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Updated: 22 March 2010


IPTS Offering Medicine Program

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List of IPTA (public universities)

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List of IPTS (Private universities and colleges)

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List of polytechnics (Politeknik Kerajaan)


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List of Kolej Komuniti


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List of Institutes under Ministry of Human Resources (including ILP, ADTEC and JMTI)

List of Institutes under Ministry of Youth and Sports (IKBN, IKTBN, and Akademi Belia)


Akademi Pembangunan Belia Malaysia

List of ACC providers in Malaysia

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  1. yoon ng says:

    sir ,i get p am c-,pp b eko b n bm c+.i x get any ipta n utar coz ipta said my muet is band 1.i x noe wat can choose already ?i wan re take am n muet can just take i am in stpm or x or get any suggest to me.i interesting in business sub….

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Yoon Ng,

      you have to resit MUET, but for next year because too late to register for this year. yes, you can resit for PA and MUET as private student – meaning register with PPD (pejabat pendidikan daerah) near your place.

      you can try using SPM results to enter private college, if the MUET is a problem.

      How about TAR college? can give a try there.

      • poobalan says:

        you have to resit MUET, but for next year because too late to register for this year. yes, you can resit for PA and MUET as private student – meaning register with PPD (pejabat pendidikan daerah) near your place.

        you can try using SPM results to enter private college, if the MUET is a problem.

        How about TAR college? can give a try there.

  2. nisha says:

    sir, if i finished my asasi sains & teknologi pertahanan at universiti pertahanan nasional malaysia[UPNM] can i continue my degree in bachelor of biotech /bachelor of sience?

    • poobalan says:


      Technically, if the asasi is recognised by MQA (and its should be because its from IPTA), you can use it to enrol for degree, but to be 100% sure, you have to check with the uni where you plan to do your degree. If its a local uni/college, shouldn’t be a problem.

      But, i don’t foundation is offered for non-bumiputras, you need to clarify with UPNM.

  3. vaani says:

    sir i get PA c+, BM c, PP c, EKON c-, TAMIL c. cn i apply ipta? and whc crs i shd appy??

  4. vaani says:

    my pntr 2.08 ny.. cn apply ipta?

    • poobalan says:

      hi Vaani,

      your cgpa just passed the minimum requirement, so yes you can apply. since your best result is PA, then you have to look for the courses that less students apply (but that would mean a course which is not popular or less chance of getting job).

      refer to the Guidance page in this blog. there’s a link for cut-off marks for uni intake. its a general guideline. you can decide from there.

      i have to say that the chance of getting ipta is quite slim, and may be a course that you won’t prefer.

    • Satyaseelan says:

      @vaani, You can try to apply course from UTHM, UMT, UMK

  5. joel says:

    hi sir, i gt pa b+, chem c+, phy c+ and m3 c+ with overall pointer of 2.58. and my muet is band 5. can i know that what are my chances to do engineering? and im interested in E and E or mechanical engineering… im considering putting UTM as my 1st choice, do you think i got any chances of getting admited with that cgpa? ty >.<

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Joel,

      i think you should check the for cut-off of cgpa marks before putting UTM as first choice. its considered hard to get a place with CGPA below 3, if you go to uni like UM, USM,UKM, UPM, UTM. maybe you should try the newer uni like UTEm, UTHM, Unimas, UMS, UniMAP, etc.

      • joel says:

        thanks a lot =)
        Im considering recheck my pa and m3 paper, would it be a harm to try? cause im afraid after recheck, my result would get worst still. On other hand i am confident in those two paper and the results are not as i expected…

  6. Srinyvas says:

    This information is very useful and i like your excellent writing skill. Can i cpoy this Content to my website

  7. kamala says:

    hi sir, this is for my cousin. she got BM C, ENG D, MORAL B,MATHS E, SAINS C, PERDAGANGAN E, EST D, and she failed in HISTORY, ECONOMY AND ACCOUNTS.
    What would you suggest for her. thsnk you.

