MIC’s Vetri Padigal Seminar

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I attended the MIC’s Vetri Padigal Seminar at UM on Sunday afternoon, bringing my niece there. The event started at around 2.30pm, after the MIC President arrived. There were about 800 to 1000 students/parents, and the rest were MIC people and expo people. Yes, there were few counters which promoted various colleges, loans etc.

There were few speeches (SK Devamany, Palanivel, Prakash Rao). MIC President Palanivel said that they will talk to government to get scholarships/help for those in the 7 and 8As category as well, while Deputy Minister Devamany highlighted key industries with revenues more than RM10 billion for the coming years.  This was followed by appreciation of the top achievers in SPM (8As and above). The top student in Selangor was a boy from Taman Sentosa Klang who obtained 12A+. I’m sure he will be one of the top 30 students who will be given Biasiswa Nasional by PM. Also

The first briefing was by Mahaganapathydass on study paths and JPA scholarship application.

This was followed by briefing by Sree Ganesh on skills based training. However, most of the crowd had left by the time second briefing started. They headed to the counters at the side which provided counselling for students on applying to IPTA, applying JPA scholarship etc.

MIC also came out with a seminar book that lists the available paths after SPM and requirements for various courses/level of study.  The book is quite useful as it lists the available courses in IPTA and entry requirements. The Vetri Padigal seminar will also be held in other locations throughout the country.

My take on the seminar: I think the participants should have been separated into categories based on their results. Would have been more focused and audience need not waste time listening to section of the talk that they are not interested in.


Note: I hope the organisers will cut down the “self-promotion” part and just focus on the core issue. Boring la listening to “singam onu porapattathu” song.



  1. Blogwalker says:

    No, the boy from Klang wasn’t the best student in Selangor.
    Apparently, he didn’t make the cut as one of the top 30.
    A boy from Kajang did. He obtained 12A+s as well, and was no. 10 or 11 on the list.
    Must’ve been a miscalculation of some sort.