Samy clarifies AIMST and MIED status

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Update from the Star on 3 Nov:

Speaking on the matter for the first time since several past and present leaders accused him of planning to hijack both organisations, Samy Vellu said he had briefed the party Central Working Committee on the legality, ownership, formation and management of both institutions.

Although both are part of the MIC, he said they would function separately from party affairs.

Samy Vellu said there were five trustees and 33 members on the MIED board and all of them are party office-bearers.

“This clearly shows the close relationship between the party and the two entities. MIED was set up to achieve an educational vision for the Indian community.

“None of the trustees nor the members of the board own the MIED or AIMST and the question of hijacking them does not arise,” said Samy Vellu, hoping MIC members would regard both organisations as their own.

So, its clear that the two institution are not property of MIC. They are separate entities, with own management and owners. The MIED is mostly represented by CWC members and MIC office bearers, so it looks as if MIED will be under MIC control. But if things change? So, MIC controls MIED and MIED owns AIMST via its subsidiary AIMST Sdn Bhd.

From Malaysiakini:

MIC president S Samy Vellu today explained to the party’s central working committee (CWC) on the issue surrounding the legality and ownership of the Maju Institute of Educational Development (MIED) and AIMST University.

“I gave them a full briefing on the formation, management and the inseparable relationship between the two entities and MIC,” he said in a statement after chairing the three-hour CWC meeting at the MIC headquarters here.

He told the CWC members that although the MIED and AIMST University in Semeling, Kedah are separate entities of the MIC, no individuals or MIC leaders owned the two entities.

“The ownership between MIC and MIED will be a perpetual relationship and will be part of the MIC,” he said.

Samy Vellu said the MIED trustees and board members were made up of MIC office-bearers, thus cementing the link between the MIED and MIC.

“The MIC through the MIED will work closely towards achieving the educational objective and vision of the party in its capacity as an educational arm of the party,” he said.

He said the CWC members agreed that MIED and AIMST University are separate entities with the MIED formed as a company limited by guarantee.

He also urged all MIC members to regard the two institutions as their own organizations which are managed by their appointees. [is that “regard” same as when the host says “regard this as your own house” when you visit them? Its like yours, but not yours? 🙂 ]

None of the MIED trustees are owners of the university and as such the question of hijacking the MIED and AIMST University does not arise,” he said.

Samy Vellu said the MIED had done very well to help the MIC in looking after the educational interests of the Indian community.

It has already produced 7,000 students while another 7,000 students are continuing their studies, he added.

Samy Vellu’s clarification on MIED and AIMST today came in the wake of questions posed by several party leaders, including former deputy president S Subramaniam, over the status of the two institutions.

Their concerns were raised following Samy Vellu’s remarks in September that he would be resigning soon and would be spending his time at these two NGOs, which he had claimed to be separate entities from MIC.


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