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February 21st, 2009 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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I used to listen to THR Raaga in the mornings, the Kalakal Kalai program by DJ Anantha and Uthaya. But after Minnal FM went through some rebranding exercise, I’m spending equal time listening to both channels.

Minnal FM’s morning show “Kalai Kathir” takes a different theme everyday and they provide more useful knowledge to the public. Some of the recent themes are “teachers’, “finance” etc.

THR’s “ithu eppedi iruku” spoofs are getting lame and irritating. I think it instigates the target to become agitated, rude, and abusive. Its definitely not a good role model in my opinion, even though its “just for fun” or “joke”.  I think Revathi is doing OK in the 4-8pm session with Raam. I don’t really like Geetha or Maran talking,  just doesn’t sound real.

On the other hand, Minnal FM with its new deejays like Theyvekgan, Anand, Buvana (she’s a former student of SJKT Bukit Darah!), Buvaneswary and Logeswary are injecting a more youthful vibrancy without sacrifing the language (much). As Then says its like “inba” tamil versus “thumba” tamil if compare Minnal and THR 🙂

Minnal’s song selection also improving with more latest songs on air.

However, I have two grouses with Minnal. Firstly, the call-in programs are not so smooth. The DJs at times are not “connecting” with the callers (doesn’t gel well) and tend to cut the caller off.  Secondly, they seem to copy some of THR’s programs – like the best song among 7 and also traffic report.

As for improvements, I think THR have to relook their program’s impact (or lack of it) on society. Minnal FM have a balancing act to do – be entertaining while being informative. I think they should ensure the news reports are near real-time and include football results (English league especially!).



  1. Novinthen says:

    Is they do the EPL program earlier, then they might have been accused as copy cat by yourself brothers. thats why they are holding their horses 😉

  2. i have to listen nice song every mrng 10-11…