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Updated: 10 November 2010


MOHE website

this is important website for all parents and students to get info on local universities


MQA website

(for checking accreditation of programmes)


JPA Approved Universities


Pilot Training

Dept of Civil Aviation:


Some Student Placement Agencies

Placement Agencies for Medicine/Pharmacy/Dentistry/Pilot (in alphabetical order):

Eagle Eye Network Holdings

EurAsia Unicol Alliance

KLC Placement Services

Medic ED Consultants

Medic Pro Link

Medic Synergy Worldwide

Megah Services Sdn Bhd.

Nugrahan Sdn Bhd

QAS Management

Russian Resources Sdn Bhd

Spectrum Resources Nusantara

Guide on Studying in US

VOA Student Union


Education Guide US

VOA Student Union



  1. npriyadarshini says:

    this is a good website. it helps the students. Currently I’m doing year 1 degree programme in a private college. I’m looking for a scholarship too. I do mail the websites and scholarship given by u to the indians i know.

    Thank u


  2. kavindran says:

    hello Sir, i want study for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Nilai University College. Is that good course?????

    • poobalan says:

      yup, its a good course. it will be a great course if your passion and interest lies in it. Then you study extremely well. all the best

  3. lava says:

    hai sir..i saw ur interview in realy benefits me..but at the moment im confused whether want to do boimedic or pharmacy..when i went tothe education fair i was told that biomedic has no future will be jobless..but if it pharmacy i was told that is has future…im confused and is it true bout what i have heard on both courses..

    thank you,
    lavannya moorthy

    • poobalan says:

      i think its a bit unfair to say that biomedic has not future or will be jobless. With the new frontiers like space and deep sea exploration, changes in climate and environment, there will be need for such fields. at the moment, pharmacy is getting more important because of the plans to separate role of medicine dispensation from clinics.

      Biomedicine:is a term that comprises the knowledge and research which is more or less in common to the fields of human medicine, veterinary medicine, odontology and fundamental biosciences such as biochemistry, chemistry, biology, histology, genetics, embryology, anatomy, physiology, pathology, biomedical engineering, zoology, botanics and microbiology. Biomedicine is usually not concerned with the practice of medicine as much as it is with the theory, knowledge and research of it; its results render possible new drugs and a deeper, molecular understanding of the mechanisms underlying disease, and thus lays the foundation of all medical application, diagnosis and treatment.

      Pharmacy:is the health profession that links the health sciences with the chemical sciences, and it is charged with ensuring the safe and effective use of medication. The scope of pharmacy practice includes more traditional roles such as compounding and dispensing medications, and it also includes more modern services related to patient care, including clinical services, reviewing medications for safety and efficacy, and providing drug information. Pharmacists, therefore, are the experts on drug therapy and are the primary health professionals who optimize medication use to provide patients with positive health outcomes. The term is also applied to an establishment used for such purposes.

      taken from wikipedia.

  4. sha says:

    sir, i am really confused whether 2 continue my studies in form 6 or result is bm a1,bi b3,mt a2,sj a2,admt b4,bio b4,chem b4 phy c5,and est c5.many people suggest me to take biotech course is this course have a better future or engineering have a better future .i have attended many seminars about ipta/ipts,one of the counsellor 4rm ipts told me that engineering does not suit for girls.IS it TRUE.SIR PLS DO HELP ME.

    • poobalan says:


      you got 3 As and 6 others minimum credit. if you decide to further in private sector, a-levels is better option. if you are planning for local uni, then do STPM. but you have to work hard as your science subjects results are not strong enough. in STPM, bio is critical if planning to do medicine, pharmacy etc.

      there are many types of engineering, so not neccesarily that its not suitable for girls. there’s job involving CAD/CAM (design), material, product, electronics, environmental, manufacturing line of work for engineering. some girls like outdoor jobs, so they don’t mind civil engineering work too. then, there’s sales work where engineering market products to customers.

  5. kevin raj says:

    how much do i have to spend to do A level at private

  6. Kaushalya says:

    Hi, i really need to compliment you for the good work. Guiding our fellow bros & sis would be a great move as most of them need proper guidance to channel them into their future.

    Too bad, there wasnt someone like u to guide me back in 2002. I’m a graduate now and I learnt things thru thorns and bushes. U made it easier for the new school leaver.

