Sayonara Murugiah

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Well, I guess we all saw it coming.  When the cracks started to appear way back in 2008, one can sense that Kayveas will win.

Malaysiakini carried the news on Monday that report from ROS that refused to recognise Murugiah’s so-called Emergency General Meeting on May 24, and that the report has been handed over to Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. This matter was discussed in the BN supreme council attended by  PPP party president M Kayveas and his two vice-presidents Maglin D’Cruz and Lee Heng .

Today, the Home Minister made the revelation of the ROS report, adding that the legal officer of the Home Ministry was also consulted in order to be sure. According to him, ROS had affirmed that (i) Kayveas is the rightful president of PPP, (ii) the election of Murugiah during an extraordinary general meeting, called by his supporters, was invalid, (iii) Murugiah’s sacking, along with six of his supporters, from the party by the party disciplinary committee was valid and in accordance with the party constitution.

Based on the information and investigation results, Murugiah does not have the ‘locus’ to act as the party’s president or use the party platform to perform any activities related to PPP.

“The party is advised to take action against him (Murugiah) if he continues to use the party’s name,” said Hishammuddin.

However, ROS also reported that Murugiah’s complaints had its merit, namely: (i)  the party had not tabled its financial records at its annual general meeting between 2003 and 2007 (violation of Section 14(1) of the Societies Act 1996), (ii) changes to the original PPP logo, (iii) holding an AGM after a June 7, 2009 deadline and (iv)  electing supreme council members a year too early.

As such, the ROS issued the PPP a showcause letter to explain itself. Should the explanation be unsatisfactory, the party could be de-registered under the Societies Act. The party has 30 days to respond.

From The Star:

Hishammuddin said he had personally spoken to Kayveas and Murugiah on Monday and Tuesday respectively to inform them of the decision and they had both accepted the decision….

“At the end of the day what I would like is for them (Kayveas and Murugiah) to find a solution that ensures that the party and its members do not suffer,” Hishammuddin said.

“This a legal solution but at the end of the day a political answer needs to be found for the personalities and leaders within the party,” he told a press conference after chairing his ministry’s post-cabinet meeting here on Wednesday.

Most importantly, he also clarified that the position of Murugiah in the cabinet is not affected by the ROS report as his Deputy Minister post was appointed by PM Najib. Anyway, its a foregone conclusion that Murugiah has to let go of his positions in the government, and PPP will submit another name to replace him, provided there’s no legal suits or PPP being de-registered.

Bye bye Murugiah. At least till you join another party or make a comeback in PPP at the next elections.


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