Busload devotees detainees

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I think the police were taking precaution since similar things happened on November 25 2007. However, they should have taken some effort to verify the authenticity of the trip and the passengers, instead of keeping them detained for 8 hours. Worse case, could have escorted the bus to its destination and verified it.

Devotees mull legal action over unlawful detention

Athi Veeranggan | Feb 21, 08 2:38pm
Hindu devotees from Penang are mulling legal action against the police for allegedly detaining them for almost eight hours at the Kuala Lumpur police training centre (Pulapol) last Saturday. Their lawyer SN Rayer said the unlawful detention – which took place when the KL police were taking steps to prohibit people from taking part in the Hindraf’s rose protest – was a violation of basic human rights and blatant abuse of power.”We demand immediate investigation and action by the police. Otherwise, we would file a legal suit for criminal damages,” he told Malaysiakini after accompanying his clients to lodge police report on the unlawful detention in Jalan Patani police station in Georgetown on Tuesday.

A complainant, SK Jothi, 33, from Bayan Baru said she and 35 other passengers, all Hindu devotes, were travelling in a tour bus during an overnight trip from Penang to visit a temple in Kuala Lumpur when the police stopped the coach in Selayang, just outside the Kuala Lumpur city centre. The police then seized their identity cards and re-directed them to Pulapol in Kuala Lumpur. “We were detained together with about 300 people between 8.30am and 4.30pm at Pulapol for questioning and our luggage was searched. “We were disallowed to have legal representation and were forced to  undergo urine test. “Men and women were forced to share the same unhygienic toilet facilities at the place,” she told Malaysiakini. Another complainant, K Palanitharan, 32, said several elderly women fainted while being forced to wait under the hot sun during their eight-hour ordeal.

Sharing unhygienic toilets

Policemen even refused to supply drinking water to the detainees when requested, he added. “We were not told the reasons for our unlawful detention and were told to go back to Penang immediately after eight hours,” he said.

It is learnt the police have detained these devotees together with hundred others passengers and questioned on their participation in the “Rose Campaign” organized by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) last Saturday morning.

Rayer said the police owe a public explanation on the reasons behind the unlawful detention of his clients and others as well. “No drugs or weapons were found, they were disallowed to have their lawyers present. “They were forced to share unhygienic toilets and undergo urine tests. “Surely the police need to probe and reveal its findings,” he said.

When contacted, Georgetown deputy OCPD Supt Mohd Soaihami Rahim said the city police would refer the case to relevant police departments to probe. “It happened in Selayang and Pulapol, therefore the case would be referred to police departments there,” he said.



  1. VJ says:

    where is Malaysia Hindu Sangam ??? This is an insult to Hinduism and Hindus.
    I’m pretty sure the case will not be entertained till election is over .

  2. Killer says:

    MP: Hmm… I didn’t know visiting temples can be a joke :). Reasonable grounds yes, but for 8 hours? As I mentioned, this things can be verified easily. Just ask for the tour schedule or confirm with the locations etc. Anyway, let them take up the legal option since its their rights. Worst case, will fizzle out.

    Visiting temples ? Please don’t joke OK….

    If the police detain you, it is because they have reasonable grounds. I guess these people were detained until the protest was over and the released.

    As for the conditions and treatment, well we all know that unfortunately these HINDRAR/Makkal Sakthi people have the habit of making extreme and fantastic claims….

  3. Killi Valavan says:

    one moron ettapan screwed ‘Paanjalangkurichi’ . Here we have one ettappan whom disgraces own community . Dun worry guys , the spirit and devotion of Hindus will bless this ettappan and his family !

    Remember , ‘Kattabomman’ lost to British but lives in history . But ettappan ???
    We may or may not have the expected results on March8 ….so wht ? M’sian history will remember Hindraf/Makkal Shakthi .
    But , wht is important it we try try and try …… dun bothered by morons whose motive is to undermine our spirit so that his boss and son could ‘sapu’ few more millions via maika or whatsoever …….


  4. Killer says:

    Dear MP, visiting temples is not a joke but claiming to visit temple when actually planning to attend demonstration is. Since when people start to charter bus from Penang to KL to visit temple on a day that has no religious significance ?

    Using religion as a cover for political and illegal activities is unhealthy. This reminds me of PAS’ tactics and more importantly of the terrorists in the Middle East.

    You might have missed by the fact that the HINDRAF / Makkal sakthi leaders actually hid in the Pudu temple when the police wanted to arrest them. So this proves that these guys are just cowards and do not have the guts to stand for their principles.

    Hello Killi : Just because I look down upon HINDRAF does not make me an Ettapan. I can bet you that I have done more for the community in the last one year than what u have done your whole misearable life. Things that I have done in my personal and professional life had only brought credit to Malaysian Indians. My deeds might not be so important to make into newspapers but it is people like me (there are many more) who enhance their good name of Indians by achievements in their respective fields. Those morons on the street will achieve nothing. You might make into Al Jazeera news and then you are only worth as yesterday’s paper….