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Updated info on Skim Pinjaman Usahawan Muda India (SPUMI) by TEKUN:

To read about the scheme:



To register online:


Application Forms for ‘Tekun’ Loan is now available at:

Yayasan Strategik Sosial (YSS)
Tingkat 5, Menara Manickavasagam
No 1, Jalan Rahmat
50350 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 6-03-4041 5958 (Mr Nareen)
Fax: 6-03-4041 5681

YSS will also be holding workshops every Wednesday from 10.00 am to 1.00pm at its office to brief applicants on how to apply and how to fill up the forms.

Closing Date : 15th June, 2009


YSS website

Tekun website

Garis Panduan & Kelayakan Memohon

  • Warganegara Malaysia
  • Berumur 18 hingga 45 tahun
  • Pemohon berdaftar dan memiliki sijil pendaftaran Suruhanjaya Malaysia (SSM)
  • Peminjam harus terlibat sepenuh masa dalam perniagaan
  • Menyediakan satu rangka pelan perniagaan yang ringkas dan padat
  • Individu yang diisthiyarkan bangkrap/muflis tidak layak memohon.
  • Keperluan dokumen-dokumen perniagaan adalah ditetapkan oleh YSS dan Tekun Nasional
  • Keputusan YSS dan Tekun Nasional

Jenis Pinjaman & prosuder Pinjaman SPUMI

  • PINJAMAM SPUMI MIKRO (RM 500 hingga RM 10,000) ditentukan oleh pihak pengurusan TEKUN Nasional
  • PINJAMAN SPUMI MIKRO SEDERHANA (RM 10,000 hingga RM 30,000) ditentukan oleh pihak pengurusan TEKUN Nasional.
  • Tenpoh pembayaran balik ansuran adalah masa 3 tahun hingga 5 tahun dengan kadar faedah tetap 4% setahun.
  • Skim ini mengikut format TEKUN dalam membiayai pinjaman perniagaan
  • TEKUN akan mengenakan bayaran RM 30 sebagai yuran pemprosesan.
  • Elemen insurans dan simpanan juga ditetapkan dalam perniagaan ini.

Nota tambahan:

  • Borang diberi dengan percuma
  • Tiada Kos Urusetia
  • Maklumat lanjut sila hubungi pihak YSS
  • Borang terus diserahkan kepada pegawai YSS (pihak YSS tidak mengamalkan penghantaran melalui orang tengah)
  • Pemohon dinasihatkan membuat satu salinan dokumen sebelum menghantar kepada YSS.


  1. ahmad says: new in business…how i want to make a loan with Tekun..i just want to start my own busines in food and beverage…what step that i need to do it..

    • poobalan says:

      if you are bumiputera, you can approach any of the Tekun office for the form. they also have officer to guide you on the application process and the rules.

  2. Vijay says:

    Hello Sir, is tekun loan still availabe?

    • poobalan says:

      as far as i know, yes still available. they have specific application dates and processing time. you can check with MIC HQ.

      • Seelan says:

        Dear Poobalan,
        By chance, can you kindly advice me if SPUMI is still available for youth entrepreneurs? As i visited SEED and aware that BR shud be fine for loan application. Can you let us know if we need to add up with Business Proposal and when is the best time/date for application?

        • poobalan says:

          Hi Seelan,

          My sources said SPUMI is available and next year even more as RM50 million allocated to TEKUN. As for best time, not sure on this as its supposed to be open all year long. for next year, should apply around march/april as funds will be available to govt depts around that time.

  3. Kogilavani Ramakrishnan says:

    dear sir, im a house wife would like start own business,in design and distribution flyers how i want to make loan from tekun, wat document should submit?kindly guide me. thank you

    • poobalan says:


      Pls contact YSS for the details. Generally, you’ll need your Mykad photocopies, business registration photocopies. and preferably you have some experience doing the business, maybe doing it on part-time or freelance basis. you will also need a business proposal.