    Bringing up our own society is our resposibility..

    Hats off for u, poobalan!!!


    • poobalan says:

      Hi Kaushalya,

      thank you for the kind words. i must inform that the information posted on education is fruit of many other people who channelled it to me. if many people can get together and share information, surely we can see some change. we can bring hope and perhaps through that hope, manage to lift up a student. even if one student benefited from the collective effort, we have done well.

      just like yourself, no one guided me in the 1990s. i just followed friends and applied to uni. for scholarships, again friends provided info. We refered to newspaper and HEP notice boards.

      Now, internet is here. if we don’t make use of it, our loss.

      thanks for dropping by.

  7. raj says:

    sir,im doing diploma in business,i dnt have any intrest in doin it.all bcoz my parents,nw i arugue n wana do aircraft engineering,bt i have finish till foundation in this programme,what am i to do,i am really confused,i quit or i stay,im only 19 male…

    • poobalan says:


      firstly, it depends on your results, financial capability, and interest. this will determine what course/program you can do.

      why do your parents suggest business program? what are their reasons?

  8. yvonne says:

    when should i fill the upu form to ipta? i finished my stpm last year. my friend said i can start filling from 4jan – 4feb..but when i checked the upu.mohe site, it says for lepasan stpm/setaraf is from 2feb – 30mac
    so which one?? tq

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Yvonne,

      for STPM 2009 students, its from 2nd February until 10 days after STPM results are announced.

      for STPM 2008 and before students, its from 4 jan till 4 february 2010.

  9. Jaya says:

    What is the prospect of psychology course?What qualification do i need to study psychology?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Jaya,

      Its a good field as in future there will be need for such experts in workplace, hospitals, HR, etc. Qualifications – STPM (minimum CGPA 2.67 or B-, but depends on the uni as well. Some may ask for CGPA 3.0. Preferably took Science and Maths). Privates colleges also offer this program, like Sunway, Monash etc. Must be fluent in English as well.

      If you plan to study after SPM, then need to do A-Levels, SAM, or foundation programs of the respective uni/college.

  10. Vanitha says:

    Hello Sir,I want to study Diploma in Medical Imaging in Malaysia.Which scholarships can I apply for?

    And if I want to take any courses in singapore,is there any scholarships from Malaysia that I can apply for?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Vanitha,

      I guess which scholarships you can apply for depends on the scholarship requirements. You can try Star Education Fund, or even the college/uni you planning to study may have a list of scholarship providers.

      Same case for Singapore or any other country – you have to see which scholarships are suitable, and i can’t really tell because each year the guidelines for scholarships may change. Just have to keep an eye on newspapers and Internet.

  11. eleven says:

    hi…erm…im just waiting for my SPM result…bt im interest to be a teacher…is it too late for me to subscribe..hw can i subcibe to be teacher?should i stil study form 6?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi eleven,

      ermm…i think you are a bit early, instead of late 🙂 you need to wait for SPM results before applying for the courses under MOE. you can apply to the maktab perguruan (via MOE), or to UPSI (via UPU). if you take form 6, then you can apply via UPU.

      or if you are interested, can apply in private uni (unisel and unitar). both of these have degree for teaching which is recognised by govt and can work in govt schools.

  12. THEVAKI says:

    bro, vanakam. i want to apply degree bahasa tamil in upsi. how to apply that

  13. Yoga says:

    Hi sir..I just got my stpm result.I obtained PA(A),BIO(A-),CHEM(B)&MATHS(B-)and CGPA 3.34.I wish to further my studies at ipta in medicine,pharmacy or dentistry.But im not sure whether my application on this courses will be considered because almost all IPTA ask for minimum requirements of B in maths,bio & chem.Im just worried because i got B- in maths.Im also not sure what other courses that i can apply for & have demand in future.Please help me sir..Thank you

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Yoga,

      3.34 means slim or zero chance for medicine, dentistry, pharmacy because these are critical courses with high demand. if you don’t fuflill the syarat umum and khas, chances are you won’t get selected. Students with 4.00 also may not be able to get a place. Since you strong point is in bio, maybe you should consider biotech, biochemistry, or similar programs.

    • Satyaseelan says:

      @Yoga, Why dont you try UPM AND UMK Vet

      • Yoga says:

        I do like Vet but i don’t think so that there is demand in future..The same thing i feel about biotech & biomedic.Is it true that i can apply inside U for medic course if i apply & get biotech/biomedic & i get good CGPA thoughout the semesters in 1st year?

