DIY Haircut anyone

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Going by the sound of it, Malaysia is going to have a serious crisis. The numbers aren’t good. Parents are at a loss. Disciplinary teachers are going to have their hands full. How many people can afford to go for standard haircut at RM25?

So, whose fault is it?

Let’s look at the problem first – barbers are saying there’s manpower shortage and due to that many barber shops may have to close down soon. The request to import barbers from India have been rejected by Home Ministry. I remember that there were plans to build our own human capacity in this industry. So what happened? Some colleges offered hairstyling programmes, but I guess the graduates wanted to work on their own rather than being employed under someone. And, in a way its good that people run their own business. Many barber shops owners actually employ foreign workers while themselves are into other business. So, those that depend on foreign workers will have either take up the jobs themselves or find other business to invest in. This may see the increase of prices and possibly the demise of Indian barber shops in certain areas. The standard price for a normal hair cut is RM9. This may rise as more “graduates’ appear and provide “professional” services.

Another solution for parents/Regular Joe, buy the hair cutter/clipper and DIY at home. Save money and no need to worry about hair style. Just crew cut and repeat every two months!

Back to whose fault – I guess its the barbers and authorities. No proper planning or did not anticipate such an outcome.

RM1000 + meals + accommodation sounds a good deal for beginners. After 5 years of hair-cutting, what’s the prospect and career path like?

The shortage of traditional barbers in the country has worsened and may force many barber shops to close within the next six months.

The Penang Indian Hairstylists’ Association says there is a shortage of 2,000 barbers.

Committee member K. Selva Kumaren said 50 barber shops had ceased operations in Penang in the past three or four months due to the shortage.

Selva Kumaren was talking to reporters at a press conference here yesterday.

He said applications to bring in traditional barbers from India were rejected by the Home Ministry.

Selva Kumaren added that local operators had to depend on barbers from India because Malaysians were more keen to operate their own hair salons rather than work for someone. He said a barber is permitted to work here for five years.

Association member M. Bani said employers were willing to pay locally-trained barbers between RM800 to RM1,000 pus meal allowances and accommodation while barbers from India were paid a maximum of RM800.


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