Samy pays for rent and medical report

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Timely encounter with Samy Vellu
By : K. Kandiah


BUTTERWORTH: Thosinameri Matthews suffered massive burns all over her face and body when a fire razed her home when she was just nine months old. Abandoned by her parents after that, the girl, who was badly scarred, was brought up by her aunt. She had undergone several operations to treat the scars, but Thosinameri and her adopted family are facing another challenge.

They face eviction from the low-cost flat which was given to them after the fire. This is because they cannot afford the monthly instalments of RM150. They have been given notice to vacate the flat after missing eight payments.
Thosinameri, now 12, and her aunt, S. Saraswathy, 27, on Tuesday sought the help of MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu. Saraswathy, who earns an average of RM600 monthly from selling prayer items and another RM450 from welfare aid, said she could no longer pay the instalments to the state government.

“I am finding it hard to make ends meet as I have to take care of five children, two nieces and also my handicapped husband. “The medical bills and other expenses are impossible to settle,” she said, adding Thosinameri needs about RM35,000 for an operation at a private hospital in Penang.

Saraswathy, however, appeared relieved after meeting Samy Vellu, who was at the Chai Leng Park wet market on a meet-the-people session. Samy Vellu assured Saraswathy that he would settle the unpaid arrears on the flat. He advised her to take Thosinameri to the private hospital for a medical report and to meet him after that, assuring her that he would also settle the bill.


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