        • poobalan says:

          Hi Yoga,

          obviously the demand for vet won’t be as high as doctors for humans. but the job opportunity is there because number of pet lovers are strong, and the well-to-do and middle class in malaysia is growing. same as biotech and biomedic which are specialised areas with some demand in future, but not able to compete with medical doctor demand. Even medical doctor ratio in malaysia will improve within next decade, and at that time, possible that we have more doctors than actually needed, especially in urban areas.

          i too heard about the course jumping case, but not able to confirm it. some private colleges offer bridging program whereby after finishing biotech degree, you can study extra few years in the medical course.

  14. Yoga says:

    Emm..Bt is it Vet has demand??How about dietation,optometri and other science courses?Is there any scholarships that i can apply for?

    • poobalan says:


      Vet course does have demand. especially can open own clinic 🙂 same goes for the others you mentioned – dietitian, optometrist etc because health and lifestyle is important issue in this 21st century. as for scholarships, do keep an eye out. at the moment, i can’t specify any that focus on these fields.

  15. Shine says:

    You can also add as a good reference portal. They provide very useful information for students on where and what to study.

    Besides scholarship info, they also have list of courses + fee + description of the institution with search and all.

  16. Nat says:

    Hi, sir.
    Recently i got some news from a friend currently studying in Russia, she is going there through a very well known agent in KL, agency M last year.
    she is having a lot of problems there especially NOC problem, weather, stay, and financial as well.
    Now even worst is she is having problem with air ticket because everything is arrange by so-call good agent,
    they even promise her can do O-level there, went russia without NOC is not a problem, they will provide her scholarship if facing financial problems, and
    she told me, the ‘agency M’ charge them a lot of extra tuition fees, airfare and etc.
    Now, she is in trouble of getting ticket home during holiday because the return ticket they provide her got problems.
    So, i really need your kind advise in choosing agent.
    My family are in confused as i planning to join my friend in Russia but now……..
    Can my friend do anything or take any action on the agent for this matter?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Nat,

      That’s a serious allegation by your friend. if she feels being short-changed or cheated/misinformed, then make a complaint to national consumer council, and also to Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi, MOHE. sometimes, due to lack of knowledge by students, the agents can paint a different picture. for example, why your friend want to study O Levels in Russia? Weather, financial and staying may be out of the agent’s control unless the the agent gave wrong fee info or misled student on accommodation promises. Can’t say about air ticket because need to check the arrangement made between them.

      if you get this info from your friend, then most likely, your family would not choose the same agent. if you have some doubts, can call the agency and cross check with them. Not that i support the agency, but i don’t the whole story, so maybe need to get more clarification from both sides.

      i’ll say compare the agents, read the forums like, or search the net to see if got complaints against the agencies. I have not dealt with the companies i listed in this page, nor do i know them personally.

  17. deeba says:

    sir, m a 2009 spm result is 8A’s and B is in biology.i would like to continue my studies in medicine.sir, m i qualified to do my studies in medicine??is it i must do my foundation first before studying for medicine??is there any loan or scholarship for my results??hope to reply soon..thank you very much sir…

    • poobalan says:

      hi Deeba,

      yes you are qualified as B in Bio is enough. HOWEVER, it may not be enough to secure a scholarship. the Scholarship page list some option, like Sime Darby.

      Yes, must do foundation or pre-u like A-levels.

  18. uma says:

    sir, m a spm 2009 results are A for BM,BI,Maths,Tamil,Moral and B for sejarah, chemistry,pyhsics and C for bio and add maths..i’m really interested to continue my studies in there any chance for me??must i do form 6 or foundation??i’m really very there any loan for medicine??

  19. shalini says:

    is it true that biomedical has no future. i thought of doing biomedical science.. then, how about biotechnology??

    • poobalan says:


      biomedical can be route to be doctor. with extra few year study, can be medical doctor.

      biotech is a emerging field for last 5 years or so. i expect it to develop in next five year, but not in a very speedy manner.

  20. shalini says:

    sir, i got c+ for physic, add maths;c for chemistry;a- for biology and a+ for mathematics.. i’m really interested in studying for medicine.. since my results are not satisfying.. is there any chance foe me to study for medicine?? or i have to do foundation in science in malaysia first to get into the requirement?? and i heard that foundation are only recognised in specific colleges only. isit true?? or i have to do a-levels then??