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Kamala,

      your cousin only have 3 subjects with minimum credits (bm, moral and science). she can try apply politeknik for some of the courses. that’s the second cheapest option. cheapest is STPM, but i’m not sure if she can cope with the studies. you have to ask her.

      if she can afford it, then can consider private colleges/uni. there’s few areas she can choose – science, health, arts, business, management, tourism, hospitality, culinary, and so on.

      you also have to ask her about her interests, skills, abilities, and ambition.

  8. chun vui says:

    hi sir,i just get my spm result yesterday. i got no idea to study on result is BM BI -C+ ,physic pm -B , pa math -A , add math A-, chemist C+.what should i take?

    • poobalan says:

      hi chun vui,

      well, what’s your interest /ambition? what you like to be?

      your results are OK. you got good results in maths, physics and chemistry, so maybe your interest in these subjects can provide some idea? 🙂

      i suppose STPM is not your interest? so consider private college/uni.

  9. jessy says:

    Sir, SPM 2010 I got Eng-B+,BM-C,Moral-B+,Seni-A-,Science-A-,Comm-C,Eco-D,Sej. and Maths -E.Should I resit the whole exam or do my form 6? What kind of courses can I do sir? Can I recheck my results? This is the first time I’m getting a B for Eng.

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Jessy,

      1. You should take july paper for Maths to improve it. Need not resit whole exam. if you plan to for form 6, then can proceed. i’ll say the choice would depend on your ambitions.

      2. you got 6 subjects with minimum credits, so its quite OK. you can take courses based on your interest and best subjects (Seni, Science). why not try teaching via maktab perguruan, KPLSPM (its for primary school). closing date is tuesday. refer Application page of this blog.

      3. Yes you can recheck results. need to get the form from PPD i think and apply.

      • jessy says:


        Thank you sir for your reply. With my results, what other lines of jobs available? Actually I ‘m very keen of persuaing my education in overseas! What are the procedures 2 be done?

        • poobalan says:


          SPM 2010 I got Eng-B+,BM-C,Moral-B+,Seni-A-,Science-A-,Comm-C,Eco-D,Sej. and Maths -E

          line of jobs can be independent of the academic qualification. you can do engineering and end up in sales or marketing! study medicine but then end up in MLM also got.

          if you like arts/design, then you can pursue related course and work in the publication, advertisement, entertainment, multimedia, etc. industry.
          if you like science, then there’s many jobs – food technology, agriculture, lab technology, and so on.

          for overseas study, you should take up pre-u or foundation (locally or in overseas) or apply for diploma program in overseas universities. you can visit Education UK (British Council) or IDP Australia/NZ for courses in those country. other countries – depends. if you have info on which uni, then you can apply to that uni directly.

  10. meiyi says:

    Sir,i got my spm result,my result is Bm-D,Bi-D,P.m-C,Sej-E,Mat-E,Science-C,P.seni-B+,Perdagangan-E,E.asas-E…wat should i study for?can i go for from6?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Meiyi,

      you got 3 credits, meaning can study in IPTS or politeknik for diploma courses. however, you should take July paper for Maths and BM to further improve, try to get at least C.

      since you got C in science and B in seni, can try for those courses related to these two subjects.

      so check the Application page of this blog for politeknik intake.

      I think can go F6, but you will need to work very, very hard to get good results later. why not consider diploma in politeknik first?

      and how about your ambition/interest?

  11. Kvin says:

    sir, is sarawak maritime academy is recognized by government? i want to enroll diploma in nautical studies at there.

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Kvin,

      i checked MQA website and couldn’t find the IPTS name you mentioned. So, i guess not recognised, unless the academy can give a reference number so that can check with MQA.

  12. jocelyn says:

    hai… I am a stpm leaver… goin to apply for local university.
    If I apply for USM and I get their offer, but later i decide to reject the offer, my name will still send to upu anot?
    Thank you..

