4 Malaysian Indian ministers?

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Personally, I think this will backfire on Dr Xavier. As pointed out in the article below, even in Selangor, there’s only 1 EXCO, while PKR claims not to follow raced-based appointments. So Dr Xavier’s statement is contradictory. I think whoever forms the government should focus on consolidating and run a lean government that reduces unnecessary expenses, not simply create more positions.

What’s the point of having many  ministers? MIC President appointed as Minister on 9th August, but no portfolio till today.  Isn’t that embarrassing?


MIC secretary-general S Murugesan has dismissed a claim that Pakatan Rakyat will appoint four Cabinet ministers should it form goverment as an empty promise.

He was responding to Selangor state exco Dr Xavier Jeyakumar’s statement which appeared in the Malaysian Nanban Tamil daily today.

Murugesan believes that Pakatan was caught in a bind after the recent appointment of MIC president G Palanivel as a minister.

“So they are attempting to confuse the Indian community by claiming that Pakatan will appoint four Indian ministers,” he told FMT.

Xavier, the Seri Andalas assemblyman, also slammed MIC for the woes faced by the Indian community.

In view of this, the PKR leader said the community had little to rejoice about Palanivel’s appointment.

Meanwhile, Murugesan asked why the Selangor state government only had one Indian exco instead of two for the benefit of the community.

When the state itself refused to give an additional portfolio to an Indian leader, he said, Pakatan would definitely not appoint four federal ministers if it seized power at the federal level.

Who is he in Pakatan?

 MIC CWC member KP Samy also lashed out at Jeyakumar over his ‘empty talk’.

“Who is he in Pakatan Rakyat to give such an assurance? He even failed to get a strong support in his own (PKR) division elections.

“Forget appointing four ministers. How about making an immediate appointment of another Indian exco member in Selangor? Can he do that?” asked Samy.

He also challenged Jeyakumar to appoint more Indians to state-owned companies and subsidies first before talking about ministerial appointments.

‘Ask Anwar to say it’

Also taking Jeyakumar to task was former PKR leader S Kotappan, who challenged the exco to get his boss Anwar Ibrahim to publicly state that four Indian ministers would be appointed.

He alleged that the PKR leader’s statement was made due to a personal agenda since he was expected to contest in a Parliament seat in the next polls.

It is learnt that there would be a swap with Kapar MP S Manikavasagam, who would vie for the state assembly seat and be made exco if he wins.

“Recently, in Johor, Jeyakumar challenged Palanivel that he will stand against the MIC president in the general election. So it is clear that he is aiming for a MP seat,” said Kotappan.

He claimed that Jeyakumar was now eyeing a federal post if Pakatan takes over Putrajaya.

source: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/2011/08/18/mic-scoffs-at-pakatans-4-indian-ministers/


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    Enough of political embarrassment. let us unite and create a stronger community