    • poobalan says:


      if you have 5 credits, good results in bio and chemistry, then can do foundation and continue in medicine. or do pre-u like A-levels.

      YES, must do foundation, but not necessary in malaysia. most foundations offered are for continuing in the same uni. that’s because the foundation programmes are created and marked according to internal standards. the alternative is doing pre-u like a-levels which give you flexibility to do medicine in any uni.

  21. jayshren says:

    mr. poobalan i would want to know the SPMqualification for becoming a veterinarian?

    • poobalan says:

      hi jayshren,

      you can’t enroll into degree program after SPM. you need to do either form 6 and then go to IPTA, or do a-levels and go overseas to study. you’ll need at least credits in science subjects to enter a-levels so that can do well in the exams.

  22. pravin says:

    Hi sir,
    Im in a huge dilemma … i got A+ in bm,bi n sej, A in bio n maths, A- in moral, est n physics n B in admaths n chemistry…. i applied jpa n matrics… I applied biotech in jpa n just got the feedback sayin i failed 2 go thru the interview round…. im just preparing 2 do a surat rayuan….to be frank, im kinda lost rite now…. what shud i do now? Im interested in only Bio-related courses….n plus im not so financially good….

    • poobalan says:

      hi pravin,

      you can do rayuan and send a copy to MIC as well for their reference.

      you should try to apply other relevant scholarships as well or go for IPTS and try to apply their scholarships/discounts or PTPTN.

  23. rani says:

    hi poobalan sir, im finishing my foundation in science at msu soon… im interested in biotech …but i am confused where to do my biotech course..i thought of future i want to work as a pharmaceutical biotech…where should i study? is biotech a wide course? in order to be a pharmaceutical biotech what should i study and where?

    • poobalan says:

      hi rani,

      i’m not sure about pharmaceutical biotech career, but biotech is an developing field and expected to have more demand in future.

      as for where to study, i suggest you talk to your foundation or biotech lecturers in MSU privately so that they can provide some useful info.

  24. Yoga says:

    Hi bro,
    My cousin would like to study for the course Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. But we heard from some other people that UTAR is not good. I would like to know whether UTAR is fully recognised and is it a good choice. Hope bro will help to clear my daubt…Thank you very much

    • poobalan says:

      hi yoga,

      rest assured UTAR is good enough. however, its a majority chinese student environment, so you can expect a different environment compared to those IPTS with foreign students or those IPTS with majority malay or indian students. UTAR is recognised and it receives grant from government. its backed by MCA.

      • Yoga says:

        Thank you very much bro.. But one of my teacher told me that some ex-students of UTAR said that the degree certs they got have no value & they are being jobless. At the same time another teacher said that UTAR is famous for accountancy & good. That’s what I worry about. Is it recognised by MQA & JPA? Thank you very much for your kindness help..

        • poobalan says:

          hi yoga,

          every IPTA/IPTS will have its own share of students who just come in to fill the numbers. being an employer, would you hire someone who fails subjects regularly, took extra 1 or 2 sem to finish studies, spends more time not studying but partying and just barely passed to graduate? even top IPTA/IPTS also have their share of unemployed.

          I won’t say UTAR is famous for accountancy, but its good enough and the fees are reasonable. the good ones are TAR college, SEGI, and few others who have been running accounting program for more than 30-40 years (YES, that long). most of the other colleges are in existence for last 20 year or so only.

          to check MQA and JPA recognition yourself go to:

          MQA: (check both e-semakan and the Daftar Kelayakan)
          JPA: (klik on pengiktirafan kelayakan).

          NOTE that JPA qualification is only for applying govt job.

        • Yoga says:

          Thank you very much bro for your help… I have been called for MUnSyI exam of USM & may I know something about the exam?

