confuse. I like pharmacy,its my dads dream to, but as i have to start from diploma instead of degree, i’m confused whether to do the course or not. because if i take dip, its 3 years then continue degree 4 years, allover 7 years. thats quite long time for me to father has retired and my family depends on me. my sis is frm 5 his year so my dad x spend all on me alone. so i want to complete my studies as soon as psssible and then work.i’m from a poor background,so i’m depending on ptptn loan to continue my studies..if i take foundation,degree in pharm cost 90k,its not affordable but if i cont fron dip, i believe i can get scholarship if i excel. niway with my result, i’m still eligible to do degree in course like business and hotel management.i’m science stream student and i x have even basic accounting so business scared me off. I like hotel management but i dont know whether its a good choice or not as i heard bad comments bout that course and the salary is low…
        sir can u explain me more on this hotel management and business course..? what we can do if got degree in it, job prospectives,secured job or not and the starting salary for graduates in that field. some of my friends have interest in that field. maybe i can share wih them to….i think you can give better solution for this than anyone else. thank you

        • poobalan says:

          hi nitha,

          for spm leavers, they can do diploma (2.5 to 3 years) and continue degree (1.5 -2.5 years). its not 3+4 as you mentioned, as most of the time, a diploma graduate will enter 2nd year of degree program or even 3rd of degree program.

          the risk with taking diploma and hoping for scholarship for degree is that you may not get a degree. better to do foundation or pre-u like A-levels and then try degree or ptptn. anyways, if you take ptptn for diploma, can still take ptptn for degree but need to write to ptptn to inform them to postpone the paying back period.

          to do business or mgmt, you don’t really need accounts. its pretty basic stuff and you can pick up the subject quite easily.

          hotel management is dependent on the economy, when tourism is down, then hotel is affected. salary is not so competitive, but then, you can consider working in many places, not only in malaysia.

          hotel management – basically related to operation of hotel. can work in sales, marketing, customer relationship, operations, front desk, etc.
          business – course about how to run a business, the concept of business, types of business etc. you learn about law, management, finance, marketing, quality, etc.

          starting salary..hmmm..this hard to say, anywhere between 1500 to 2000 should be a reasonable expectation. remember that both fields provide opportunity to grow. top hotel managers surely earn a lot, compared to manager of a small hotel in village 🙂

          read about hotel mgmt here:

          do NOTE: some colleges that offer hotel management does provide options to get a job with selected hotels. they may have bond or agreement whereby hotel sponsors you and you work for them after grad.

  17. John says:

    Your IPTA guidelines and CGPA link are most helpful. However, I wonder why you advise the submission of only 5 choices.

  18. John says:

    My STPM results are A- for AM, Bio and Chem, and B+ for Maths with a CGPA of 3.58.
    Based on the cut off CGPA points info from the stpmindian site, chances are slim for my choice of dentistry and vet.Hence, I had also signed up with IPTS for dentistry.
    Basically, I have three possible IPTS options viz,
    a. Full time study in India
    b. Twinning programme with India
    c. Full time study in Malaysia
    My preference is full time study in Davangere(Karnataka, India) mainly because of the programme quality, MDC recognition and economics.
    But, some of my Malaysian Chinese friends had cautioned me about the food and living conditions. Also, some blogs mentioned about the tutors treating the students as primary school children.
    Whilst the education consultants/agents had assured me with some sales talk, a third party view from you would be nice.


    • poobalan says:

      hi John,

      3.58 is quite slim chance but you never know.

      when i went to india with my chinese friends, food was a problem 🙂 i remember friends bring along some pil chit kit, chinese herbal tea sachets, and packs of milo 3-in-1 and maggi 🙂

      anyway, its a question of will. if you can handle indian food in malaysia, then won’t be much of a problem there, just need to take time adjusting for 6 months or so. karnataka is not like the indians you see in malaysia (mostly tamils), even though its a bit similar. you can get rice, curry, bread, tea, coffee. biggest cities are bangalore (plenty of malaysian medical students hangout place) and mysore i think.

      i think cost wise, it would be cheaper than in malaysia.

      living condition, weather can be very hot, but its not a four season country, so similar to malaysia – it rains seasonally. anyway, there’s not country with living conditions like malaysia, bar maybe singapore. china, usa, aussie, uk, all are different. as in any foreign country, one must respect their culture, and keep in mind security.

      not sure about the tutors treatment of students tough.

      instead of food or living condition, i have heard reasons such as loneliness or missing family for students quitting studies in overseas. so, you have to ask yourself if mentally prepared. if the uni has some malaysian students, then it won’t be much of a problem.