  13. Hasnah says:

    Dear Mr Poobalan,

    My niece is doing her diploma in JMTI (mechatronic engineering). Say she wants to further her studies n obtain a degree, can she do that at any of IPTAs? I visited some of the websites (UTM, UM) – for diploma holder they stated the diploma is to be from either IPTAs or from the university itself. Does it mean JMTI diploma is not recognized by IPTAs?

  14. yani says:

    sir.i just finish my spm….n i got….bm A,bi A,mt A-,sp A- n mr A- …….bio,che n physic i got c+…..i want to do foundation in bussiness….after my foundation can i further my degree in IPTA….for accounting in IPTA….can u give suggestion

    • poobalan says:

      hi yani,

      foundation programs are rarely accepted into IPTA. you have to check with the college you are planning to do the foundation. most likely answer is not possible.

      you want to do accounting, but are you interested in it? did you take accounts for spm?

      what’s your interest actually?

  15. yani says:

    or i must do my STPM to do IPTA

    • poobalan says:


      you can try diploma program in IPTA or enter politeknik (diploma). from there, can continue degree in IPTA. or, as you said, do Form 6.

  16. abi says:

    hi sir… 1st of all thnx 4 creatin tis page.. i had just finished my spm IN 2008.. currently m studin in management and science university(MSU).. M doin foundation programme in health and science.. my course will finis tis july.. so sir, could u plsss tell me d scholarships tat i cn apply.. m intendin 2 do medic abroad.. thnx

    • poobalan says:

      hi abi,

      you should check with msu for scholarship linkages. secondly, you can refer to Scholarship page of this blog. since you are studying in IPTS, not many options will be available.

  17. Jos says:

    unimap graduate easy find jog o not?coz the courses r pelik pelik like bioprocess engineering,metarullgy eng…..and plus more no main campus plus more courses r not accredited by BEM.
    i want go 4 unimap bioprocees eng or privat uni 4 chemical eng?

    • poobalan says:

      hi jos,

      bioprocess engineering was offered in UTM before, while metallurgy is a specialisation field. HOWEVER, if the course is not recognised by BEM, then you have a problem to get engineer status.
      better go private.

  18. sad says:

    sir………. i got 1.3 pointer only in stpm 2009 ….so i must retake stpm again tis year …… can take 3 subject ah sir? bcos in pengajian perniagaan i got 3.0 pointer …. can i retake ekonomi and bm can ah sir

  19. liana says:

    hii sbjuct rslt..
    BM=C plus
    PI=B plus
    SJ=C plus
    PD=D plus
    TSW=C Plus

  20. kumar says:

    hi sir,
    thanks for your reply. i did went through all the available scholarships for medicine and i understand that the competition is very high compared to other straight A+ students. i also surfed all the private institution offering the faculty of medicine which i have to do their foundation first to secure a place in their college. but i do find that their fees are quite expensive and unaffordable by my parents and what i came across is that ptptn loan does not cover for any pre-u programs. is taking form 6 my only choice or is there any other way to solve my problem? i obtained 3A+ 4A 1A- and 1B+ for my add maths. what are the benefits if i choose to further my studies in form 6?

    • poobalan says:

      hi kumar,

      yes, ptptn does not cover pre-u programs like foundation or a-levels. usually, colleges may offer discounts/scholarships for students with excellent results (10As and more usually).

      your option is to further in overseas which is slightly cheaper, but still not many options in terms of getting scholarships.

      next option is form 6 and need to get 4.00 results. benefits of F6: learn more, one way to enter IPTA, cheap.

  21. tinash says:

    where will be the best place for me to HSE(health safety enviromental) degree program? thanks.

    • poobalan says:

      hi tinash,

      i can’t really comment on this because not my area. but you can consider both ipta (ukm, ump. usm, politeknik) or ipts like monash, nottingham, msu, unikl, klmu etc.