  25. Yoga says:

    Thank you very much bro… This helped me a lot. I’m much relieve now..Have a nice day…

  26. Cat90 says:

    This helps us students very much.Thank you for your effort and God Bless!… : ) : )

  27. devi says:

    hi spm leaver 2009..i got a+ in tamil, a- moral, b+ in bm,bi, b in math,c in sj ..but my scince subjects all gred d..i dont have credits in i really very confuse and dont know what course to choose..can i study for law or HR? is law course suitable for girls?please advice me and suggest some other good courses..if can send mail 2 me..tq

  28. Yoga says:

    Hi bro,
    Recently I have been called for University Scholars Programme (National University of Singapore) interview on 12/14th May. Should I go for it? Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you

  29. saravanan says:

    hello sir. i m a spm leaver 2009. i got b+ in bi, bm, c+ in sc, seni, e in maths, d in moral, sej but g in pd n eko. i dont have credits in maths. can i study for automotive, electronic engineering or aircraft maintenance sir. i m hoping for your co-operation regarding this matter. i hope you would advice me in this. you can mail to me. thank you sir.

    • poobalan says:

      hi saravanan,

      you have to retake maths because its a critical subject. need a pass at least. you are arts background, so not easy to study engineering program. you can try aircraft maintenance.

  30. heama says:

    hello heama..iz it businees was ok…is the future is bright for that??i wana knoe which course 4 artz students have high demand in the future…???please help me sir??

    • poobalan says:

      hi heama,

      are you arts student in spm or stpm or in uni?

      what course depends also on what subjects you are taking or have taken.

      generally, those involving accounting, finance, HR, law, logistics, can get job easily. HOWEVER, most important is to get excellent results in the studies. a minimum second class upper degree is important.

  31. senoritaG says:

    hai…bro recently i got offer frm politeknik for the diploma in information and communication technology…i m so confuse whether that course is good for me…and is that got a future if we study in that field..but i wan go by government not interested in private universities and colleges….i just scared will i got work if i finish study???

    • poobalan says:

      hi senorita,

      nowadays there’s plenty of IT grads without job because the course studied not useful for use during work. if you study in poli, then need to ensure get top marks, your language must be excellent, and you must try to learn the new skills/technology.

  32. bala says:

    can i do degree in mechanical engineering and then continue with master aviation

  33. SAT says:

    Dear Mr poobalan,

    my name is SAT. i want to enquire about either there is part time diploma in mechanical engineering courses or full time(but with night or weekdays classes). This because i working currently. i have interest in this course but didn’t get the time and money to further, but now i can manage my self. for ur info myself is my only finance source. please let me know soon. thanks you.

    • poobalan says:


      there’s some options. i strongly suggest you try for IPTA like UTM is well known for engineering program first. Their KL campus would have part-time program. other than that, try uniten, mmu, etc. there’s plenty of IPTS offering such programs.

  34. Yoga says:

    Hi sir,

    I got Biotechnology course in UMS. But I’m not satisfied with it because biotechnology doesn’t have much demand. Furthermore, one of my classmate got Biotechnology in UMP but his CGPA is only 2.4 whereas my CGPA is 3.34. Now my last hope is to do appeal for USM this coming Monday. What shoud I do if I don’t get USM & even if I get it its not a good course?

    • poobalan says:

      hi Yoga,

      biotech and other similar “bio-” courses getting a bit of negative response due to graduates not able to secure jobs befitting their courses. most end up in sales, or lab technician, or research assistant, or tutors or do some job not related to their degree at all.

      read about biotech here:

      if you look at offers in Jobstreet:

      there’s about 20 jobs in last 2 months.

      as for the application procedure, we can’t do much because its not transparent. so we have no idea why your friend got UMP with lower results while you got UMS with higher result. Maybe UMS is better than UMP? maybe part of cultural exhange policy? so many possibilities.

      well, wait for your appeal. if not successful, you can still take biotech, grad with 1st class and become a researcher in university. from there, be a tutor and then lecturer.

      • Yoga says:

        Thank you very much bro for your feedback.I would like to know what the market value will be if I grad with 1st class in biotech?? Most probably will USM consider my appeal as I have been offered for biotech in UMS? I collected some information from internet about biotech & I got to know that it biotechnologists have many related fields for job such as in agriculture like FELDA, in forensic science, industries related to manufacture of hormones & fertilizers and many more. What are the reasons many biotechnologists being jobless or work in fields not related to their studies?

