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June 5 was World Environment Day, and so, to do something in tune with nature, we decided to pay a visit to FRIM. Only 3 people actually made it to the trip, including yours truly. Then and Parimala were the other two.

From Visit to FRIM

Initially, I was skeptical of FRIM since the fees quoted on the website was crazy. I called up FRIM to clarify and was informed that day trippers, casual visitors etc. are not charged as mentioned in the website. You just pay RM1 per hour for parking (if you choose to park within the FRIM area), while the canopy walk costs RM5 per person.

So, we left home around 7.50am, picked up Parimala and took LDP to Kepong. Unfortunately, the usual “lack of proper signage ” problem cropped up. I missed the turn and ended up making two u-turns before finally arriving at FRIM (also stopped at petrol station once to ask directions). The overlapping flyovers near Kepong can really intimidate drivers, so make sure you ask around for directions before going to FRIM. Arrived at FRIM around 9.35am. We parked just after the main guard house and walked from there.

While taking pictures, one of the guards came up to us and asked if we had permission to take pictures. He claimed that there is a notice at the guard house regarding this. I didn’t notice any signboards, actually. Anyway, he said that we should check with the Service Center (at block D6) just to be sure.  So, off we went to the service office, where the lady at counter dismissed any notion of needing to get permission or pay for using camera. I think for those planning to take wedding photos or shoot movies, you need to pay a certain fee (as mentioned in the website), but casual visitors need not.

Luckily too, we realised that tickets to the canopy walk must be bought at the service center (which also houses a souvenir shop). Bought the tickets there and managed to get my gang members to start walking as the canopy walk closes around 1.30pm. So, we huffed and puffed through the nature trail. The walk is quite pleasant but tiring if you are not used to exercising often. We walked for about 1.5 hours (with plenty of stops to take photos) before reaching the canopy walk area. There was a long queue ahead of us since only limited number of persons are allowed to be on the canopy at one time. Took us about 30 minutes before our turn came. While waiting, Then had an encounter with the blood-sucking kind 🙂

From Visit to FRIM

The canopy walk is about 20 to 30 metres above the ground, and not scary 🙂 you can capture a view of the city from the canopy. Its about 150 metres in length, but not continous. There are 3 platforms along the way which allows you to rest.  NOTE: get your tickets at the Service Counter much earlier!

From Visit to FRIM

The trip down was slippery as it rained the night before.  Took us about 15 minutes to reach ground level. To the right would be the small waterfall. Spent some time here and got a new friend, Radzi. He was quietly reading his novel, until we came and invaded his privacy 🙂

After spending about 45 minutes here, we made our way back to the main area, passing by the camp site. We stopped at the traditional malay house and met Radzi again there. We ended up having tea over there (and they have lots of unique flavors!). I would surely recommend visitors to have a cuppa there (costs about RM5 a mug, but tastes great). Had a good chat with Radzi who shared his experience of holidaying in India (Himalayas), Kinabalu and so on.

From Visit to FRIM

Left the Malay traditional house and walked back to the main visitors area, taking more pictures along the way. We stopped at the Arowana pond, but it was tiring to wait for the fish to emerge. Only can see glimpses of its tail and body. I spotted two big fishes and a small one.

From Visit to FRIM

The trip was supposed to be only 3 to 4 hours, but imagine our shock when we left FRIM at 5pm, a good SEVEN hours after arriving!

All in all, it was a good trip, and I hope to make more visits to FRIM, not only to take photos, but also to burn some fat 🙂


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