  4. ramesh says:

    dear sir,
    currently i am in transport biz but in small scale. planning to expand but no financial support. earlier did applied for tekun loand but no reply receive till today.would like to know whether can re-apply now.

  5. Nanthini Muniandy says:

    hello sir, im having a beauty salon and it had been for 1.5 years. i would to extend my current shop and plan to open another shop nearby. so, if like this how much i can apply for and did they want my finacial statements? pls advise. thank you.

  6. karthik says:

    i am working in company…
    but i want to buy a business barber shop in sumwhere in negeri sembilan..

    there is already barber there n juz want to buy the business cost 12 k..

    so ,,whats d prosudure..
    please advise

  7. nita says:

    Hello sir,currently I am in transport biz….pplanning to expand but I having some finacial problem.I want to apply loan with Tekun…What should I do for that.?or MIC can help me…?pls advise….

  8. jega says:

    Last year my husband doing transport business by renting a lorry. But last April 2012 the lorry was damage so he can’t continue doing the business. Now I would like to apply the loan to buy our own lorry for the business. Can him apply tekun loan?

  9. ARUL says:

    Dear sir..i’m new in business how i want to make a loan with Tekun..i just want to start my own busines in food and beverage… pls advise. thank you.

  10. vicky says:

    Hello Sir, currently I am doing printing busines (indian wedding Cards N Invitation Card) which related with graphic dezining as well. im planing to expand my busines to do indian wedding phothography and upgrate my printing busines as well, but I having some financial problem.I want to apply loan with Tekun. can MIC help me on This? i have call MIC HQ they said the dint recieve the form yet.? pls kindly asist me on this sir.

  11. Kavitha says:

    Dear Mr. Poobalan,
    I’m not so happy here. All sites and media is annoucing that go and apply to the link given for application. This has been announced since Aug’12 itself. Yes the link you provided to all query here bring us to see if we are qualifified to apply for the loan. But thats it!! There is no other helpful from looking at the SEED website or calling the representative people on the relate matter. Most of all, the form is not ready for past 2 months for application!! What is the glitch here? I am relly concern here as MIC is to help Indian people in need for the Small Scale Business but all the reply here is not helpful. Please give us some solution here. We have in dark to know that each time we called up MIC HQ, the only asnwer we have is the form is yet out for applications.

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Kavitha,

      I understand your unhappiness, and yes you are not the first person to feel so. SEED is doing some roadshows, and that’s about it. They are able to help with preparing documents (providing some templates) and guide, but the processing is not in their hands (from what i understand). The money need to be there in the first place, so that one can apply. I have asked seed but i get the standard response just like others. They can’t seem to provide any dates. I first raised the issue of having application form in August, and yet nothing have changed.

  12. kanthasamy says:

    sir, i m staying in perak so how to apply for this loan n where should i go for information . any contact num plz n also i m a indian

  13. saba says:

    Dear Mr Poobalan,
    Am doing business part time in small scale and like to develop my in big level. i head TEKUN offer loan for Indians, can i know how to go about it.

    Best Regards,

    Sabapathy Arajinnan

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Mr Saba,

      at the moment, SEED is helping to coordinate the applications, so you can refer to for application info. basically need to have business licence, of certain age. other than TEKUN there are also other funds which SEED can help with.

  14. l wish to apply for soft loan to expand my business obtaining additional operating statutory licences such as from PSMB,MPC ,MOE and funds for operations.l am serving on providing some basic education for th indian community However , l am age 55 years old., can be considered for the SPUMI LOANS .param 013 3631346,TQ

  15. Siti Zabedah binti harun says:

    salam, i want to start a small bus, bt i need money bt check ur term and condition is age untill 45years bt my age is 51years hw? can i able to get loan?

  16. S Kanaga says:


    Currently i am doing part time stokist business and would like to apply for tekun loan so that i can develope this business by opening my own stokist.

    Kindly advise me how should i go forward to apply this loan successfully.

