1000 extra matriculation places for Indian students at Binary University College?

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I’m sure you still remember our PM’s announcement that an additional 1000 places will be provided for Indian students to pursue matriculation. It was well received, although I expected a more concrete policy-level and high impact announcement (like opening matriculation for all or abolishing it). At the moment, about 500 places are allocated. There’s no mention if this is a one-off gesture or will be implemented annually.

(Interesting fact: the 1000 places were agreed in September (refer video below) but announced in February, during Ponggal celebration in Kapar.)

Now, news is coming out that the 1000 places will be in Binary University College (located in Puchong), and not actually at the government matriculation centers.

MIC President, Senator G Palanivel and also Deputy Minister SK Devamany themselves mentioned that “some” students will be placed in IPTS, including Binary. So another permutation is provided. ( from MIC TV Online):

The announcement is was made on 19th September 2011 (refer the photos on Binary’s website – http://www.binary.edu.my/index.php/events/events-at-binary/ ) and compare to the video above.

This was also highlighted on a youtube video below with some valid questions:

And also in an article in The Kuala Lumpur Post:

They are many unanswered question about the 1000 places given to Indian students to pursue matriculation this year. Those representing the community at the higher level show their gratitude by praising the Government for providing this opportunity. We are also happy because at last the Indians are given the opportunity to compete on the even field. Now many are claiming that they have fought tirelessly for this opportunity but are not given due recognition. However, we shouldn’t be clouded or blinded with all these elation and celebration. We need to know clearly that this promise is being implemented effectively due to claims that a particular private higher learning institution has been appointed carry out this initiative.

The questions are:-

  1. Who is monitoring this process? Is it MIC
  2. If MIC is monitoring the implementation of this initiative, can they assure that all the students will be placed in public matriculation colleges rather than private institutions?
  3. If at all the students are placed in a private institution, will they be accepted into Public Universities (IPTA) after completing their matriculation?
  4. If no, why other professional private institutions such AIMST, TAFE, Penang Medical College, Perdana University, International Medical College and other professional institutions are not included in this initiative?
  5. How about the fee – if the students are placed in private universities – do they have to follow the fee structure in private universities or public universities – we are talking about cream of the society who deserve places in public universities – finally they will end pay back more than what they supposed to payback.
  6. Can the admission of the students offered places in matriculation be made public to ensure transparency?

source: http://kualalumpurpost.net/unanswered-question-about-the-1000-places-given-to-indian-students-to-pursue-matriculation/

The comment on the article above is also useful to gauge the possible impact of placing 1000 students in an IPTS.

But if you refer to the NST article below (on the announcements during Ponggal), the PM specifically said that the places will be in public institution and that MOHE will arrange for it.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday announced that the government would offer 1,000 more places annually for Indian Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia holders to pursue matriculation courses at public institutions.

MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel welcoming Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at a Ponggal celebration at the Kelab Kilat Padang, TNB, in Kapar yesterday.

With this, the prime minister fulfilled the promise made during the recent Thaipusam celebrations.

Najib said this to applause from some 20,000 people during the Ponggal celebration at Kelab Kilat Padang TNB, here, last night.

He said with the increased intake of deserving Indian students, it would encourage them to strive for excellence in public institutions.

“This means the number of Indian students in matriculation now will increase from 559 students to more than 1,500 students for the 2012/2013 session.

“The Higher Education Ministry will be arranging the 1,000 seats after last year’s SPM results are announced,” he said, adding that priority will be given to high achievers.

Obviously, we consider the latter events had superseded the earlier ones, and thus hold PM onto his word that the places will be in government public institutions and not some IPTS which got  1 Star for MyQuest under Science Maths and Computing cluster (although overall it was given 5 Star, and for Social Science Business given 6 Star),  Tier 3 for SETARA 2009, never run a matriculation program and is not a proper campus. (refer MyQuest document in MOHE website).

Anyway, I seriously doubt anyone would be dumb enough to place all 1000 students in one place as that will be a PR disaster.

When these kind of half-baked announcements are made, without proper details and transparency, and later you have to read the fine print to find that all is not so rosy, makes it look like 1 step forward and 2 step backwards for them.

My question: aren’t you supposed to study matriculation at pusat matrikulasi, instead of some IPTS? And when would you learn to provide accurate and detailed information to the citizens?



  1. Dear Mr Poobalan, WITHOUT PREJUDICE

    I am Gilbert Alvin, Director of Business Development at Binary University College . I am writing to clarify on the matter in your blog entitled 1000 Matriculation Places for Indian Students at Binary University College?

    FACT 1 : Binary proposed to the government to increase the matriculation seat for the Indian community to 1000 this year and this to be further raised gradually every year. This noble idea was to help more Indian students to enter public universities(IPTA’s) as the number of Indian students entering IPTAs has been declining over the last few years.We wanted to reverse this trend by giving more Indian students to do the MOE (Ministry Of Education) Matriculation programme at Binary.

    FACT 2 :The government responded positively to our proposal and approved to allocate an additional 1000 seats for Indian Students this year

    FACT 3: The government decision was announced thro YB Datuk Seri G Palanivel at one of our functions (Sept 2011)

    Fact 4 : Based on No 3,we created a web-page on the matriculation programme.

    Fact 5 : However the government decided to conduct the programme at the government matriculation colleges. This was announced by YAB PM during the Ponggal Celebration (Feb 2012).

