Projek Mendaftar Anak Malaysia

February 24th, 2011 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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This campaign is similar to MyDaftar by SITC. However, DHRRA Malaysia has been doing this for quite some time, only that now it has a name for the initiative.



  1. Krishna says:

    Good for its initiative. Dear Indians, be united in solving this matter. Respect the people who invented this idea.

    If DHRAA is the first mover of this campaign, DHRAA should be recognised and collaborated. At the end, who wins this effort? All goes to the Indian….

    But SAD part is, why Indians are so backward, till basic need to be in this country is NOT fulfilled. IC, and Birth Cert. Don’t keep giving excuses and blaming others for your own ignorance.

    All the money spent for this kind of campaigns, can be channeled to the kids development. They need more support from various channels. Need to create more Prodigies in this country.

    Look forward for not to waste the public resources and fund allocations.

  2. MES says:

    Search for Projek Anak Malaysia leads to this page. We do