selangor govt focus on indian children birth cert problem

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Once more, Selangor govt gives attention to the Indian community. Toyo mentioned that number of Indian children with out BC is relatively quite high (TV3 Buletin Utama today). Does it mean that the sole party representing Indians for the last 62 years has failed?

KHIR: Selangor giving attention to Indian children without birth certs




The Selangor government is stepping up efforts to gather information on Indian children without birth certificates, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo said.

He said the state government would enlist the services of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to collect their personal details to care for the children’s welfare and they could go to school for a better future.

“NGOs have already started gathering information on the number of affected children and their place of birth. We have to verify they are Malaysians to avoid foreigners from taking advantage by claiming to be locals,” he said at a meeting with 15 Indian NGOs here last night.

Failure to trace the fathers was among reasons why the children did not have birth certificates, Dr Khir said. Nevertheless, he believed this problem can be overcome from the mothers’ personal identification documents or the child’s birth records in hospitals.


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