  19. nitha says:

    Mr.Poobalan. thanks for your reply. your advises are really useful. thank you very much.

  20. Eswaran says:

    @poobalan, Sir, thank you very much for your guidance. I really appreciate it 🙂 And yes, my foundation is accepted by the IPTA and one of my lecturer has informed my friends and I on how to apply after the availability of my results but I’m not convince enough. Can you please tell me on how to apply for IPTA after my foundation results are available? Sir,if possible, please help me by giving more detailed guidance rather than short and more general guidance. I really need help, especially yours.

    • poobalan says:

      hi Eswaran,

      if you have verified that your foundation can be used for IPTA application, then, you have to apply via UPU since all IPTA intake (minus USM) is via UPU. You have to apply next year via UPU website. I expect the intake application to open in mid january/february 2011. YES, need to get BSN PIN number.

      Its exactly like you mentioned in your earlier comment.

  21. nirosha says:

    Mr Poobalan, i’m stpm leaver and my result x meet the entry requirement for pharm. i’ve applied for diploma in pharmacy sponsored by mount miriam hospital. if i’m selected, i’ve to work for the hospital for 6 years, and i would like to continue my degree while there any colleges/universities offer part time degree in pharm?

    • poobalan says:

      hi nirosha,

      i don’t think can study pharmacy part-time. best option is to finish the contract and then try to get scholarship from your employee to further study.

  22. kan says:

    Sir, may i know which career following has the highest demand ?
    civil E
    chemical E
    ene E
    aero E
    marine E
    electronic E

    in Malaysia ^^ ?

  23. thana says:

    2009 spm result 8As ,2Bs want to do medecine.Is ACM foudation
    recongnised in UKM . and what other courses can I do. tq

  24. nirosha says:

    hai sir, is psychology course in demand? act i like both pharm and psychology, but i x do deg in pharm as i x meet the entry reg, but i can do degree in psychology.i like hospital environment. now i’m in total confusion of what to choose.niway sir, do you encourage stpm leavers to take diploma? i’m stpm leaver so i’m wondering whether takin dip is wise or x.. help me sir…

    • poobalan says:

      hi nirosha,

      yes its in slight demand in certain areas, but expect the demand to grow in next 5 to 10 years. do note that psychologists not only work in hospitals but also able to work in universities, large companies, research institutions, NGOs, military, police, and govt.

      stpm leavers have few options. firstly is to continue degree if they meet the requirements. that’s the shortest option. if not, then have to do diploma. another option is to do professional programs (like ACCA for accounting). another thing is that sometimes the diploma program won’t have a corresponding degree to continue. for example you may have degree in computer networking, but the degree is usually computer science, computer networks, or IT. diploma on the other hand, allows you to enter job market and work first. this gives you valuable experience than can help in deciding what degree to do later.

      so, its back to you. if your result allows to take degree, then go for it. if you feel want to study diploma and work first, also can.

  25. nirosha says:

    thanx sir, now i’m clear n finally i’ve decided to do dip,work 1st then cont degree.niway sir, you said before that we can ask scholarship from employee to futher studies… is it possible sir? is there any procedure that we have to work for particular time or…etc. please explain 2 me sir.

    • poobalan says:

      hi nirosha,

      glad to hear that you have decided on something. that’s the first step, and usually the hardest one. once decided, stay focus and God willing you will achieve your ambition with minimal challenge.

      the scholarship from employees depends on the employees. big companies will have some standard and established procedures. small companies may well depend on “budi-bicara” of the boss. most of them will have the “procedure” to work for them “for a particular time” – known as bond period. this is common because the company invests in you and expects return on that investment.

      i suggest you settle on finishing diploma (remember that if you do well in diploma, some companies will LOOK for you, instead you having to search for funds).

