400 seats in AIMST for foundation, not matriculation!

June 22nd, 2012 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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Alamak, what’s a difference it makes! Earlier MIC President said its 400 matriculation seats. Yesterday it become foundation seats.

IPTS foundation and government matriculation is two different things la.  One is free, the other one is not. MIC says can apply PTPTN loan, MIED, Tan Sri Manikavasagam loan etc. From saying they will work out the funding, now become loan. Where got same la.

Rather than waste time doing foundation and waste time sourcing funds, why not get the 400 seats in matriculation? Push a bit la. Play some drama.  If can get 1000 seats extra, sure can push another 400 more.  This is Malaysia la, semua boleh. 1Malaysia!, 1Malaysia1, 1Malaysia! Errr.. sorak 3 kali cukup ka?

In my opinion: If don’t know what you are talking about, better don’t announce it. Let other people who understand the issue announce it.



Footnote: Does it really need the president of a political party to give out free bus pass  sponsored by bus company to 70 primary school students? This is like division level program. Why not give chance to local leaders to handle? I think better to focus on other things.


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  1. vimala says:

    Why do we even need a leader to represent our community when all he does is sell us out? He lies through his teeth which has been a regular practice of theirs. There are many foundation programmes offered by various institutions; recognised or otherwise. Parents can do their own sourcing for information and enrol their children there. To seek PTPTN loan, we do not need MIC to tell us, we know. We can make it on our own just tell them not to confuse the already confused community and please tell them to get lost.