  22. Kalaivaani.R says:

    sir,my bother prefer to study medicine…spm he get 4A in math,sej,bm,bi 1B in moral 3C in bio,chemistry,add math and 1D in physics..he get offer letter from acms to do pre-medical…shall he go try to apply other college…can he apply scholarship..can sir suggest the scholarship can he apply…

    • poobalan says:

      hi kalaivaani,

      he can try apply for other college, no harm in that. all the IPTS will only offer pre-med (foundation program) first. if there’s few offers, then you can consider the ones which are less costly. as for scholarship, i don’t students with 4A can get one, unless from very poor family or exceptionally active student.

  23. thiren says:

    hi,sir…….itz me thiren im spm student in the ,teknik 2008 take electronics result bcome maly 7, bi8 ,science 6 , my electronic result also good get 6 in electronic drawaing, teknologi electronic 8, amali 1…..i lik want continue study in politeknik………..but im register but never get…..what i can do.

    • poobalan says:

      hi thiren,

      you can try appeal with politeknik. and i don’t think getting “6” is good. you were in teknik school, so obviously you results should have been better. you will need three strong credits (1,2,3, or 4C) at least even though the minimum requirement is 6C.

  24. R.Shithamparam says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am father of Athavan whose ambition is to study veterinarian. He has achieve the following results in his SPM :
    1. BM = A- 2. BI = A 3. Moral = B+ 4. Sejarah = C+ 5. Maths = A+ 6. Add Maths = B 7. Physics = B 8. Chemistry = B+
    9.Biology = B 10. Eng. for Science & Technology = B.
    He has applied on line for UPM Serdang. He was not selected.

    First of all, what should my son study for first?? What will be next step for him to start achieve his dream ? Need your kind advise or who can I see to get the right direction and some help for him???????? Awaiting for your reply. A desperate father.

    Hope you can find some time for me. Please call me or email me.


    • poobalan says:

      hi Mr Param,

      1. his results are ok, about average.

      2. since he did not get ipta now, his options are to do form 6 and then apply for veterinary science (but must do well in stpm because the veterinary degree is competitive.). another option is to do foundation or pre-u in IPTS and continue degree in overseas universities because i think no local IPTS provides veterinary degree program.

      3. you can check the “guidance” page in this blog which list some counselors info. can try to talk to them.

      4. for veterinary info, i guess it will be good to contact some of the lecturers in UPM for their advise. Just search in UPM website for veterinary faculty and try email few of the staff for advise.

      6. in short, if your son is interested in veterinary science (to be a vet doctor), then either IPTA after form 6 or take private college route (foundation/pre-u followed by degree).

  25. KALAI says:

    BM 8
    BI 8
    MORAL 7
    SC 6
    MATH 9

    • poobalan says:


      firstly, resit BM, bi, and maths to ensure you get at least credit (6).

      then, apply for kolej komuniti or ILP for the course that you like. BUT, the deadline for application is over for now. you have to wait for next year or apply for mlvk programs in private colleges.

  26. pinusha says:

    hi sir,

    in spm i got
    BM- E…
    BI- E…
    Math- G…
    Moral- E…
    Science- C+…
    Perdagangan- E…
    ERT- E…
    Seni- C+….
    Sejarah- G……. i applied for kolej komuniti bt i din get it…
    what should i do sir?

    • poobalan says:

      hi pinusha,

      i strongly suggest you retake BM, BI, Maths. in the mean time, you may want to consider MLVK programs that require minimum 1 pass only. but if you are really interested, try retaking spm and do better.

  27. Richard says:

    Sir, I hope I didn’t disturb you but I’m in dilemma and I’m a 2009 STPM batch. My result is as follows :

    – PA (B+)
    – Maths T (B-)
    – Chem (C)
    – Bio (B-)
    – Muet (band 3)

    I’m very keen in pursuing my undergraduate in japan. Do you mind to give your opinion on this?
    About retaking my STPM, can I just sit for chem, bio and muet paper? Will the other subject result be affected?
    Also, my last question, what’s your comment for me to secure a scholarship? I’ve applied for monbukagakusho scholarship and I’m not qualified after the initial screening because they would need relevant field of study subject B+ and muet band 5. I’m interested in biotechnology course as a primary course and bio-related courses.
    I’ve applied for UTAR as a back up plan if the incoming UPU result failed to interest me for the course given to me.

