Study and Career Guidance for SPM leavers by MIC

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  1. shila says:

    halloo brother… hmm want your opinion on wat should i do… hmm i got 5 A’S 1B+ AND 3C+ … i am a science student.. hmm confused to do wat..!!

  2. ros says:

    sir i got 1 a- add maths ,3 b in bi,bm,sejarah,2 b+ in mathhs n moral…….1 c+ physics 2 d in chemist n bio………wat can i study. iam confused

    • poobalan says:

      what was your plan before getting the results?

      your science subjects doesn’t look good. you don’t like science or not interested?

  3. ros says:

    iam interest sir but i go tution last minute soo i cannot study well….so sir wat can i do.before my exam .i want to do veterinary but now cant…………so now i want to do engineering……..i got c in bio for my trial sir but spm i got d sir

    • poobalan says:

      you can do foundation but you’ll need strong credits in science and maths. you should resit the science papers if really want to do engineering degree. if not, you can do some diploma in science-based course, and later apply to do engineering degree.

      taking tuition last minute is not an excuse. you had 2 years to study 🙂

      my advice – resit the science papers.

  4. ros says:

    kkkk sir tq for ur advice

  5. suresh says:

    hye mr poobalan..i need ur help sir….in my spm result i only get 4 credit…bm=b bi=c p.moral=b+ addmaths=c fizik,kimia and bio i only get e and maths only get d…4 wat courses can i stdy for…plz reply sir…

  6. Neshiny says:

    Sir, I only have 1A, 3C+, 3D and 2E !!
    What can I possibly do ?

    • poobalan says:

      your options can be the below:

      1. repeat stpm (new format) – nearly 2 years.

      2. apply IPTA but most likely won’t get place.

      3. apply diploma in IPTA/politeknik using SPM results (if suitable). lesser chance as need to compete with 2012 spm leavers.

      4. study foundation/a-levels in private colleges using SPM results. will take about 1 year. after that, can continue degree.

  7. shaline says:

    sir..i get 3Aplus(pm,math,tamil), 3A(sej,bm,bi),3Bplus(chem,phy,admaths) n 1B in bio…actually i’m interested in chemical ingineering….so wat do u think about it sir…is it suitable??? n wat r the scholarships i can apply for????

    • poobalan says:

      well, you got B in chemistry, add maths, phy so i’ll say its possible. scholarships -> check at for list of scholarships. however, with 6As, many scholarships are unapplicable as they may minimum requirements such as 8A/8A+. you might consider doing stpm or foundation/a-levels in private.

  8. Sivachandran says:

    I need some advice from you,been to referred to you by MS.Bavani.
    I my Sis got this(below for her SPM)
    B’Melayu- A
    English – A+
    Moral – A
    Sains – A
    Sejarah – A-
    P’dagangan – B
    Ekonomi – C+
    Math – D
    Seni – C+
    Is she eligible any of this 2 Pre-U or Matrikulasi?
    She is some sort of interested of doing Lecturing / LAW /Graphic Designer or MLT(Medical Lab Technology)
    Can gimme some advice so i could advice her…

    • poobalan says:


      Firstly, i advice her to resit Maths for July paper. she should check with her school on how/when to register. This is because she got D and its preferable to get at least credit.

      2ndly, matrikulasi need to apply while in form 5. if she didn’t apply before, then difficult as MOE may not open a special intake for indian students.

      3. pre-u consists of many options – stpm, a-levels, canadian pre-u, ausmat, sam, IB etc. i’m worried that her maths result may be a barrier as many of the pre-u will request a better grade for subjects like bm, eng, math and science.

      the good thing is that many IPTS (private college/uni) will accept her pending she improving her maths results. so, she can choose any of the pre-u listed in point 3 above. for stpm, the education dept will inform which school she is allocated.

      4. lecturing is not a academic study, so you won’t find a degree in lecturing. she has to study something else and later focus on lecturing. for example, study law and be a law lecturer, study IT and be an IT lecturer etc.

      5. if she wants to continue with diploma instead of pre-u, she can also do that. got govt options, can try politeknik and universities, but again, the math may be a problem. she can buy PIN number from BSN (RM10++) and apply via UPU

      summary: resit maths in july. in the mean time, apply UPU, or study diploma/pre-u in private college or go to form 6.