Sugan the PSD scholar who nearly didnt make it to France

July 4th, 2012 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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A very touching story. Boy from poor family gets place to study in France. Straight As JPA  scholar Sugan Selvarajah didnt have money to buy initial clothes etc. Didnt give up but went to Malacca govt CM office to ask help, and succeeded!

And read about how he improved his English. From old newspaper collected by his mom for recycling! Puts most of us to shame for the excuses we give. Really touching to read about it.

Kudos to the parent for their responsibility and state govt for support.

But PSD (JPA) should have been proactive to help such cases in 1st place. Must improve the system.

Good luck to Sugan!


[click for larger image]


Image from pg 10 The Star today.


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  1. dyia says:

    im impressed reading this news even it was 2 years ago. when we have the strong desire towards our dreams, no matter what come across, we will achieve. that the one sugan did. he never bother about what others say….he just follow his dreams. hats off sugan bro……proud of you……

    all de very best for your future……