    Your attention is kindly appreciated.

    • poobalan says:

      hi richard,

      if you can secure a place in japan, then why not? studying overseas provides a chance to learn new culture, improve understanding of life, and makes a person more independent. but note that you need to master their language first. most undergraduate programs will include a language course either here or over there so that students are able to at least converse in simple terms.

      as for resiting STPM, i think you better refer to your school or PPD to get clarification.

      to secure scholarship is a bit hard because i think your overal CGPA is about 2.7.

      i guess just wait for UPU results or if any relevant scholarship appears, try going for it.

  28. kina says:

    sir,i’m going 4 usm interview 4 medic..any info?? mybe bout da interview??

  29. WCN says:

    i get A-in mm n bio and A in pm n kimia,but my muet is band 3.can i apply any scholarship for oversea? but i dunno where can find it? is it available for me?

    • poobalan says:

      hi WCN, yeah you can apply for scholarship, but unfortunately many applications has closed. you can refer to the “Scholarship” pages in this blog for list of websites with scholarship info. also, the uni you want to study in at overseas may also have some scholarship. try asking them.

  30. elizabelth says:

    Dear sir, my stpm is as below:
    pa – A
    BIO -A-
    MM- A-
    KIMIA – A
    muet band 3
    do i get chance to apply any overseas university and their scholarship? where can I find all these information?

    • poobalan says:

      hi elizabeth,

      you can apply for scholarship, but unfortunately many applications has closed. you can refer to the “Scholarship” pages in this blog for list of websites with scholarship info. also, the uni you want to study in at overseas may also have some scholarship. try asking them.

  31. kavi says:

    Dear sir,
    I completed my degree (B.Ed TESL) last year and now I’m working in a private secondary school as an English teacher. I did my degree in a state owned university. therefore, I did not get posted to any government school like the teachers from the teaching institutions. however, I really wish to work in a government school.But I am lost because I dont know the correct step that I should take now to go into government instituitions.can you pls advice me on this matter? thank you sir.

    • poobalan says:


      if its unitar or unisel, then your degree is recognised by KPM (MOE) and you can apply for teaching position (refer to your uni). otherwise, you have to take KPLI (this year’s intake is closed, so have to wait for next year).

      personally, i think private school is better working environment that govt school.

  32. lita says:

    sir, i am currently doing my bachelor degree in biomedical science in msu…i wants to do dentistry or medicine but the problem is the fees..Malaysian colleges fees for dentistry and medicine is very high…can you suggest me the cheapest place to do medic or dentistry??

    • poobalan says:

      hi lita,

      my friend used to tell me: cheap things don’t come good, good things don’t come cheap.

      the lower fees are in indonesian, russian and some eastern european universities.

      in malaysia, all the colleges have about the same fee structure. there’s a list of IPTS offering medic, so you can easily call them up to inquire which is the cheapest among them (but i doubt the difference would be more that 20k).

  33. james vasanth says:

    i got 2b 3c 5d in spm
    wat should i do?

  34. prema says:


    I WANTED 2 CONTINUE MY STUDY IN LAW.. whch kolej can i choose n can i get any scholarship in tat kolej n wil i get full ptptn loan 4 my study…

    • poobalan says:

      hi prema,

      you did science stream but want to study law?

      there’s many college like ATC and Brickfields Asia. you should search for college list at, or

      if i’m not mistaken, PTPTN won’t give full loan since the amount is fixed.

      • prema says:

        i’m x really understand wit “…. since d amount is fixed” is it means tat when i confirm 2 study for law in tat college, i wil get full loan? can i knw wtr kdu n ptpl is ok or x? can i get ur phone no?

        • poobalan says:

          you may get full loan depending on how PTPTN sees it.

