murugiah faces kayveas, macc, bullets

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Poor guys has a lot to chew on the last few days. His party is about to sack him, leaving him partyless. His position as Deputy Minister will be questioned. He can jump to another party, but Samy said no, thank you. Left with Gerakan or UMNO (if Murugiah converts).

I would very much prefer if Murugiah stays in his own party. It’s better for him to talk to his president and settle this amicably,” Samy Vellu told reporters at the Maju Institute of Educational Development Buku Latihan UPSR 2009 launch yesterday.

He said Murugiah had never been a MIC member as alleged by PPP president Datuk M. Kayveas.

His position as supreme council member is in real danger as president Kayveas will be removing him as the appointment of supreme council members was his prerogative, as stated in the party constitution.

“After he disqualified himself to be the youth head, I immediately appointed him to the supreme council.

“But, since he has no interest in supreme council meetings and has to take care of the 27 million Malaysians, I will relieve him of his position as a supreme council member.

“I will send the letter once I get back to office,” he said during the NSTLive chat at Balai Berita.

Kayveas also had some choice words for Murugiah. Really stunning!:

Commenting on Murugiah’s popularity, Kayveas said, “perhaps to be popular in politics, I should visit the morgue, some clogged drains or some Bangladeshis under the bridge.

Or call huge gatherings of the Indian community and promise them the world. And be prepared to be bashed after 10 years because that’s how long it takes for the public to realise that they are being misled.”

He said despite many attempts to mend fences with Murugiah, the latter never had time for a PPP member or even Kayveas.

He even refused to come to the headquarters or attend supreme council meetings. Unless you want me to make an appointment with his office and go and see him in Putrajaya.

But, even then it looks like he won’t give me an appointment because he does not have any intention of meeting me because he wants to meet the prime minister.”

Kayveas claimed that in the 11 months since Murugiah became a deputy minister, he has only visited the PPP headquarters only three times. “Probably, after visiting the morgue, he doesn’t know the way to the PPP HQ. But, then again, he can always get the help of a GPS,” he added sarcastically.

Asked about Murugiah’s future should he be sacked from the party, Kayveas said, “I don’t care if he joins another party. He will join even a tea party if he is offered a position there.

He said Murugiah was in MIC before he joined PPP from which he resigned in 2000 over the polygamy issue and subsequently rejoined.

“I’m not afraid of being challenged. He does not even qualify to challenge me in the first place,” he said adding that Murugiah was getting “too big for his shoes”.

When he was appointed, I told him that he is a known devil, publicity and power crazy.

“I warned him that if he doesn’t behave after having a position, we won’t hesitate to take action against him.”

Kayveas kept his words and got MACC into the picture. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has been furnished with the details of Murugiah’s alleged involvement in money politics. However it may backfire on Kayveas if he does not coperate with MACC:

People’s Progressive Party president Datuk M. Kayveas said MACC officers came to the party’s headquarters yesterday to get the details and a statement from him.

“I refused to give a report because I am not the one who complained. So I gave them the names and contact number of members who had,” he said during NSTLive yesterday.

He said as the president, he was merely bringing up the allegations.

An MACC officer in Putrajaya said Kayveas must provide the details to the commission. Otherwise, he would be charged because it was an offence not to report graft.

“Kayveas had repeatedly said that Murugiah committed money politics but to the MACC, money politics is still corruption. The MACC views the allegation seriously and will record his statement.”

Murugiah met PM Najib, but I guess he have to brace himself for the worst.

People’s Progressive Party supreme council member Datuk T. Murugiah yesterday met Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for about 30 minutes but left the Prime Minister’s Office without saying anything.

Murugiah, who is also deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, also kept mum over his present position after he was expelled from the party’s supreme council line-up.

Murugiah, who arrived at the PMO at 11.20am, was accompanied by his officers. Efforts to call him proved futile.

However, a source said Murugiah had been advised not to make any statement to the media to “cool down” the “hot” situation between him and PPP president, Datuk M. Kayveas.

The dramatic part of the story comes in the form of two bullets (why two? is there any significance?) casings and a threatening note which delivered in a package to Murugiah’s office.

Two bullet casings and a threatening note were found in a package addressed to Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk T. Murugiah in Putrajaya yesterday.

According to Murugiah’s senior private secretary R. Rajendran, one of his staff members found a parcel at about 2.30pm after returning from the toilet.

Seeing that the package was addressed to Murugiah, he gave it to Murugiah, who was having lunch inside his office.

“One of the officers opened the package and was shocked to discover the note and the bullet casings,” Rajendran said.

“The note warned him not to challenge PPP president Datuk M. Kayveas or stand for any post in the party. It also said ‘Don’t be a hero, I will finish you’.”

Rajendran said the police rushed to Murugiah’s office on receiving a call.

They conducted a search before interviewing his staff and Murugiah for more than one hour.

“Murugiah was taken aback by the note. We believe that the note and bullet casings were connected to political happenings in the PPP,” he added.

Kayveas immediately dismissed it as a ploy by Murugiah himself and even blamed Badawi for this fiasco.

PPP president M Kayveas, whose briny relationship with Murugiah has been widely publicised, however, claimed that the latter was fabricating stories to attract sympathy.

Bullet is his own story, he is a dramatist. I know him very well. It is his own story. It is his own creation,” he told reporter at a function in the Putra World Trade Centre last night.

You see, he needs sympathy, everyday he needs to be on TV, paper and other media,” he added.

“We (have) stopped talking. So now, he brings the bullet because he knows I have to reply. He wants to be popular and famous but he chose the wrong method,” said Kayveas.

“The supreme council has recommended a sacking which I have said is not fair but I think I will accept the recommendation and in the next meeting, we will sack him.”

… “We found out actually that he did not renew his membership and if it is confirmed that his membership was not renewed then no action needs to be taken… his membership will not be renewed automatically. End of the story,” he added.

Kayveas, who formerly helmed the deputy minister’s post in the Prime Minister’s Department, also slammed former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for the tension in the party.

It was probably because Kayveas was not given a post in the cabinet after he lost the Taiping parliamentary seat to DAP’s Nga Kor Ming.

Instead Murugiah, who is the party’s supreme council member was conferred a senatorship and was appointed as deputy minister.

We had requested (Pak Lah) to put the most senior member in the party (in the cabinet) but when you put a junior member, this is what happens,” he added.

The end is nigh for Murugiah if he can dodge the problems soon.


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