MyIndians launches Helping Hands

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I had the opportunity to help out with their Workshop for SPM Leavers 3 months ago. I believe they did a good job and will be able to help more people if got enough volunteers. MyIndians did some advertising blitz via radio (remember the weird  “just click” ad ?) last year. There were (and still is) some suspicion by some quarters that the people behind them are political in nature, mainly since there’s lack of transparency in terms of ownership, organisation and management of the group (not much info on their website regarding this). But so far, they seem to be doing well without any political leanings in their programs. Well, as long as the programs are beneficial to the public and not aimed at pushing any political agenda, then makkal should support them.

So, how to help? You can submit any case via their Helping Hands section on their website, be it education, citizenship,  or poverty cases. You can also choose to help any of the cases displayed in their directory.


A one-stop portal called has been created to provide information on various issues affecting the community.

The portal will provide information on citizenship issues, education, Tamil school development, skills training courses, job vacancies, business opportunities, scholarships and loans as well as a community forum.

Programme coordinator and one of the portal founders Datin Vasanthi Ramachandran said they started in October last year followed by a launch a month later to disseminate information to the people.

She said during the Thaipusam celebration in January, they registered 3,000 members and about 1,300 did not have citizenships.

Plenty of features: The portal recently unveiled a Helping Hands section.

By working together with the National Registration Department (JPN), addressed 44 cases with citizenship problems.

“Our call centre and website receive many applications for MyKad, birth certificate and citizenship every day.

“We get the necessary documents, make the arrangements before presenting the cases to the department and following through the cases,” Vasanthi added.

She said they had linked about 200 SPM students to scholarships, colleges and skill training courses.

Right papers: Dhiban Raj, 2 (left) and Kevend Raj, 6 received proper documentation after seeking help through the portal.

She added they had referred poor people to the Welfare Department and registering them for the e-kasih programme.

“We connect the people to the right government department and also check the legitimacy of each case,” she said.

In April, the portal launched the Helping Hand section, where it allows users to upload their problems and others to provide help.

The portal will go on a nationwide roadshow to get the community involved.

There are 6,000 members registered with

Vasanthi said they wanted to help deal with social issues and stigma concerning the community.

“There is a Facebook page with about 500 registered volunteers from various sectors who are passionate about and what it stands for.

“So we would like to urge those who want to help or can offer services to join us,” she said.

As part of promoting a healthier lifestyle, MyIndians is organising a futsal tournament on Sept 24 at Ferro Futsal, Jalan TS 6/1, Taman Perindustrian Subang, Subang Jaya.

It is open to all irrespective of age, gender and race with a team of 10 players. Registration fee is RM250 per team and the closing date is June 30.

The winning teams stand a chance to take home RM5,000 followed by RM3,000 and RM2,000.

For details, visit or call 03-6201 5433/3655/2355.





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