          KDU is quite expensive and considered “popular” college where the richer students go. PTPL is mainly indian and malay students. i suggest you visit the colleges and whatever the colleges say, GET THEM TO PROVIDE WRITTEN STATEMENT.

  35. vino says:

    sir, i get 3 kredit in BM,SCIENCE,MATHS in spm 2009. nw i get place in politeknik merlimau, MELAKA to study DIPLOMA KEJURUTERAAN MEKATRONIK for 3 years. can i study this diploma?

  36. kvin says:

    hi sir,im a spm 2008 student.these r my results:
    add math-2A
    mechanical engrng-6C
    engnrng drwng-5C
    actually my interest is in marine engineering & oil/gas studies….n my concern is the quite afraid to continue my studies regarding this employment issue..i have tried for akademi laut malaysia,3 times i have failed the entrance exam…but yet i didnt continue my studies in other field…bcos if i study at ALAM,i will be sponsored & at the end of the day,i will be guaranted a job with a bond contract.doesnt matter hw long im bonded with the company as long as im employed…then i tried for poli ungku omar….the shock thing is i didnt got through the streaming despite offer me other useless course….even im having distinctions in those hard subjects…then nw i planned to continue at sarawak maritime academy…nw the problem is they dont have ptptn loan scheme….but they do have sponsorship scheme but its only after i excel in my 1st year….n i really dun noe wer to get the financial assistance…till nw i didnt continue my studies due this problems…im really concern about my i want my every step to be right & accurate….i need ur assitance sir…thank you

    • poobalan says:

      hi kvin,

      marinee engineering and oil & gas studies are two different areas. so which is it you are focused on? ALAM, poli and sarawak academy is focused on nautical studies (to work in ship). oil and gas is a different industry.

      the longer you wait, the lesser chance to enter alam or poli because the newer SPM students will be more competition for you.

      as for poli, even students with many As in critical subjects like physics or chemistry can’t get place.

      employment is something that’s out of our hands. even bond may be waived when the company feels it has enough staff or maybe economy down, for example.

      you can try for singapore companies, MISC etc.

      as for financial assistance, the best option is ptptn or getting a sponsorship from maritime based company.

      if you are interested in cadetship, try this company. i heard they are hiring cadets, but not confirmed:

      pls check if the sarawak maritime academy has MQA accreditation because if not, you may have problem getting a job.

  37. kan says:

    sir.. i ex matrix n gt pointer 3.95 bt my muet is band 3… cn i get dentistry studies in ukm????

  38. vani & saci says:

    sir ,i get p am c-,pp b eko b n bm c+.i x get any ipta n utar coz ipta said my muet is band 1.i x noe wat can choose already ?i wan re take am n muet can just take i am in stpm or x or get any suggest to me.i interesting in Medical line….

    • poobalan says:

      vani n saci,

      you can ask to resit MUET. go to your school to check the procedure. same with resit for STPM paper. you have to take as private candidate. check with your school.

      you interested in medical line, but didn’t take any science subject???

  39. ZAKI says:


    • poobalan says:

      hi zaki,

      it depends on your subject results, but i think 2.84 is hard to get a place. most likely you will be asked to do foundation program. the list of IPTS offering medicine is in this page, you can check their website or call them up.

  40. dave says:

    hi sir…
    i got 1A+, 3A, 4A- and 2B+ for spm 2009….
    cn u guide me to do f6 or anything else whc is suitable with my result..???

  41. selvan says:

    i want to know which private universities and colleges offer july intake???

    • poobalan says:


      IPTS are business entities, so you can find many of them offering intake in july, aug. as long as got money, you can find a way to enter.

  42. kalai says:

    Sir i get 2.41 pointer in my STPM……………………….
    SEJ = B+
    BM = C
    BT = C
    PA = C+
    Now i apply for IPTA………………………..
    The result for intake came out redy…………….
    But i didn’t get…:(
    Now i dont know what to do….
    Sir plz give me any suggestion…

  43. shalini says:

    Need your help:
    1. My brother wants to resit for bm,m3 n bi july paper, how to do so?

