Unpleasant Experience at Chola Spice Restaurant Sunway

April 3rd, 2011 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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Had a unpleasant experience yesterday. 3 of us went to Chola Spice restaurant in Sunway at about 8.20am. Its located at the shoplots next to Sunway Pyramid, same row with the KFC. Our order: roti telur, cow milk tea, thosai, cow milk bru coffee, iddiappam, and teh tarik.  I found my drink to be acceptable (well I had worse cow milk tea before) and finished about 3/4 of the drink. However, Then said the bru coffee was not good (seems tasted like no cow milk in it) and did not drink it.

At the counter, she informed that she did not drink the bru coffee since it was not good, thus would not pay for it. The cashier guy said that its not the restaurant fault as the milk comes from external source (obviously milk to restaurants are delivered by vendors). He said if it was a problem of sugar or too watery, they can fix it, but can’t do anything about the milk.

We asked for the owners contact number, but the cashier said the owner’s phone will be switched off, and gave more excuses.

In the end, another lady (not sure if she’s a customer or owner) who was sitting nearby also intervened and in the end, we didn’t pay for the drink (total cost RM13, minus the drink Rm3, paid RM10).

I think the logic that the milk quality is out of the restaurant control is unacceptable. If you can’t source for good milk, then don’t sell the associated product la. If you can’t make good bru coffee, then don’t sell it. In fact the cashier said they just changed the milk vendor 2-3 days ago. I think if they are really concerned, they should have told us that the milk vendor is new when we ordered cow milk based drinks. You are willing to use products of substandard quality and then expect us to pay, but passing the buck to suppliers when we ask questions.

So far, we have highlighted many dissatisfaction in other restaurants, and I can’t remember any of them arguing back or even asking to pay. Its about customer goodwill and appreciating the customer. We are not complaining for the fun of it, but as a feedback so that you can improve the business. Being business owner, you have to teach the staff to tackle the situation tactfully. I mean, what’s the loss of RM3 compared to loss of future business? For sure I won’t be going there again for the foreseeable future.


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