        • poobalan says:

          no prob yoga,

 value? 😉 generally a degree holder (not medic) will get between rm1500 and rm2800 depending on the course, industry, result and company.

          i’m not sure how USM operates but i don’t think they will consider what other uni offered you.

          the industry and job prospects as you stated are there, but problem is, in our country, its not developed or focused yet. govt is having limited funds and can’t hire new staff. so, job in govt becomes limited. agriculture industry like Felda, IOI, sime darby etc., don’t need so many staff. and our IPTS/IPTA actually produce too many graduates in this field. so its a mismatch: too many supply but not enough demand. areas like hormones/fertilizers/forensic, there’s competition from other grads in chemistry, biology, pharmacy, engineering, applied science and so on.

  35. Yoga says:

    Hi bro…How many years will it take for me to finish my studies if I continue doing masters & then PhD after my degree?

  36. shangkaree says:

    hye poobalan a diploma in pharmacy with 3.72cgpa..unfortunately,i heard that it is impossible to continue my degree in malaysia…since they require 3.8 above for diploma leavers..due to that,i had decided to go indonesia…but i hav a prob now..i heard to get the NOC i need all credits…my spm i do have all credits except physics(7d)…will they still look back to my spm when i have scored in my diploma>?must i now sit back for physics?please help me out sir….thankxx

    • poobalan says:


      i’m not sure about NOC procedure but you should cross check with kementerian just in case there’s any change.

      did you check in all the colleges offering pharmacy whether need 3.8?

      you should do another thing as well: ask the college if you have diploma AND working experience of 1 to 3 years, is the CGPA 3.8 still required? you see, working experience can help to get students a place in degree program. so this is another option you can consider.

  37. yani says:

    hi poobalan sir,i just started my foundation in UTAR n then do my degree in Bachelor in Accounting,i ‘m very concern that am i in a right choice?because some people says that utar has no the certificate has value…n i want to know after my degree can i continue my degree in local uni such as UPM,UKM,UM,ect,,i really need your opinion as soon as possible.

    • poobalan says:


      so far, i haven’t much complaint about UTAR. the students are mainly from chinese community, so you can expect hard working and focused students.

      if you did your degree in UTAR, why you want to do another degree in IPTA? you just proceed with Master or go to work la!

  38. yani says:

    can i continue my master in local gov. uni?

    • poobalan says:

      oops, i think you meant master in earlier comment right? yes you can proceed master in IPTA.

      few things you should consider: ensure the degree in utar is MQA accredited, your SPM BM is at least credit.

  39. yani says:

    tq sir for your comment.

  40. yani says:

    sir, i want to know whether UTAR students have any problem in getting jobs? and i also wan to know the difference between IPTA n IPTS,n after my degree in Utar which is Bachelor in accounting,can i work in gov,as it has MIA Qualification?

    • poobalan says:


      i’m not sure about UTAR students having problems getting jobs. my opinions is most likely no, if you have a respectable results. bear in mind that majority of the students are chinese and the chinese community have good business established, thus easier for them to get jobs or become entrepreneurs.

      diff between IPTS and IPTA:

      – one is much more cheaper than the other 🙂 its about 70% cheaper in fact.
      – one accepts only SPM and STPM/Matric Poli Diploma leavers while the other accepts SPM/STPM/A-levels/foundation/diploma etc.
      – there’s only 20 over IPTA but more than 500 IPTS.
      – all IPTA grads can get job in govt, but not all IPTS grads can get job in govt.
      – IPTA mainly students and staff from one community only, while IPTS depends.
      – IPTA have own campuses, but not all IPTS do. some even operate from shoplots.

      as for govt qualifications, you can check here under JPA website:

  41. Yoga says:

    Hi sir
    I would like to know what is the fee payment structure and what are the majoring subjects in 3rd year of degree in biotechnology at Universiti Malaysia Sabah(UMS). I tried to search UMS website but I couldn’t find any of these information. Hope you can help me….

    • poobalan says:

      yoga, the fee info is rarely mentioned anywhere but its subsidised by govt. so can expect between rm700 to rm1500 or so per semester.

      as for majoring subject, i also can’t find any info on this.

  42. Thina says:

    I would like to know whether the course foundation in accountancy at Segi College is recognised by MQA & JPA. Hope sir will help me.
    Thank you…..

