Indians participation in Bersih rally

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I’m still wondering how this conclusion was arrived at. I hope those folks in MIC can share their statistics on the number of Indians who participated in the rally last Saturday.  Is the conclusion based on absolute number or percentage of participants? Are they relying on third party data (police/media/observers) or had their own team on the ground gathering data?

I saw a tweet from MP Padang Serai N Gobalakrishnan who was replying to MP Ipoh Timur Lim Kit Siang saying: “@limkitsiang It shows that the Indians have deserted PR as not even 1% in Bersih”

I tweeted for clarification from the MP, but no reply to date, even after sending a reminder tweet: “@Ngobalakrishnan @novinthen @limkitsiang 1% of 6k or 50k or committee members?”


The decline in participation of Indians in the Bersih 2.0 illegal rally yesterday compared to that in the 2007 street demonstration was because they realised that it was only aimed at tarnishing the image of the BN government.

MIC president G Palanivel said many in the Indian community realised that yesterday’s illegal rally held in the federal capital was not actually about questioning the role of the Election Commission.

“The Indians are now more aware that such a practice (street demonstration) is no longer relevant in resolving issues.”

He said this to reporters after launching a book on the early history of the Kinta Indian Association and ground-breaking ceremony for its new building.

Palanivel said the realisation came about after proactive measures taken by the government that focused on improving the lot of the Indian community.

He said the Indians were benefiting from the efforts undertaken such as in the education, business, economic and social sectors.

“This has brought about a high level of realisation among the Indian community of the government’s sensitivity to their needs and problems.”

Palanivel said yesterday’s Bersih-organised illegal rally also clearly showed that the opposition was actually behind it, from the participation of opposition leaders such as Anwar Ibrahim, Abdul Hadi Awang, Lim Kit Siang and Azmin Ali.

The MIC president praised the police for their quick and stern action  against the illegal demonstrators to protect public safety and national security. – Bernama



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