  26. nirosha says:

    thank you very much sir…now i get it. you are simply great sir…thank you for helping students like us.. thanx

  27. hasvinii says:

    hello sir..i got 7 a’s in bm, bi, maths, prinsip perakaunan, sejarah, moral, est n b+ for physics n chemistry.
    i am confused now on pursuing further study in which field.
    can you help me sir? thank you.

    • poobalan says:


      1. how about telling a bit on what’s your interest/ambition?

      2. did you apply for politeknik, IPTA, teaching, matriculation, or any other program so far?

  28. kirti says:

    Hi sir,i got 5 credits in spm bm,bi,maths,science and accounts.i am interested in nursing .
    can you help me sir?thank you….

  29. gowry says:

    im get 6 a in my spm…………. i got bio B n chem,phys, n addmath C. im now continue my stpm science stream…. i did not know whether itz better 2 do science or art in stpm… is that any good course can get now… bcoz m a bit afraid 2 do stpm….. n im intrested in science… plz help me sir………

    • poobalan says:

      hi gowry,

      you got 6As but looks like the As are not in science subjects. however, since you are interested in science, then just focus on that. B in chemistry or physics is still good. What area of science are you more interested in? read a bit on the careers related to sciences like engineering, applied sciences, health sciences, bio-related, and so on. there are so many courses: civil/mech/electrical/electronic/chemical engineering, aviation, physiotherapy, marine studies, dietitian, veterinary, medical, pharmacy, biotech, dentistry, maths, statistics, applied physics, applied chemistry, computer studies, education, and so on…

      if you want to pursue in IPTS, then yeah, you can go to few IPTS and inquire about suitable programs. since you got 6As, can do foundation and proceed to degree later.

      as for STPM, it involves hard work and commitment. if you can be focused, disciplined and committed, then a good result is possible (3As at least is required to have good chance of entering IPTA).

  30. jay says:

    hi sir ..i only get 4 credits in spm.i really dont know what is my ambition and what im going to do after this..

    • poobalan says:

      hi jay,

      with 4 credits, you can pursue most diploma programs or enrol in skills based courses.

      i can only say that you have to figure out your skills and interests. contact c3G and also try the various personality assessment test available in the internet.

  31. jay says:

    sir what if i complete diploma in any field ..then do degree while working? is that possible? is it good plan?

    • poobalan says:

      yeah, its possible and in fact, many ppl do that. they finish diploma, go to work and continue with degree later (either part time or full time).

      its a good plan if it fits your requirements 🙂 what’s good for your friend is not necessarily good for you too, right?

  32. jay says:

    sir recently i saw goverment organizing latihan separa perubatan at is that? can i apply for that?i only get credits in bm,sej,est,and english..?

    • poobalan says:


      read here:,335150&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

      Calon-calon yang menduduki dan memiliki Sijil SPM mengikut sistem terbuka boleh dilantik ke skim-skim perkhidmatan yang mensyaratkan kelayakan demikian sebagai syarat lantikan. Bagi menentukan tahap kelulusan tersebut setaraf dengan kelulusan Sijil Penuh SPM, iaitu sijil yang dikeluarkan sebelum pelaksanaan peperiksaan mengikut sistem terbuka, syarat-syarat berikut perlu dipenuhi.

      a) lulus enam (6) mata pelajaran termasuk Bahasa Melayu, dengan dua daripada mata pelajaran adalah di peringkat Kepujian dan selebihnya peringkat Lulus dalam satu peperiksaan; atau

      b) lulus enam (6) mata pelajaran termasuk Bahasa Melayu, dengan dua mata pelajaran adalah di peringkat Kepujian dan selebihnya peringkat Lulus yang dikumpulkan dalam dua peperiksaan dalam tempoh tiga tahun berturut-turut; dan

      c) memenuhi syarat Bahasa Melayu, sama ada Kepujian atau Lulus dan subjek-subjek tertentu seperti mana disyaratkan dalam skim perkhidmatan.

      i think the application is closed but if you apply, would be processed for next january intake.