  43. Shiro says:

    Hi sir, I would like to consult to you. I’ve been offered by UMD (universiti darul iman) for computer science (software development) which I didn’t choose it directly from upu. It’s because that I ticked ‘terima tawaran daripada universiti lain’ I think. The nearest choice to it is I chose UTM comp science (software engineering) 7th choice. My stpm result is pa (b+) maths t (b-) chem (c) and bio (b-). I’m very interested in pursuing my degree in bio-related courses especially biotech, microbiology, biochem. From your opinion, is there any chances for me to get into other local uni if I appealed to them?

    • poobalan says:

      hi shiro,

      since you already get a place in UMD, i’m not sure if other uni will consider your appeal. however, better try than regret not trying right? 🙂

  44. Ad says:

    Hello sir, I’m a holder of diploma in pharmacy from masterskills. I just graduated with a cGPA of 3.75. I would like to do my degree in pharmacy. How ever, my dean said it’s impossible to get into any university as the requirement is 3.80. I would really want to get into cyberjaya medical as I can only afford that. I’m so lost currently. It’s like the pass 3yrs went to waste in my life. What would you reckon I do? Thank you.

    • poobalan says:

      hi ad,

      did you check with the other universities to confirm what your dean says? i have to check on this because few other students also mentioned the same thing. secondly, you should has if having diploma and work experience of 3 years or so, can help to get a place to do degree.

      i suggest that while you are looking to further study, you should also look for employment as another means of doing a degree later.

  45. vaani says:

    sir help me…
    I get 2.415 pointer in my STPM..
    that..PA-C+, SEJ-B+, BT-C, BM-C….

    I try 2 apply 4 UPU….
    but i didn’t get…Rayuan also didn’t get….
    I dnt no what 2 do now…
    But my aim is enter the government university only………

    Nw i dnt no wat to do…. i got any chance 2 enter in university…
    My sibling didnt like that i enter Private univeresity…
    wat to do now…

    • poobalan says:


      since your appeal also not successful, what option are there other than IPTS? you can enter IPTS and take up ptptn loan to cover costs.

      why your siblings not agreeable to IPTS?

  46. Michelle says:

    Dear Sir,
    I did very bad in my STPM. I am regret now and couldn’t get a place in IPTA. I am considering to enroll in IPTS but not sure which IPTS is better. Can you please advise? My pointer for STPM is only 2.00 with 3 principal. My interest is in design and multimedia.
    PA- B+ 3.33
    Math T F
    Physic C 2.00
    Chemistry C+ 2.33

    • poobalan says:

      hi michelle,

      since you have min 2.00 cgpa and 3 principals, you can enrol in degree programs directly. for design and multimedia, there are few well known IPTS (and the fees are also “nice”). i suggest you do a search in or to see the list of IPTS offering such courses. After that, you should visit the IPTS to see their real picture. look at staff qualification, the type of students, location, the classrooms, library/resource center, computer labs etc.

  47. Ad says:

    dear sir,

    Yes sir, i have consulted Cyberjaya Med Uni and they have said that they will only accept cGPA 0f 3.8 onwards. Even IMU has rejected my application. i have decided to work as a pharmacy assistant. May i know other universities that i can apply with working experience?

  48. vinii says: a degree first sem student from unisel sir…i applied for ptptn n the loan was rejected because i did nt complete my diploma in mara n now im stuck sir…ptptn is asking me to pay bc the total amount which my family cant afford it at all…but sir im writing this to u nt to seek any sympathy from u sir…juz want to knw is there any other fundings which can help me to pursue my education…and i hv applied for yayasan selangor as it covers my university but it was rejected as well..i did an appeal and still waiting for an answer,but yet im still searching any fundings which i can apply so that i dun have to entirely rely on yayasan selangor.i came from a middle class family where my dad’s salary is juz enough to cover the household.i really need to study sir,n im seeking for loans n will definately prove myself in my education

    • poobalan says:


      you have to settle the ptptn loan sooner or later, no choice about that.

      as for other loans, there’s kojadi loan.

      another option, is to work for a while, save some money and study part-time if possible.

  49. vinii says:

    sir i need to knw abt education fundings besides ptptn n yayasan selangor

  50. punitatevan says:

    sir i want study aircraft engineering at nilai.u.c. and i want scholarship or loan for it where i can get it the cource cost rm70,000 to rm 80,000 please help me

    • poobalan says:


      for scholarship or loan, its not easy and you can’t really demand for it. if you have excellent results, maybe you have chance of getting scholarship, but at the moment, most scholarship are closed. as for loan, there’s always PTPTN.