    Thanks & Regards

  17. Navvin says:

    I need assistant to apply Tekun Loan and like to join workshops.
    Kindly assist

  18. Thanam says:

    Sir i would like to star kedai runcit but i did not have any finance or model to star it. i regisrt under Suruhanjaya Malaysia (SSM). pls advise

  19. anpa says:

    hi gd day. im in ipoh. how to apply tekun loan. any office in ipoh or we need deal with kl office

  20. Hishamuddin Bin Mohamad Gazali says:

    Buat masa ini saya mengambil kerja-kerja sub dari main contractor. Company saya baru nak apply lesen kewangan dan seterusnya mohon lesen CIDB. Layak ke saya untuk membuat pinjaman….




    • poobalan says:

      you’ll need to register your business first. secondly. attend the roadshow or seminar by SEED ( check their website for details.

  22. stephen says:

    im steve i need know about this…?

  23. praveena says:

    dear sir.. me n my husband wanna do own business .. so how to apply for yss loan?

  24. thilaga says:

    nw i hv plan to open carwash at jb site.. hw i wn apply for tekun loan

  25. VeeraPandia says:

    Who to apply Tekun loan for my business

  26. Sasikala says:

    Good morning sir, I’m single mother I like do restoran, but I have finically problem.Kindiy can you help to apply Tekun loan. Thank you

  27. Saras says:

    Sir,im a 2012 spm leaver with 5 a’s and b’s in other 6 subjects.i am interested in doin medicine.but thn im from a middle class there any possible way n what do u suggest sir?ur opinions are will be really helpful.

    • poobalan says:

      well, you can do STPM as its the most cheapest option. but need to score 3.7 or 4.0 in STPM if want to study medicine.

      2. you can go to IPTS and study foundation in science locally. after foundation, can continue degree in indonesia or even local IPTS like mahsa, aimst, imu, etc.

      3. you can do stpm, then do a degree in biomedic or medical science (in IPTa/IPTS), and the do another degree in medicine (IPTS). yes longer period and most cost.

      for scholarship, the chances are low as competition is tough and not many scholarship is for medicine.



  29. kana says:

    poobalam doesn’t tekun arrange study loan

  30. Razif tamam says:

    Dear sir..i want to start my business to open motocyle workshop.i already have startegy place.but the shoplot rent to expensive..can i apply loan for my shoplot rent n for buy some tool’s for mu new shop.?

  31. LenaVeloo says:

    Dear Sir,

    Im LenaVeloo frm Kuantan Pahang here by i wuld like to ask abt Tekun Loan to u sir.Here by my sister has started a small business lk sweing saree blouse n sell materials,and she a single in her 50s.So can she still apply for the loan sir?I hope you will look into it sir we are waiting for your feedback asap sir.Thank You sir.

  32. Nageswary says:

    hi gd day. im doing travel agent . how to apply tekun loan.

  33. vennila says:

    When I try to call MIC HQ they gave me an another no to call for Business Loans which is 03-27756214 /Hotline no:013-3979009 but no one answering the call. What’s up? Does anyone can provide me the right number and pease take this issue seriously. Thks

    • poobalan says:

      that would be SEED’s number (013 – 6979009, 013-3979009 or 03-27756214). refer

      with election just over, not sure if SEED is continued by same group or taken over by Waytha’s people (he is new deputy in PM dept so maybe no more handled by MIC).

  34. murugan a/l supramaniam says:

    saya mau beli satu lori 3 tan sebab saya pinjaman tekun loan. terima kasih.