  33. jay says:

    sir what if i only do diploma and didnt do degree ?

  34. jay says:

    sir can you recommend me five course that are quiet beneficial and best for future..if can, suggest according to my result..please? at leasty two.?

    • poobalan says:

      hi jay,

      i’m worried with the questions you ask. all courses are beneficial and every job is necessary in this world. the better question is what job can suit me and interests me.

      there are many, many courses: medicine, law, dentistry, accounting, human resource, architecture, music, maths, statistics, language, psychology, IT, agriculture, pharmacy, chemistry, economics, finance, marketing, management, religion and so on. hundreds of them!

      with four credit you have, look at the subjects with best results and identify which subjects you really like, even though you didn’t get good results.

  35. jay says:

    Hi sir,how can i apply agriculture courses? i dont find any college offering agriculture courses? and sir can you give your opinion about this course ?

  36. jay says:

    sir i already applied for the latihan separa perubatan but the intake is closed..what can i do for this..?

  37. jay says:

    sir im interested to become a top man in farm management, means like doing research in how to increase agriculture products and managing farm needs and maintainence..and all that.. so sir can you recommend me any college or goverment instituitions that are related to my ambition?

    • poobalan says:

      i already gave you some links earlier. check them out.

      basically you can study some agriculture science program, or biotech, for research areas. for farm management, you can take up agriculture management, agro entrepreneur etc.

      there’s not many colleges offering agriculture based programs. u can try for local uni and the institutes under agriculture dept and veterinary dept.

  38. Reetha says:

    Hello sir, i’m really confused with some questions in my mind. Can u please help me to solve it? Can i know what are the job opportunities for stpm arts stream students for the certain subjects as pengajian am, economics, account and business management? do they having chances to do architecture if take this subjects???? help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • poobalan says:


      1. job opportunities for arts stream STPM students who do not continue their studies into degree/diploma is usually admin or management positions like admin assistants, accounts assistant, clerk etc.

      2. as far as i know, architecture needs maths and fizik. but depending on the ipta/ipts, there may be more lenient subject requirements.

      • reetha says:

        thank you a lot sir! hw abut the careers for other subjects as pengajian am, economics, bm, sejarah? is it cn be a journalist? cn u explain about this?

        • poobalan says:


          pengajian am is general subject. economics – can be economist, teacher, editor, writer, researchers, etc. BM-> teacher, writer, researcher, PR, etc. Sejarah-> teacher, researcher, historian, etc.

          Yeah can be journalist too.

  39. jay says:

    Hello sir, recently i went to survey a college, they are giving free scholarship to study certain diploma..and they got MQA approval sir my question is can i proceed to study in that college? how can i be assured wheter is it safe to study there? can i get job after i finish my study? And lastly how can i ensure a college is a better college? is it by name? MQA approved? Recognised ? Cheap? how to determine? please give your best answer sir.. Im very much appreciate your answers sir.

    • poobalan says:

      hi jay,

      you can check the MQA approval here:

      you can try asking around about the reputation of the college. can search the college name in internet to see if got any negative comments.

      as for job guarantee, nothing is guaranteed. you have to get top results and put effort in applying for jobs.

      “better” college is subjective. different students and parents have different requirements. some students want an international environment, some want cheap course, some want “easy to pass” program and so on.

      if you look at IPTS, the more prestigious ones are the ones that have a “recognised” name, popular, have twinning/linking with other famous global colleges, lots of top achievers, wins awards that are recognised and so on. another important factor is the facilities like IT labs, library, journal access, classrooms. and then, the quality of the academicians. obviously, if you pay more fees, you expect top quality facilities. so, make sure you ask and SEE the facilities if can.

      some colleges are all “hype” only, and its famous for students having good time, easy to pass, “money can settle everything” concept. some treat the lecturers like bonded slave giving too many classes and too many hours. some may hire foreigners and students have problem understanding the different slang. some colleges hire too many fresh graduates due to cheap labor cost. so, you can also see how the lecturers and staff look like – are they depressed, tired, unhappy face etc. some have outdated syllabus, whereby you end up not able to get a job. some offer low fees, but every semester increase fees or ask for more money for this and that, and you end up paying even up to double the original cost by the time you graduate.

      another way is to talk to the existing students or recent graduates if you know any.

