Looka like no holiday in Kedah for Thaipusam

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Its easy to promise, but not easy to deliver. Last time they never study how hard it is to get the leave approved, now telling must do more “evaluation” on this matter.  This is surely a black mark on the PR coalition for being unable to fulfill their promise.

On calls for Thaipusam to be made a public holiday in Kedah, Manikumar said the matter was still under consideration.

“We in the state government don’t have any objections but there are many rules and acts to be studied first.

“The thing is that the state holiday quota has been fully utilized and we need to amend the state constitution. Then we also need to get the consent of the Sultan of Kedah.

“At state government level we had a series of meetings on this issue but we also need to consider the opinion of the private sector, especially from the industrial sector as there are concerns on their productivity.

“So we are still evaluating many aspects on this,” explained Manikumar.

source: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/2011/09/06/weve-done-more-than-mic-and-bn/


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