    FACT 6 : Your assumption that the 1000 Indian students will placed at BUC for the matriculation programme is wrong

    FACT 7 : We made a proposal to the government to allocate 1000 places for the Indian students do the matriculation programme.We did not get to conduct the programme but we are happy to say that we have helped the Indian Community to secure the 1000 extra matriculation places.

    The right thing for you to do was to check with us if we were actually awarded the matriculation programme and NOT to slander us.

    Kindly remove the YouTube video and your comments on Binary University College and Binary College by today as the Matriculation programme is not being offered thro us .

    Thank You

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Mr Gilbert,

      Firstly, thank you for dropping by and providing your clarification. I would appreciate if you can some documents or proof of your facts (1-7), so that I can publish it as well as your rebuttal. You can email me via the contact info on About page at http://poobalan.com/blog/about/

      For your info, one of the video is from MIC official source which is made available on MIC’s youtube channel, while another is from a youtube user.

      Do take note that I don’t remove any published contents. If the readers or affected parties have their own say, i’ll also publish it. All the materials found in the post is taken from other sources (and with the reference).

      Also, do note that I’ve mentioned/posted the following:

      1. Th blog post title has a question mark, indicating its a question being asked.

      2. The sources referred to include MIC President and Deputy Minister who mentioned Binary. Not my own words. And yes it was way back in September (which I also highlighted), and added that the recent announcement by PM is to supersede it.

      3. I’ve also mentioned that the PM himself said the place is given in public instution (referring the NST article). Thus the question on which is the real case – 1000 place in pusat matrikulasi, 1000 place in Binary, or 1000 places in mix of pusat matrikulasi/IPTS?

      4. The issue is not about Binary per se, but the possibility that students will be places in (any) IPTS and yet considered doing government matriculation. Thus my questions at the end of the post.

      Kindly do point out which statements are considered slanderous to your organisation.

  2. padme lokshana says:

    Dear Mr. Poobalan,

    Good representation of the issue. As a concerned Malaysian Indian, I welcome the government’s initiative to place the students in a public institute and not a private one as earlier planned. However, we are still unclear as to how the process goes? As I know, application for the matriculation program is to be made by students when they are in form 5 (month of july/aug) through the moe website. Sadly, majority of indian students DO NOT apply for matriculation as they have been “made to believe” matriculation is a program exclusive to bumiputeras, due to lack of information and awareness. Thus, where will the 1000 students be selected from? Is there a separate application process? If yes, how do the students apply? When will these matriculation program commence? The matric program in public institutes commences in May, if I am not wrong. We need the government to release information on the execution of offering 1000 extra seats to the Indian top scorers in a timely manner. A ‘reliable’ channel of communication has to be established to ensure the information reaches the most deserving students. Time is ticking…

    • poobalan says:

      Actually, I’m not sure how many Indian students applied for matrics last year. If at least 5000 out of the estimated 50,000 form 5 indian students applied, then we can a have a pool of students to be selected. As it is, no info is provide by MOE so I also have same questions as you do.

  3. padme lokshana says:

    Also, the top scorers might not have applied as they were unaware. Lets hope that the seats are given to deserving students.

  4. matrik says:

    Hi bro, I don’t see any connection between the binary event website with the claims that binary college is getting the 1000 students. Bahagian matrikulasi also for your information is under ministry of education and not kementian pengajian tinggi. Do u want pm to publish the 1000 names in local newspaper? A matriculation college that I know already receive 99 Indian names for the upcoming intake. There are 10 matriculation college, count for yourself how many is enrolling for the 1st intake itself.

    • poobalan says:


      the binary events website is to show that the video was taken on the same day. sort of double proof la. during that event, the VIPs mentioned about binary getting SOME of the places (refer my statement in the blog).

      as for KPT statement, its not me who said it. its the PM 🙂 refer the NST article. i know its under bahagian matrikulasi under MOE. wonder if PM knows or maybe misquoted.

      well, if govt can publish the list allocation for tamil schools in paper, can publish color pages for etp/gtp achievements, they can also publish list of 1000 names right? anyway, can easily put it on moe website or even in PM’s own website. FREE.

      so, its 99 for 1 matric, as per your info. but proof? this is the extra effort to be taken: to show that the promise is being/had been fulfilled. that’s all.

  5. matrik says:

    Most of Indian students also do not apply for matriculation. Even if they apply, they was given place in ulu place matrik, they refuse to go. Come on la..If amerika u want to go, but to study matrik in one of the place in Malaysia, u don’t want…how come la…my advice if u get place in matrik, just go, will be given allowance rm250, hostel free.

    • poobalan says:

      i think the awareness is increasing. i noticed that more inquiries is coming in as compared to previous years. if there’ more effort made to provide awareness to students/parents, it will improve. why not have nambikei in our makkal – give them chance la. can’t expect overnight change right?

  6. matrik says:

    Hi bro, u wan proof rather than just info….hmm…I understand what u mean. But the info I gave is 100% true.tq

  7. Santhi says:

    Can anyone update us on
    1. how many Indian students applied for matriculation,
    2. how many places were offered to Indian students, and
    3. how many Indian students actually took up the offer?

    • poobalan says:

      if they can update those info, it will be great and show a transparent/accountable governance. but sadly, everything is hushed up. so far we read in newspaper and watch in tv = above 700+ place allocated, total applicant 3000++.

      no name list of the students provided.

      • Santhi says:

        So sad. Many want to know how many Indians actually got in…Guess we will never know…