  40. kirti says:

    sir,i gt 4a’s (sej,bi,math n chem)b+ for bio n bm, b for physic and c+ for add math…i’m confused what career should i choose…but my parents wants to do phamarcy…but i dunno what i really want to do….plz help me….

    • poobalan says:


      i think you have to talk with your parents on your plans. you should have some idea on what your ambition is. how’s your interest? what subjects or areas/topics you like? analyse yourself – are you outgoing person? do you like things to be structured? do like to talk alot? are you hygenic? careful person? risk taker? artistic? etc…

      read a bit on the job of a pharmacist first. who knows maybe you’ll like it.

      based on your subjects, you did well in chemistry and maths, and did ok in the rest of science subjects, so pharmacy shouldn’t be a problem.

  41. reetha says:

    sir,what do u think about city university college at kuala lumpur?

  42. jay says:

    sir, this week on 19 &20 june , there is a education fair in midvalley, i plan to go there,, so… hmm.. sir can give me some techniques on how to identify and value each college???

    • poobalan says:


      you can’t evaluate colleges at education fairs. can just collect information. don’t be deceived by pretty faces, free gifts and such.

      i suggest you collect information such as the recognition (MQA), facilities, fees, lecturer qualifications, employability of graduates etc.

      THEN, make sure visit the colleges to actually see how things are.

  43. meiteng says: IPTA results was out & i cant get a place..Im totally lost now..wat shud i do other than appealing..cuz im worried i fail to appeal as well

    • poobalan says:


      wait for the appeal. in the mean time, consider options in IPTS. see which colleges offer the course you are interested in.

  44. jay says:

    sir, at last i’ve decided to join a college but there is only one confusion remains..That is,the same course is offered by both international based college and malaysian based college..both college have MQA approval also..In fact,both college offers same kind of facilities. So im very much confused with this thing sir..Sir kindly give me a best answer..

    • poobalan says:


      if all things are equal, then you may want to consider the location and cost. simple as that. BUT in my opinion, on paper may be equal, but in reality maybe different. you should consider the lecturer qualifications/experience, facilities provided and used by students, library resources, food/accommodation issues, etc.

  45. Reetha says:

    thank you sir…sir,im taking pengajian am,economics,business management and account now. So, what are job opportunities for tis subjects? im interested in taking an extra subject for supporting me in my stpm? So, should I take? and if want to take, cn i know which subject could help me in easier way and is that if i took mathematics,could that help me for architecture? and sir..what do you think about city university college? my fren interest to go..they are only asking 3 credits in any subject to do civil E, electronic E, architectual technology, n so on while they are giving full PTPTN loan. my friend is not so rich to pay the fees if they ask suddenly..can you help me to get some information about the college?? is that a right choice for her?

    • poobalan says:

      since you are taking economics, business management, and accounts, you have a wide choice of career path: accounting, business admin, economy.

      as for extra subject, if you think can cope, then go for it. maths can help for architecture, but as i said, it depends on the university because some universities require Physics as well.

      city university college? i heard of it vaguely, but don’t know much about them. FYI, its a rule by minister that 3 credits can do diploma, so its not unique to this college only.

      i think city university college was known by another name before this (PJCC and Unity college).

  46. jay says:

    sir,what is your view about IT field?

    • poobalan says:

      IT field is an expanding industry as new hardware, software, and requirements are constantly appearing. its a good industry to be involved in.

  47. jay says:

    sir what you think about occupational safety and health? can you explain about this course sir? is this course requires a lot of technical skills?

  48. jay says:

    hello sir? i wish to know about becoming a translator? in which college i can pursue diploma for course..

  49. jay says:

    sir what you think about Edutrain International college at Kl?

    • poobalan says:

      i haven’t heard about edutrain for long time. i remember they are linked to NIIT. have you visited their campus? and check if got MQA approval?

  50. sonia says:

    sir….i want to know bout diploma in healthcare management and can u explain bout its job?