  35. pavan says:

    Hi, Sir!
    Im a hypermarket supplier for more than 16 yrs. I hv opportunity to expand my biz. I need financial support. Pls guide me…

  36. bathma loshani says:

    hi sir. suami saya ada lesen teksi,saya nak tanya tuan,mcm mana nk beli teksi sendiri dari seed

  37. nisha raman says:

    saya ingin aply tekun utk membesarkan perniagaan suami sy. kami tidak mempunyai kedai. barang2 tersebut ada d kl kami d ipoh. kami dulu buka 3 org share parter tapi sekarang dah keluar krn ada selisih faham. km nak buka d sini tapi tiada wang yg secukupnya. bolehkah km dapat d bantu oleh yss atau tekun? bss (dj runnr, decoration, catering ext)

  38. nama saya banu isteri kepada mahiswaran .selamat ptg encik poobalan saya ingin memohan loan tekun.skg saya tengah membuka satu kedai repair and service frige sudah 5 bulan lebih.saya mahu membeli peralatan elektrik untuk jual dan dll.bolehkan saya apply 50k.plz sms me tq

  39. Risha Rohini says:

    sir i haved applied for tekun loan 1month ago and i dnt knw wat is my status nw. Can u pls check fr me sir.

  40. panir salvam says:

    saya ada buat penternakan kambing,sekarang I tak cukup kambing dan masalah transport dan tak cukup selesa kat kawasan saya.sekarang I dah apply loan kat online.ada tak dia orang akan balas atau nak kena pergi office untuk apply?

    • poobalan says:

      boleh apply online tapi itu adalah pra-pendaftaran. pegawai tekun akan hubungi anda dalam tempoh terdekat. kalau dah hampir sebulan tiada jawapan, boleh pergi ke cawangan terdekat.

  41. kanages says:

    hi mr poobalan .. i want to start up new business selling indian jewellry , kurtas, kurtis, bangles n etc.. i want loan rm50k, whr i can apply tis loan ? is it i need to take ssm earlier before apply tis loan? kindly reply … tq

  42. sendi well pilly says:

    Hi Sir i already starts the biz for two years bot dont have a proper statement because i have some financial difficulties,but then i have 3 months statement.pls advice

  43. durga says:

    hello sir…is it true that the tekun loan has been stopped 4 these year???

  44. Suresh says:

    I would like to start a business in Air Condition linein Jan 2014. Now I’m 40 years old. Please advice me how to proceed to apply tekun loan or other possibility.

  45. Hemalatha says:

    Sir I’m planning to do business, but I dun have experience in business but I have based of working experience in sales, izzit possible can apply tekun loan

  46. muralu says:

    sir,good day i doing bussiness electrical and mechanical work. i want to apply loan
    to buy can get the form?tq

  47. shah says:

    Hai sy aishah ,
    Saya merupakan peniaga makanan frnchise Ali fried chicken di pasar2 mlm dan juga penjaja di setengah taman..
    Bolehkah sekiranya saya ingin membuat pinjaman tekun dalam angaran rm30k untuk membeli sebuah lori pickup untuk memudahkan saya berniaga sekarang ni saya hanya bergantung pada kenderaan bapa saya kereta avanza dan ianya tidaklh sesuai ,klu ada lori pickup sekurangnya saya boleh lakukan perniagaan sendirian tanpa pertolongan bapa saya kasihan kerana beliau telah berusia …sekiranya boleh apakah document yang perlu saya sediakan utk membuat pinjaman tekun…

    Sekian terima kasih

  48. Dhameswary says:

    Sir I would like to apply for the loan but the link that you have provided is not working

    how do i register?


  49. Arvin Raj says:

    Hi, I am Indian, so can I apply for Tekun loan.
    2. Black list people also can apply for Tekun??
    3. If we not pay back Tekun can blacklist our name??

    Kindly, Raj

  50. Jerry says:


    How long does it take for the Tekun loan to be approved?

    My daughter submitted her application to SEED on the 27th of September 2013. In February 2014 I was told that her application is in Tekun HQ and waiting for final approval.

    She has been calling Tekun HQ weekly and the response has always been “still in process”.

    Earlier this week I was told that a lot of Indians are not paying monthly and therefore approval of Indian applications has been slowed down.

    Nevertheless don’t you think waiting 6 months for the Tekun loan is just so ridiculous??


    • poobalan says:


      I’m not aware of the claim that repayment is not good thus affecting the loan approval. but six months is possible if involves politics and authorities.