    2. I am a fresh graduate of biotechnology with 3.54 cgpa.yet it seems very hard to get a related a disappointed in spite i was a active students still hard to secure a job.Any views what shall i do next?

    • poobalan says:


      1. july paper should be registered much,much earlier. i strongly advice your brother, being a grown up kid, to go school or PPD to get himself registered for next year. even for this year end, i think too late already.

      2.biotech seems to be having a problem now. i’m hearing similar cases often. there’s lack of job opportunities. so your best option to further study, apply for RA in universities, or find a job in lab/pharmaceutical companies maybe at lower salary scale.

  44. siva shangari says:

    hello sir,
    my sis did STPM last year.. her results were just ok. she did not get through the IPTA selection.. she is a art stream girl… i would like to bring her for a personal test before entering in any IPTS so that i would know her interest and her ability. where could i bring her…..

  45. annie says:

    hi. just want to check with you; does Cyberlynx International College sounds familiar? I’ve been trying to check amongst the list of ipts but couldn’t find the name listed. here’s the link:

    My boy’s interested in the course related to football and I told him maybe it’s a scam. who knows with world cup fever going on now. would really appreciate if you could shed some lights. Thanks.

  46. nisha nathan says:

    hi sir,
    i just graduate 4m biotechnology…i wish to continue my degree bt blanked..i;m thinking whether go 4 work and get experience or continue study…i have taken loan earlier so thinking of that….if work is tat i could apply 4 hospital laboratory?im trying to apply 4 my degree in public u bt unfortunately they have closed application….if i wana take eng. course(muet or toefl) which is better and where i cn do it with getting recognised certificate?any suggestion?

    looking forward

    • poobalan says:


      if you can postpone your diploma loan repayment and also able to pay for degree program, then you might want to continue your degree. ELSE, you can consider working first, to gain experience and settle the loan as well.

      if you did diploma in IPTS, you have to check if can continue in IPTA. Most don’t allow.

      About the jobs you can apply for, it may be possible to work in non-hospital lab, like research labs. you have to search in newspapers, jobstreet etc. You can also try writing to the biotech/pharmaceutical companies as well.

      muet is only to enter IPTA. why do you want to take it? Toefl is if you plan to pursue study overseas.

  47. shobana says:

    sir, is the foundation in science from masterskill university of college RECORNIZED.tq

  48. asha. says:

    sir,i got 2.58 in stpm n my PA c+,SJ b,PP b-,GEO c+.but i didt get any ipta.nw wat ipts should i apply and which courses?but i plan to tke business mngmt or finance course.izit suit 4 me?

    • poobalan says:

      why you didn’t get place in IPTA? i thought 90% of qualified indian students got place in IPTA? maybe you are the unlucky 8%? what courses did you apply for?

      choosing an IPTS depends on the following (not in order):

      1. the fees and affordability of student
      2. the campus environment (public transport, foreign students, student composition, food)
      3. the lecturer qualification
      4. the IPTS management
      5. cost of living around the IPTS (food/lodging/transportation)
      6. the MQA recognition for the course
      7. the syllabus of the course (update or not)
      8. the campus facilities (lab, wireless internet, library, journal access)
      9. the student’s interest and qualification
      10. the student’s plan to further study and where plan to work

      you can take any course in management/arts area that you prefer because you have at least 3Cs and CGPA 2.00. the most important thing is what you want to study and your ambition.

  49. Yeoh Seng Wai says:

    Dear Mr Poobalan,

    My niece is going to take up a Diploma in Perakaunan in Politeknik Ungku Omar, Ipoh with the ultimate aim of earning a Bachelor of Business Degree iat a local university. But I heard that the Diploma is not recognised by JPA and therefore could not be used as a tool to enter the local uni. Can u enloghten me on this matter. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.

    Yeoh SW (Ipoh)

  50. nurj says:

    sir, i get 4.00 in my 1st final exam..but i only manage to get band 3 for my muet..can i apply for medic?